Saturday, May 19, 2018


Dr. Bob Rawls
Just read and article on Bob Rawls blog about fasting.  Interesting concept that fasting may play a part in rebooting the immune system by killing off old cells and building new cells.  Dr. Rawls pointed out that the fasting diets have all the earmarks of a fad diet but if it can help me control my inflammatory processes I am willing to try.

Dr. Rawls cites several articles and studies in his post but I can't fast long periods of time due to an insulinoma.  Whats an insulinoma?` It is a tumor that secretes insulin when I don't eat for long periods of more then 24-36 hours.  I was diagnosed with it by Dr. Belknap in 1992 when as doctor I was working with noticed I was functioning properly but not thinking well.  I was positive on blood tests but could never find it on the CT because they are so small and can be anywhere in the body not just on the liver or pancreas.   That said I think I may try a shorter form of fasting that Dr. Rawls talked about called time restricted fasting where you only allow yourself to eat during a 6-8 hour window each day.  I normally don't feel like eating till late in the day so I may limit my eating from say 3pm-10pm at night and see how that works.  If I show any symptoms or problems with the fasting I will quit....doesn't hurt to try!

Go check out the reference backed article Can Fasting Renew Your Immune System at the  Be careful in trying any fasting diet for any period of time.  If you have any health issues like hypertension, diabetes, or others check with your doctor first.

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