Thursday, April 26, 2018


I guess I have one or two options here...I could hang my head in shame or I could do as I am doing and roflmao!!!  Wednesday...yes that was yesterday and I kept appointments for Wednesday yet forgot all about WOYWW and what Wednesday means!! If you would like to find out what it is all about check out Julia's blog and WOYWW!  I am going to go ahead and post a photo of my desk just because I thought it was Wednesday and I want to!  Anyone interested in swapping ATC's this year?

So this is my desk today!  I know you folks going to Ally Pally got me to thinking I really did need some stuff so yesterday I went to Michael's and bought a few things!  They had a huge 50-70% off sale then sent me a Rewards Customer coupon for additional 25% off even on the sales stuff!
If you enlarge the photo you will be able to see all the goodies.  I bought the red and blue card stock packs and the 4 pads of print card not because I need them right now but because they were so darn cheap I couldn't pass them up.  The two sided 48 sheet 12"x12" pads cost me only $4.60 with all the discounts and the 100 count card was 110# wt was only $7.50 per package.  I know poor reason to buy but I bought the colors I use a lot!!   I bought the Tim Holtz 5" snips, metallic distress colors, and ephemera for 40% off then the additional 25% off...see what I mean I couldn't pass them up!   I didn't have a water brush set so that got tossed in the basket too!  It is all stuff I will use and I am pleased to say that I left there with money still in my pocket!!
I spread out the kit of the month from The Stamps of Life to show you!  This may be the last month I buy this kit but it is really worth the money you pay!  There are other groups that have kits that cost a lot more and you get a lot less.  
 I am on a mission on my better days to get my stamps that have dies in them organized into these plastic envelope/folders.  The Close to My Heart and Stampin Up! already have folders but most of the Tim Holtz and others don't. I bought some magnetic sheets to put in these envelopes to hold the dies so they don't slide out and get on going problem around her.

Okay I am done for today...wrong day or not I wanted to show off my new stash.  I have not been feeling well the past week or so and haven't been able to do much crafting.  I hesitate to say I am sick because this constant state of "not feeling well" is due to all my autoimmune disorders so I am not really sick!  I like to think of it as good and not so good days.  If you know anyone who has any autoimmune issues you know that like me some days are better then others.  

Have a great week and I will be back on the right day next week!  


  1. the trouble with Ally Pally is stuff is full priced. You are so lucky with Michaels and the other places and all the discounts, we never get that here! Don't blame you for indulging! Thanks for the visit and glad you enjoyed the pics from Kew. Helen #4

  2. If there's one thing I'm envious about, it is your Michael's sales. Here in the UK we never have 70% off sales. I few items are sometimes half price at our equivalent chain store, HobbyCraft, but never 70% off! Enjoy your new stash and have a lovely weekend! zsuzsa #12

  3. oooh that was some serious discount at Michael's (I remember finding that store when we visited the states last year, wow!!).
    I almost forgot Wednesday too, it was half way through the morning when i remembered!! Must be the time of year :-)
    thanks for visiting my desk already

  4. First of all Vickie hope you are feeling better today (ie it is a good day for you), and secondly don't worry about the days - I was convinced today (Friday) was Saturday and was all ready for my Saturday tv viewing! Even though I was told this morning it was Friday I forgot again late afternoon. Doh! No hope for me then!!
    Love your stash although I am so envious of your bargains from Michaels. How I wish it wasn't so expensive to fly over. I'd be over regularly!
    Love your kit too and as you say it is a lot of kit so a bargain but not compared to Michaels I guess.
    Take care y lovely
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. I think we all have Michael's envy in the UK, always great to get a bargain especially when it's products we know we will use. A fabulous horde.
    Love your die/stamp organisation, it's a dream for me to be half as organised. Thank you for sharing WOYWW, sorry i'm late catching up with you.
    Wishing you well for the week ahead Tracey #10


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