Sunday, June 24, 2012

on the road again, just gotta get on the road again!

Thought that I would blog my storm chasing trip this year and keep everyone up to date as to where I am at and what I am up to!

Today we left Norman, Oklahoma and traveled about 510 miles to Goodland, Kansas where we set down for the night.  A couple of reasons for choosing Goodland were good friends, Al Pietryka and Pam Varney Murray, and it was a reasonable start to a northward trek into Montana and Wyoming where there is a possibility of weather in the next couple days.

The Super 8 in Goodland is a great place to stay. it is inexpensive and very clean.  If you just need a place to sleep you can't ask for more.  There are limited places to eat in Goodland on good days and at 8:20 pm on a Sunday night we felt fortunate to find a Wendy's available.

On the way to Goodland we passed through an enormous wind farm that paralleled 1-70 for quite a few miles.   As you can see from this first picture there are a lot of the wind turbines and this was on both sides of the highway.
Took this out of a moving car but you get the idea of A LOT of wind turbines!
Three that were closer to the road

I think this is Moxie KS but once again it was a dominate feature of the landscape as we traveled west.  Farms and fields of corn and wheat everywhere.  The wheat was in the process of being harvested and the corn still has a ways to go.

Sunsets on the plains are awesome! Thought I would share one with you!
 More tomorrow.


  1. Oh Vickie, you’re brace to go storm chasing, I would be heading in the opposite direction as fast as I could.
    The very first time I travelled to Fort Lauderdale back in 1982 we caught the tail end of Hurricane Denis and that was scary enough. Enjoy your trip….and stay safe!


  2. I love your trip! Great pictures even if some were from a moving car! I almost envy you going on a storm chasing trip! I just love rural America! Those are my roots!

  3. You chase storms? seriously? Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. Great shots ...hope you have a great time ....look forward to reading all about the weather watching.


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