Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall has arrived!

It is an interesting and exciting time of the year for me!  I love the cooler more crisp nights and warm days we are having right now.  So many fun things to do outside and it is tolerable heat and weatherwise!  I love the rest of the seasons but fall holds the number one spot in my opinion.  I think it is the smells, the colors, and all the tastes that are so interesting and intriguing at this time of year.

I have started creating fun things for fall and for Halloween the past couple weeks.  Thought that I would share the Tim Holtz Book Box I decorated with Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells and some spooky Halloween stuff I had in my stash!  I spent the better part of a week trying to decide what to do with this thing and I think it really worked out well!
This is the front of the book box. 

When you open the 'book' up it stands by itself leaning up against the fireplace!  I don't remember where I got some of the stickers and ephemera but I know some came from Halloween card candy swaps I engaged in in the past.  I used to go ape nuts over card candy back 5-6 years ago and still have a lot in my stash.  If you recognize something you made for a swap please leave a comment!  

 A little bigger view of the different compartments in the box.  Click on them to enlarge the photo to get a view of spooky goodness! 
Bones and skulls...not a treat!

necessary items to be a witch with!
A witches best friend!
a wise old owl!

More witchy stuff!

My bottle brush Halloween tree and finest crystal for the party!  Fun times!


  1. I'm not a bit into halloween but you've done a fantastic job on this book box, Vickie, and I love the front with the steampunk bicycling lady! Such lovely rich colours and all those delicious gearwheels! It must have taken you hours to make this.

    Apart from there being lots of bugs at this time of year, I do love autumn too! The colours and smells are so lovely and I really like the evenings drawing in and the prospect of being snug in winter with a rug and a kitty to keep one warm! I hate the heat of summer. My favourite season is spring, closely followed by autumn.


  2. I have had the honor of seeing it in person and it is amazing! You are always making such cool stuff. Hope to have some craftin' fun again soon.
    I LOVE Fall & Halloween too and am ready to decorate my porch and make some cards!


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