Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WOYWW #398

Another busy and eventful week around the Doswell house.  Suffice it to say you should be happy that you weren't in close proximity to the place!  After two weeks of both of us being sick I broke down and called the doctor requesting antibiotics and steroids.  Chuck was complaining last night that he feels like he has cracked some ribs from coughing and the stomach muscles hurt like he has been in a weight lifting competition.  It is a horrible disease and I hope misses you and keeps on trucking to where ever it is bound for because this cold/flu is not much fun!  After being on antibiotics for 3 days we actually did begin to start feeling a little better...hope it continues to improve!

Today is Wednesday and by all words and deeds WOYWW!  If you want more information regarding WOYWW pop on over to Julia's blog Stamping Ground and click the link that says WOYWW and all the info is there!  I apologize to the folks that visited me last week that I didn't get back to...promise to visit this week!

My desk...I did get into a little crafting after the antibiotics kicked in.  My daughter and I skyped and had a good time Sunday night crafting and creating cards!  Some aren't as good as what I wished they were but hey...I am a crafting!

Nothing particularly new or exciting...just addressing the cards to be mailed out today to the swap partners I was assigned!

Remember the Twist and Popup card from last week that I showed you?  I decided I was going to do it till I got it right and made a couple for other swaps!

I made this using some papers Heather gave me from Close to My Heart!  I always was a Stampin Up! Fan but I am really getting into these sets and papers.

Inside of the card!

I really love the cool blue green of this paper!  

The next one was also made with some papers she gave me!  

These were fun to make!

 I love cards and envelopes that match and have just about as much fun coloring them as I did just stamping in the past.   This was a new technique for me this week called a center step card...if you click the picture you can see the glitter from a new product I bought from Crafters Companion called Spectrum Noir Sparkle a while back...a paint brush that mess!

A vintage look card!  

Another new technique this week was the dress pleated card.  I tried to "pleat" several different papers but if they were prints they didn't do as well as a solid on one side and a print on the other!

Tried my hand at a monochromatic blue card for a swap...don't know that I like this!  
Well that is it for me...better get dressed another appointment this after noon...yesterday's appointment with the urologist for the urodynamics test has left me a bit off on going to today's appointment...  Always something as we age isn't it!


  1. sorry to hear you've both been so poorly - glad things are improving! Your cards are just beautiful!! Helen #2

  2. Really sorry to hear you've been so poorly and hope the antibiotics do their job. Your cards are really wonderful. You are so clever.
    Annie x #13

  3. Hi Vickie, fab cards, all of them. This cold thats been going around is a real monster, isn't it? Hope you are past the worst of it now, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

  4. So glad the antibiotics are kicking in.. I hope you feel much better soon.

    I am drooling over some of the papers you have used and have to commend you for using them. I am awful.. I buy lovely papers and then can't bear to use them... it's insane really!

    Have a lovely week x
    Erika (#6)

  5. What beautiful cards you've made despite feeling poorly. Sounds like you had fun with your daughter skyping.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #37

  6. WOW! GREAT cards! All of them even the blue monochromatic one. LOL. Very nice. Dorlene #48

  7. Very impressive. I think your cards look great. I hope you recover quickly. I was on 2 rounds of steroids and 1 round of antibiotics and it still took me over a month to get over it.
    April #51

  8. Wow! I really like the different style of cards that you made. Blessings!

  9. Wow, all of these cards are just stunning. Love all the details you have added. Just perfect. Thanks for lovely comments and visit earlier.
    sandra de

  10. I love your tape dispenser! Fab cards hunni. Happy WOYWW! Sez x #42

  11. I enjoy seeing your busy bee activities. Love the first card colors and the fact that you created so many cool and different styles this week.
    Glad you and Chuck are on the mend.
    Looking forward to next weeks Tea Time.

  12. Sorry to hear how poorly you have been, Vickie, and I hope you are now on the move. Your projects are lovely! Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my embroidery and baking! The pavlova recipe was out of a newspaper years ago so it's been in print.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #40

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