Tuesday, January 3, 2017

and now for the rest of the story! First post of 2017

I was posting the previous post and realized I hadn't posted about the last week of our Reunion Trip!
Shame on me!  I could upload hundreds of photos but...not going to happen.

In the last post I talked about the Temple of 10,000 Buddhas and we were just about half way through the trip then but most of the second half of the trip wasn't nearly as picturesque or fun as the the first half...not that it was bad it just was more business then pleasure.  Chuck had a meeting in Portland, Oregon that occupied his days and evenings that week and I was actually glad to have some down time just sitting and laying around the hotel room.  When you have chronic fatigue/fibro etc it takes recovery time to get back to form...I recovered in time to visit with friends!
My favorite picture heading north is of Mt Shasta, Mt Lassen and other volcanic peaks in northern California.  We didn't stop but I did manage to get a few good pictures on the run!

Portland was an interesting city but I didn't get out and about much!  After the election on Tuesday and Trump's win there was rioting and things going on that I didn't want to be part of.  I spent some time doing some crafting and just laying about.  I walked a little bit in the day time over to the dispensary and Starbucks but that was about it!

Walking over the Starbucks was a challenge...There were roads to cross and traffic to contend with.  I really have issues understanding why people live in such huge cities.  I can see the enticement of having everything so close at hand but I like open spaces!

Portland City Skyline...one of many!

My "desk" at the hotel!  I actually got a lot done creating my gift for the 12 Days of Christmas Swap
Star Bucks was in the bottom of this building and I had to cross 3 different major highways to get there...only six blocks but...might have been miles!
Buses and trams were everywhere and getting around wasn't an issue if you wanted to go somewhere!
This park was a block from our hotel.  Very pretty place!
most of Portland is on a slope!
When leaving Portland we had to get some car repairs done!  The oil pressure disappeared so that and and the serpentine belt had to be replaced!  Our next stop was to Albany Oregon to visit with a friend of Chucks (and mine!) that served in Vietnam with him in 1970!  
Chuck and Max in Vietnam in 1970!

Chuck and Max on Veterans Day 2016 at Max and Kate's farm!
I borrowed those photos from Kate's Facebook page cause all mine have disappeared...

While in Albany we found out an old friend from Norman was living there near her daughter and granddaughter.  
Loretta, me and Chuck

Morgaine, Lili, and Chris
Loretta used to work with Chuck at NSSL in Norman and was known as the Mad Mac Queen because of her love and understanding of Mac computers.  Morgaine just finished her PhD in oceanography and they are moving to the San Francisco Bay area so I will be able to see them when we go visit Heather!

After Albany it was a long drive home.  We went east out of Albany and across the mountains into Utah.  It is some beautiful country and diverse scenery was to be had...mountain passes to arid desert all the way in to Nebraska!  A few photos:
Mountain passes  in fog...

Reminds me of the movie a River Runs Through It!

Lots of beautiful scenery!
 Malheur Butte and other volcanic cones...

 Reminiscent of bygone days!
We had more car trouble after getting in to Nebraska and had our Alternator go out which necessitated a stay over to get it fixed!  One good thing was it made us have to stop in York NE for the night where we got to visit with Heather Rhoden a friend from Norman.  Heather grew up near York and was home for a visit.  Heather now lives in the Dallas metroplex working and an ER Vet!  We went out to supper at this awesome pub where Heather worked as a  young girl!  

We left Oklahoma on October 23 to start the Reunion Tour!  WOW!  We saw so many different and diverse things and visited with so many new and old friends along the way!  It was a once in a lifetime trip that came to an end on November 17, 2016 when we finally made it home!  

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