Wednesday, May 2, 2018


OMG!  It is Wednesday and I remembered in time to post with the rest of the folks...well the stateside folks anyway!  If you want to know why Wednesday is special and what I am posting about visit Stamping Ground and Julia will fill you in on WOYWW!  Essentially we share what we did crafting during the week and what our desks look like!  Anyone interested in swapping ATC's this year?

My desk this week isn't much to write home about...very messy and covered with stuff I cleared out of my tote after returning home from the scrapbook crop this past weekend.  I love those school boxes to put stuff in to drag around then I just unload them when I get home!
I really enjoyed the crop on Friday and Saturday.  I haven't been to a crop in almost 3 years for various reasons so it was a real treat that I think I will continue to enjoy on a monthly basis with Marti, Shiryl (her Mom) and the Paperdolls!  Marti's father pastors the church where the crop is held each month and her mother is an absolute hoot. We had lots of food and fun!  I managed to get 3 layouts (6 pages) and 12 cards made!  The layouts were from a kit from Close to My Heart called Calypso that is now retired.
                                                                               I didn't put picture on any of them because I am going to use them for my trip next month on a Caribbean cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica!
 I put either mats or sticky notes to show the size of the picture that needs to go there.
I love the color scheme of this kit... There are cards in this kit too but I haven't made them yet...will post when I do.
The card kit I did do was also a CTMH kit called You Are More...once again retired.  I bought a bunch of kits last year before surgery thinking I would have all sorts of time to make them but I didn't figure in an anoxic brain injury into my surgery has been almost a year and the doctor promised it would all be back in about a far so good!  I can make up my kits now!  This kit made up 6 of each style!
 I had to change up this card cause I bought some coral pink glitter ribbon/tape and I just had to use it!  I thought the washi tape I used on the envelopes worked out nicely!
Love the sentiments in this stamp set and I will probably end up using it a lot.  Does anyone cut their stamps apart like I do?  I take a blade and separate words so I can use them to form different combinations!

Okay I guess I will get off here and go do something constructive...maybe get my hair cut or nails done...I am going to California to visit my daughter on Saturday and I want to look presentable for the flight...haha...  Remember the days of dressing up to take a flight anywhere.  Now it isn't much different then jumping in the car and taking off somewhere!

I have been mumbling and grumbling around here after I got over feeling bad and sorry for myself last week!  Do you ever get tired of the status quo?  Do you ever want a change?  I was sitting here thinking about it after typing my post out last week that it seems that my life has settled in with a sameness that is a two edged sword. I like living in my comfortable life and really have it a easier then a lot of others I know but...  What do you do to change things up a bit?   I joined that scrapbook crop group and a couple swap groups on Facebook.


  1. I'm envious of yet another desker who's been away scrapping or retreating! hope you have a good time with your daughter too. Helen #1

  2. The crop sounds fun Vicki, glad you've had a good time. California and your cruise , I am quite envious - nothing so grand here. Anne x #15

  3. Hi Vicki - you certainly had a productive time away - the pages are just right for your holiday - and those cards are great. Well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  4. Looks like you had a very creative time at the crop and your cards are super. I've never been to a retreat, the thought of having time for myself doing what I love sounds fantastic but coming home to the chaos my family would create whilst I was away makes me shudder.. maybe one day!
    Thank you for sharing WOYWW Tracey #6

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Crop and hope it helped lift you out of the doldrums. It's a tricky one, working out what it is to get you out of your normal life but trips to see your daughter and cruises sound like the right start to me, lol! Sending hugs,
    LLJ 8 xxx

  6. So glad you are well enough to enjoy the crafty crop - it would be a real boost to be amongst other crafty folk and enjoy the fun. xx Jo

  7. Going to crops are so much fun especially if you haven't attended one in awhile. Your layouts and cards are so pretty. Love them. Enjoy your visit to CA. We're having great weather! Dorlene #30

  8. So glad you got so much out of the crop Vickie and that you are intending to go back. Love the layouts and look forward to seeing them with the photos after your cruise! Enjoy your visit to California. Sarah #9

  9. Friends are SO important - your commitment to going to scrapbooking once a month is awesome, and is sure to add some fun and love into your life! Have fun in CA, my home state! Lindart #35

  10. Just catching up on the desks I missed last week. Retreat! how lucky are you, sounds great fun. Happy belated WOYWW, Angela x18x


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