Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WOYWW #385 and a Sugar Skull, Fun Mail and projects in the works

Welcome to Wednesday and WOYWW!  I really look forward to WOYWW and visiting the desks of other crafters!  If you want to play along visit Julia at Stamping Ground and she will fill you in on the details.

My desk today!  Just wanted to share some stash I picked up at Michael's a couple days ago…I paid 60% off again and used a 20% off on everything including sales items.  The 3 bottles of alcohol ink was $3.99 and the 3 bottles of spray was less.  All the Tim Holtz Ideology was less then $3 a package.  WOW!  I couldn't pass it up!  I know…I am a hoarder but look at all these good deals.  The stamps were  $1.99 to 5.99 depending on what it is.
 Now this is my desk today!  I have been working on the Sugar Skull as promised and I am actually finished with it!
"The done deal!"  Any suggestions of anything else that needs to be done?  
I started some more clean up work and sorting of various bling and gems in order to start this project.  I decided I was tired of having to go look through drawers and racks every time I needed bling/gems of a certain color so I bought a couple $5-12"12" D-ring binders and a package of various pages to store my stuff in.  It isn't perfect but it is a start and cost me about $20.  I will buy better folders etc as time and money allows…I won't be buying bling.  The desk display thing was really starting to get on my nerves because I couldn't get anything out of the cups because it would knock the bling packets off.  I am going to keep the big Clip-it in the background for the bigger and product specific sets.  Here is what the books look like so far!  
I go to Starbucks once a week and when I went in a couple days ago the barista called me a 'frequent flyer that needs a head'  The head turned out to be a Sugar Skull cookie that my husband ate because I have Celiac and no gluten in my life.
I got some more happy mail this week…this time from swaps that I am participating in.  The Wicked swap on ATT a Yahoo group was 6 ATC that spell out WICKED!
remember the WICKED Pocket Page I made a couple weeks ago?  If not click the link and check them out!
Some Halloween tags using the 'ghosting technique' from the CreativeblockStampers Anonymous a Yahoo group!
mine is the one in the middle top!
Lastly a couple cards!  The first one is from Ann Wood from Paper Crafting Swappers a Facebook group!
And the second was from another ATT Yahoo Swapper Kathy Rohm.  Awesome cards.
Okay that is it from my desk this week.  Just wanted to share with those who want to know that I went to the pain management clinic today and had the second set of injections in my spine…got a horrible headache from the deal and spent the afternoon in bed despite the narcotics I took.  The nurse warned me it was a possibility so…I was prepared.  I was also fitted with the Rolls Royce of back braces that I was told to only wear if I was doing physical activity that would aggravate the the slide of my lumbar vertebrae!  WOW!  Life is grand!

Enough now…I have already gone over the limit of a limited post that Julia tries to keep us too…I always fail cause I am such a sharing and caring person…hhahahaha!  Thank you for visiting my desk and leaving a comment.  I will visit your desk soon!


  1. Oh Vickie, such pain must be horrible. I hope you get some relief soon.

    Oh that bundle of goodies..I would have spent 100"s!!looks like Christmas happening already.
    Thoughts are with you Vickie.
    Judy xx

  2. Think I need a back brace for wearing at certain times to pull my shoulders back - might help with my chronic pain. Now how do I go about it?
    Love your cookie from Starbucks - how I wish we celebrated Halloween like you do over there - some great cards, tags and atc's.
    Fab bling and great storage but am envious of your shopping with all the discounts.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

    1. back braces can be bought at any medical equipment store over here if you can't get it through your doctor. If filing insurance it takes a doctors prescription to get reimbursed. Call your doctors office and tell them you think you need one. Sometimes you don't even have to go in.

  3. I think your skull is fantastic, no need for extra decoration, he's perfect as he is. I particularly like the keyhole in the centre of the forehead for some reason!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

    1. you know I am thinking about hanging a key on a chain from the hole at the top.

  4. I'm smiling because you make me....laughing at your 'long' post and loving every word! Smiling too because you ask my advice about whether the sugar skull needs anything... .good grief, I am so not in a position to offer that sort of advice! smiling becUse you've got more bling than me and for that I'm thankful. Smiling because your back might ease a bit. And also trying to imagine how you will actually do any activity in a brace? So overall, you leave me smiling!

  5. Woo! Wow! Wow! So much to see. I'm in awe..and sooooo jealous of your 12 X 12 D ring album. They cost upwards of £20 in the UK... Elaine no. 16

  6. Hi Vickie. Trust the pain management gets working for you, and that being in a brace still allows you to do plenty of art work!! That storage for your bling is SUCH a great idea. It all looks so good in there. Not a hallowe'en person never "do" it - but I do like that card with the pumpkins on - a lot of work has gone into that.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  7. That is some awesome stuff together and seems like you got a great deal, I recently consider myself a crafter and craft supply collector lol. But you make beautiful art with all that stash. And how great is it that you gave your creative genes down to your daughter. Sad to hear about your pain, give it time and hopefully it will heal, it took me a while to get over my hernia, happy WOYWW, Vicky

  8. Hi Vicki. The skull is brilliant - I can't think of what else you could add. What a lot of goodies you have to play with! I'm not into Halloween in a major way but have some treats for my grandchildren - will see them all next week - together hurray - and so want to make some fun packaging - Halloween themed. Hope you pain management works. I felt better last week when away but rubbish this week. hateful Fibro etc etc. Anne x 23

  9. Hi Vickie, first off, sorry to hear about your back. Hope it's feeling a bit better today. Love all the goodies on your desk, and you got some real bargains there. Great storage solution for the bling- it's amazing how much time we waste trying to find stuff, I agree. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

  10. Happy WOYWW. Loving all of the wonderful Halloween goodness in your post today. How glorious to receive so many fantastic swaps in the post. I stopped doing swaps, as I always struggled with deadlines and now I don't have the cash for postage, but definitely miss that 'happy mail'. What a shame your hubby had to enjoy that cookie - great decoration on it. Hoping your pain is less today. I found out yesterday that I had been accidently overdosing on magnesium, after buying a different brand of tablets and not checking the label. The dizziness/stomach issues that came from having more than twice the safe amount have now gone already - and I am definitely coping better without the painkillers. I was thinking about sorting out my box of bling/embellies, as I rarely use them now. I sold my sewing machine this week, and all of the haberdashery/fabric is either being sold or going to the charity shop. My craft room is slowly getting emptier, which helps with my creativity. Ali x #27

  11. Wow what a wonderful collection of goodies, organisation and gorgeous projects. you have been busy. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @28

  12. We never have those sales in the UK! The Tim Holtz stuff is especially overpriced here! What a great haul and some amazing art in your swaps! Have a lovely week! zsuzsa #22

  13. Wow, lots of activity this week, Vickie! I love that storage binder - it reminds me of my Zentangle resource album. It looks great - not just functional but beautiful too with all the bits and pieces visible like that.

    Sorry about the stuff you're having done to your back, which all sounds pretty horrendous.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #41

  14. Hope the pain in your back gets better soon. Looks like there's a lot going on on your desk. The skull looks great! All those goodies from Michael's - you can get some really great deals there. It's a dangerous place to shop lol.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #34

  15. Hi Vickie, great post today. You are so lucky to be able to get so much great stash at reduced prices, Brilliant. I am so loving all those gorgeous swaps too. Have good crafty week and great woyww, Angela x 17

  16. WOWZERS! What a super packed post - So full of eye candy that I feel full!!1 Grin Thanks for sharing all your goodies, I am still reeling over the unreal prices you paid for all that mixed media goodness and goodies. now those were the deal of the year... lovely skull project ... love all those glittery jewels... Thanks for the visit earlier and Happy WOYWW from Lynne from Canada #3

  17. Hi Vickie,

    Great haul from Michael's! How did you get those deals? I need to know so I can start grabbing up things for my future craft room!!!

    The pocket mail and cards are great. Those are some talented ladies!

    Love the skull with all it's sparkly. Also, the cookie looks yummy. I haven't been to Starbucks in a while but now I'm ready just for the cookie!!

    Thank you for visiting me. You are right - I'm going to really enjoy my new home!

    Kay (44)

  18. wow, what a fabulous post. love the skull (and the cookie one too) and all the other makes too. thanks for visiting whilst I was busy at the day job!! Helen #1

  19. Hi Vickie, Hope the injections are helping with your back. When you are wearing the back brace I should think everyone thinks you have lovely posture;)

    Looks like you have plenty of bling:) Love the skull, tags, ATCs and cards.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  20. Ooh I'm feeling Halloweeny - I love the tags and ATC's, creepy and gorgeous! And the cookie looks delicious too. I do wish we had Michael's over here, we seem to pay way more for stuff, and this year we aren't making our usual trip to see family in the US so I'm missing Michael's even more!
    Sorry to hear about your back, I hope your side-effects from the injections have disappeared by now, and thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my desk even though you were feeling poorly.
    Diana #18 x

  21. I already told you I love your sugar skull! It's so cool! I like your swaps... very detailed and fun. ❤️

  22. Thanks for your visit earlier, I am having fun with the printouts.
    I love the way you have decided to store your bling - you can see it all at once .... and sitting down!!!
    Have a good week
    aka Bishopsmate #20

  23. Thanks for your visit! You have lots happening! Great projects, like the Halloween stuff even though we don't do much for it. Great way to store your bling. Mine is in drawers and yes, hard to find sometimes. Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #42

  24. You really do a great job of getting the deals at Michael's! I always seem to go on the wrong days I think. That's probably for the best though, it keeps me from spending all the money. I can just drool over your finds. I think your sugar skull is fabulous!
    Oh, and your binder organization . . .love it! I keep saying I'm going to do something like that with some of my supplies, but I never seem to get around to it. One day I'll break down.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Hope #45

  25. Thanks for the visit. It seems so good to be back and have time to comment and enjoy everyones projects. I love your Sugar Skull, I wanted to do the grands cards with them but no one had the basics..Now after I have these done, I found a unique book of different sized stickers. I like your bling storage and I might try that. Same frustrations. Thanks for sharing the great ATC's, Tags and Cards, I love all of them. I miss my ATC swaps. That Cookie looks scrumptious. Have a fun week. Our fall has been great since the rains stopped.

  26. WOW! Fabulous Halloween desk and makes

    Happy WOYWW

    No 33

  27. What a lot of great bargains you have got there Vickie. Isn't it so nice to get your stash all organised - nearly as nice as actually making something with it!! I bought cheap set of CD storage drawers and labelled each drawer with a different colour to store all my bling/pearls etc.

  28. Wow! What an exciting post! Your bargains are great - we have nothing like those sort of discounts here! I love your skull too! Hmm! Free biscuit that you can't eat - neither could I - too much sugar for a Type 2 Diabetic - hey ho!!! Love you happy mail too! The Silver Screen we go to is only available on either a Tuesday morning or a Thursday afternoon - it is usually quite well attended and is for over 55s only! When we see new films we can go on a Tuesday or Wednesday any time of day for half price with a voucher code! Makes for a cheap treat! Have good week! Chrisx 38

  29. Your skull project is great as are all you Halloween goodies!
    I store my bling in my Crop in Style sticker binder. You could also use baseball card pages for the smaller items.
    Chris #31

  30. Well truly is Halloween at your place, not into it myself, dear not even like the colours much, although love purple, just not with orange and black ...
    well done on those bargain such unbelievable prices hope the injection does its trick, shaz in Oz.x 31

  31. Wow! What a fabulous collection of TH stuff! I would have bought it all too :) We have no shops here where you would get such bargains! And I love how you are storing your bling. Mine is jumbled in a very large box, and I don't need any more either :)
    Hope you are getting some pain relief.

  32. Timmy goodies with money off, always a good one and love how you have sorted your bling too. Thanks for the visit, BJ#21

  33. Sorry you got sick after the injection. Hope you will be pain free soon. Nice looking M's stash. Your sugar skull looks fantastic. I so need to organize my bling, dots, and pearls into something more maintainable. Fantastic swap items too. I've been participating in quite a few over the last month with a large one due in the mail on 28th. I know what all my spare time will be doing for the next week. ha. Happy WOYWW week! LisaDV #35

  34. Ooh your skull looks awesome! Love your new stash - I wish we had Michaels here in the uk, especially here in Bournemouth! I think I would live in the shop waiting for bargains! Fabulous swaps too - I don't make Halloween stuff myself but I so love seeing it all, it's just so cool! Maybe I should dabble myself?!!! I hope your pain is eased after the nasty injection. Take care! xxx

  35. Your tags are amazing and teh card is cute!
    And all your gems are so well organized.

    Have a great weekend!
    and Thank you for visiting me!
    from SusanLotus nr 32 WOYWW.

  36. Sugar skull looks fabulous. Some bargains from Michael's too.

  37. Ohmy... so much new goodies to play with and every one of it is fantastic... I also loved to see your bling-storage-solution - it will make things easier to find indeed, enjoy! The sugar skull looks a bit 'plain'... maybe it needs some black around the edges? Have a lovely Sunday, love from Holland, Marit #24

  38. I'm super late now - almost at the next WOYWW! Well done on the amazing Ideology haul, who wouldn't, under those circumstances?

    I empathise totally with the back pain thing, so sending you gentle hugs and encouraging words of support!

    Thanks for stopping by
    Morti @ 40

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