Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WOYWW #383 and it has been a busy week!

…yes it has!  I am sorry if I didn't get around to your desk but it was one of those weeks that will go down in infamy!  I posted and then things just started to happen and that was it.  I haven't had a good week health wise and ended up at the doctor this week to have injections in my back so I can get up and get around a bit better…hopefully…still hasn't happened yet!
I took a picture of my desk after I went to the doctor and stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up some small easels I need for a swap.  I am participating in the 12 Days of Christmas on ATT Yahoo Group and someone had posted last week about telephone easel on her desk…so I am stealing that idea and making my own…will post as soon as I get one done!

My desk:
As you can see there are all sorts of fun things I picked up at Hobby Lobby and Michaels this week.  I got everything you see on sale 40-60% off and except for the easels…top center.  I will just have to use the 40% off coupon each week and get them more inexpensively!
I think the happiest purchases were these stamps…they are originally $9.99-12.99 but they were on sale 50% off then an additional 25% off on Saturday only…add my 15% AARP discount I just couldn't pass up buying them!  They turned out to be $4-6 each!  I thought it was a good buy.

I also got some Happy Mail today in the mail from Susan Salyer…I can't remember if she posts on WOYWW or not but I hope she does.  I know she reads my blog posts from time to time!  Anyway back to the happy mail!  Look at this envelope!  I am hoping she shares how she made it because it feels like leather and is stamped with some of the most awesome images.

Inside the envelope was all sorts of ephemera, tags, punch outs, etc.  The two wrapped packages were cards that have seemed to have disappeared at the time of this post…does anyone else do stuff like that?  I had everything in the package except the cards and the package made it back to my desk but they didn't!  WOW!

Remember the three layouts I posted last week.  I got them done this week also!  I think they turned out really well!  I don't think my daughter in law reads my blog so I don't have to worry about her seeing them!  If I can stand to give them up they might become part of her Christmas prezzies!

The cards weren't the only things that were forgotten!  I was busy this weekend also and made 5 cards for swaps I am in and forgot to take pictures of them before sending them off to my swap partners.   I have asked them if they will takes photos and post them so hopefully they will!

Okay I am done for now…Enough I think!  I tend to run on and on and on and on…If you would like to come along and play WOYWW and check out some desks got to Julia's blog and click on the WOYWW Link!  Lots of fun things and a bunch of awesome guys and gals!


  1. Vickie, I am sorry your back has been painful.I hope it rights itself soon.
    Oh those Halloween goodies are fun.Love that envelope.
    Have a better week.

  2. Congratulations #1.....Hope you heal quickly, those are awesome stuff you have. If you ever find out how that envelope was done please share with us. I also decorate envelopes and this one is soooo good
    Bridget #3

  3. Well done on nabbing the top spot today. What an amazing envelope to receive through the post. I'd be smiling all day.

    Fiona #9

  4. well done on top spot! love your spooky goodies, even if I don't "do" Halloween, I love all the stuff! Great bundle of goodies from Susan too. Hope your back is easier soon Helen #2

  5. The LO look fabulous and your goody bag is a treat for the eyes. Great envelope.... hope all well with you.
    sandra de @12

  6. Hope the injection worked and you're feeling better - it hasn't stopped you crafting though, has it?! You've been very prolific and what a fab goody bag that was, I do love getting Happy Mail :-D
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  7. Happy WOYWDW,

    Great work space and you are right that is some parcel beautifully decorated,
    Lilian B #15

  8. Hi Vickie, I think I may have to go looking for that set of stamps with the witches hat, broom & cat! Love it. Bet it won't be available over here as Halloween isn't so big. Gorgeous stash in the happy mail. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

  9. Love all your creations for this have been busy. Really hope your health problems improve very soon.
    Have a fab week.
    Annie x #11

  10. Wow! Great bargains (You can never have too many halloween stamps lol) and yep, doesn't that happen sometimes? You have a day planned for yourself and little things keep sterring you off course until by the end of the day you haven't done anyuthing you wanted - but still feel exhausted!! Most of my days/weeks are like that lately. Happy WOYWW, Cindy #24

  11. Hi Vickie! Those are all awesome stamps! Loving the mail art and your scrapbook layouts with all those wonderful photos. Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #22

  12. Happy WOYWW and congrats on the No.1 spot. I am hoping that you are not pushing yourself too much, but I also know that distraction is sometimes the only thing that helps. I often get up to leave my craft room and only then realise how much pain I am in. Fab bargains. My cash flow this month is literally zero, so no happy shopping for me for a while. I am going to start doing Tarot readings again next week, so hopefully there will be some spare cash soon. Ali x #26

  13. That's a fun looking desk, hope your health allows you to enjoy it.... and soon.
    Take care
    Bishopsmate #18

  14. Wow! What a stash!! I never thought to use my AARP card...Thank you!!! (Though my Michael's is sorely lacking) Good luck with your back; my 3rd round of injections finally did the trick...sending you healing thoughts!
    -K #35

  15. For someone with a bad back you got loads done! 3 double LOs and some happy mail too. Well done you BJ#37

  16. Heavens! I can't even imagine having back issues and still getting so much accomplished. You must be superwoman!
    I'm smitten with that first set of stamps with the black cat. You're totally going to make me run to Michael's and find it. I'm sure I won't get the deal you did, but we'll see. There's just so much awesome on your desk, I can't even comment on it all. Here's hoping your back is treating you well!

  17. I hope your back starts feeling better! I love Michael's and Joann's. They have such great coupons. I always seem to find too much to buy. Those stamps look wonderful!

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #46

  18. Wow, you scored big time at Hobby Lobby...made the easels seem expensive but I don't expect they were really! Susan's envelope is fantastic, I don't know her, so will go visit! So nice to get a bunch of lovely useable stuff. I really hope ypu start to feel some benefit from the injections..sounds horrendous!

  19. Love your happy mail and I love the stuff you got, even better that it was on sale, on sale with a voucher to boot! I have had a cortisone epidural before for my back and was lucky that it worked. It doesn't work for everyone. Hope you feel better soon. Nothing more debilitating. #41

  20. Didn't you do well at Hobby Lobby - wonderful stamps, perfect for now. Susan's envelope is fabulous and how lovely to find it full of staff you will no doubt find pleasure in using. Love your layouts and I'm not sure I could part with them either but your DIL is certain to appreciate them. Sorry your back is giving you problems - hope it improves soon. Take care, Elizabeth x #45

  21. Well you sure were busy and great deals on the buys. I love using coupons and then extra % off! Take care of your back and hope all is well. Dorlene #42

  22. Hello Vicki. Sorry to hear that you are still not much better. Your layouts look so great and that is a great deal on all those goodies you have picked up. Oh also how much fun to get happy that and always better then the bills that general seem to be waiting in the box. Thanks for visiting me earlier and have a wonderful week. Hugs Always ~Anne L#8

  23. Hi Vickie, You will have fun with those purchases.

    Your happy mail is fab and so much to play with.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #13

  24. Oh Vickie, you are so lucky living with those retailers around you - as how far they are around you. How I love it when I go to America and see what Hobby Lobby and Michaels have on offer.
    Love that witches hat stamp. Fabulous!
    Hugs, Neet 6 xx

  25. Hope your back is feeling much better very soon.
    What fabulous happy mail you received!

  26. Sorry to hear you've not been well, Vickie - injections into your back sound most unpleasant but I hope they have a beneficial effect. Feel better soon!! Lots of lovely new stash on your blog today. You will have fun playing. Thank you for your visit and your nice comment - glad you like my cakes and tangles! Do tell me what fun cakes you made as a nurse!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #50

    1. Oh Shosi some really cute and some a little off color…mostly the cakes were to do with a celebration or something and were flowery. a couple colorful favorites were a boob cake with tinsel sparkler coming out the nipple made for a lactating Mom for a baby shower…another favorite was Ken doll laying naked on a white bear skin rug…sentiment censored...

  27. Oh I am so glad you like it. I love you sweet friend and just wanted you to feel a smile again.
    Love and hugs

  28. I'm sorry to hear you have had back trouble - I really hope the injection works and you are feeling a lot better soon. I love the new stash -that's a great bargain for the halloween stamps - I'm sure you'll have loads of fun playing with them!
    Hope you have a pain free week and many thanks for stopping by my desk,
    Diana #21

  29. Great stamps - wonderful too when you can ave alot. Can't wait to see what you create. How lovely to receive such a special pack of papers.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  30. I was so happy to "hang" with you while you were making these layouts! I'm jealous of your HobLob scores... that witch set is so cute!

  31. We don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands but I sure like your stamps! And because I am so very late with my visit (it's almost Wednesday again, eeck! I also read your Sunday post.. the BOO is awesome! Love from Holland, Marit #20


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