Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Fun times! WOYWW #457

Welcome to Wednesday!  It is bright and sunny here in Oklahoma and the temperature today is only 30°f (4°c) but it is dry and sunny!  I slept in late today so my post for WOYWW is late is here.  What is WOYWW?  Go check out Julia's blog Stamping Ground for details on how to join!

Been busy doing nothing this past week...too cold in the craft room and my arthritis doesn't handle that well.  I just learned I have psoriatic arthritis in my hands...say what????  Never heard of it so I had to look it up.  Doesn't look like it is going to be a lot of fun to have...  I have ordered a radiant heater that should be here later today so watch for cards and scrapbook layout next week.

My desk isn't any different then last week so thought I would show what I did last night.  I went to a painting party and drank margaritas and painted!  It was a lot of fun!
my painting...not quite done yet but we only had 2 hours!!

 My friend Beth (on the right) and her sister Janet host this fundraiser every year to raise money for Relay for Life...a fundraising group of the American Cancer Society.  I try to go to events like this and support research as I can.  See  huge margarita sitting here?  This is a local Mexican food restaurant about 2 miles from our house and they have good food and awesome margaritas...luckily I didn't have to drive too far to get home!
Most of the group but not quite all

 one of the instructors
another instructor and her husband helper! 

This is what we were suppose to paint but you know me...I have a hard time following directions!

Okay that is it for me today.  I managed to make it around...although some were on everyone in the group!  I really enjoy seeing what everyone is doing.  Have a great week!


  1. Hi Vickie. What fun - your painting is great. My daughter treated me to a paint party for my Christmas present 15months ago. We had SUCH fun. I was so pleased with my effort I hanged it in the hall! Enjoy hanging your painting somewhere in your home. Trust your heater helps with the arthritis.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  2. that sounds a whole heap of fun, and for a great cause. Fabulous painting too. any sort of arthritis sounds a no-no. hope yours isn't too bad and the heater helps. helen #1 thanks for the visit already.

  3. Hi Vickie, what a great idea. Fun painting party and raising money for a worthy cause! Have a lovely week Heather x #13

  4. Oh my a painting party, how much fun is that, sounds great. Have a good woyww and a lovely creative week, Angela x18x

  5. I've done that painting before. I actually did a flower too. Loved it - had a great time.
    April #34

  6. Fab painting! It looks like you had lots of fun at the painting party. I hope the radiant heater helps your hands! Take care. xxx

  7. Hi Vicki, Hope your radiant heater helps. Growing old means that stuff breaks down in weird ways so we just find a solution? That looks like a fun evening. Hanging in!
    Monica #28.

  8. Hi Vicki, that sounds like my sort of party; good company, food and drink, crafting and fund raising at the same time! Hope the radiant heater helps a little with the arthritis. Sarah #7

  9. Hi Vickie, great job! It's all about making something your own, I think rather than slavishly copying the inspiration piece. The Range is not quite Dollar Tree, but they are inexpensive. Sell pretty much everything too, but always have a great amount of craft stash. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxX

  10. What a great fundraiser. Some hooch, some craft, some company, all within easy reach of home. Sounds great! I wonder if you’ll get to finish the canvas. I always threaten to blog about the gals that change my designs in a workshop...they are always improvements, I find it great that they are so ‘in the flowk that they don’t need to copy a sample.

  11. It's been awhile Vickie, but glad to see your post. Our area has been doing these also. I did a flag awhile back and they have had some adorable other classes. Spring is on its way, geese and lots of birds flying all over. Hope so I need sunshine. Enjoy

  12. Oh Shoot, less than an hour to go to next week's WOYWW and just realised I hadn't replied to last week's comments yet!!! I was busy getting back into the world after being laid up with a bad back. Now I'm knee deep in egg cutouts yep on my desk awaiting midnight and desk photo! I'll really try harder this week! Super flowers BJ#2

  13. Lovely paintings and a fun way to socialize!
    Happy woyww to you from
    Sussie nr 24.

  14. Happy Very Belated WOYWW - was about to comment on this week's when I got distracted by your older posts! Psoriatic Arthritis - I know what that is, as I have Psoriasis, but thankfully PA has not struck me. One of my friends has it quite bad (affects her whole body - but particularly her knees). Obviously whenever I see a new doctor, he goes through my symptoms, sees that I have Psoriasis and then promptly suggests that I have PA. Then they do tests (despite me telling them that I have had the tests many times before) and tell me that I don't have PA. Ali x


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