Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Craftroom/art studio

It is difficult sometimes to decide what to call my room and usually just say I am going to my room!  Some people who are purists say my style of art isn't art at all but a craft.  I do crafts and I do arts so on any given day it is a craft studio...my room.  

I promised in a post earlier in 2013 that I was going to get my room moved into a larger bedroom after showing my space off in a post in 2012 that showed I had no room to spare!  Today I have several photos to share of my room! 
 Standing at the door and looking in the first think you see is this wall.  It is overwhelming to me at times and I might have to rearrange a bit but I don't know what I would change!  There are 15 cubes that hold all sorts of fun and wonderful stuff I play with!  There is a bookshelf to the left that holds 6x6, 8x8 and other card stock, all my art journals, water color papers etc.
 To the right is a set of IKEA Alex drawers stacked on top of another set.  It contains some a lot of grunge board, pre cut pieces, book pieces etc.  A clip it spinner on the top. 
The Big Shot pro cutter.  I love this thing but it takes up a lot of space of the 12x12" cutting bed.  My new ribbon storage.  I actually don't like this as well as my old ribbon storage but it has easier access and it keeps me from having too much out to confuse me! The cutter sits on an IKEA Expedit 2x4 that I have turned on its side and topped with a 2x2 Expedit.  Looking back I wish I had bought the 5x5 and a 2x2 cause I could have used the extra room. 
 Paper storage under the cutter the valise contain my Tim Holtz specific papers and card stock. 
 my boxes of steel dies and the thin dies.  I have a total of 6 spaces filled with dies and the purple/canvas things are my embossing folders.  6 dies + 6 paper fill up the Expedit...see why I wish I had bought the larger one! 
 Yarn sits above the cutting boxes. 
A view down the wall.  The plastic box tower is all my Graphic 45 and some holiday papers.  Cramped up in the corner is my knitting baskets and some boxes that contain swap goodies like cards, tags, etc etc etc.
I can't seem to get a good shot of the north wall because it is a dumping place right now.  In the photo above you see the G45 paper boxes and right next to it is this big file cabinet.  It is a 40" lateral file cabinet that holds my stamps in two drawers in DVD cases, and the bottom drawer is the computer paper, tags, cards etc. and the big packages of adhesives for my Xyrons.  Behind all the crap in front is a shelf with my boxes of bling and boxes of Graphic 45 stamps.  Next to it is a 4 ft desk.
My computer and work desk bump in to one another.  I actually have 3 work desks in this room.   Beats the small desk I had in the old room.  I have plenty of room to stage, detail and finish stuff up in this room. Stormy has to help me with just about everything I do at this desk.  Usually there is another cat laid up on the desk to the left...wonder what's up in cat world there isn't one there right now! 
I took the doors off the closet so I could have space!  I have a lot of canvas and a lot of raw materials (chipboard books, boxes, cans, recycling/up cycling)in this closet behind the rolling bins that I am not for sure I am going to use or even keep around but for right now they are parked in front but easy to move out of the way when I need something.  On the floor to the left is my fall and Halloween goodies.

 To the right of the closet is the door out and hanging on the door is a shoe rack with all my holiday punches.  I used to have 3 of these things full of punches but I now have this one and 4 drawers in the Alex that house everyday punches. 
Everyday Punches.

 The wall to the left of the doorway.  We have come full circle here.  This makes the wall look short but it is actually about 12 feet long.  I love Kelly Rae Roberts and have several of her pieces as you can tell.  Wire bird cage has a lot of the tags I made last year pinned on it.  Three peg racks for my thread.  I found another one in the move but don't need it right now so will have to find a space for it.  Boxes and tins filled with bling, ribbon and fun stuff.  More paper over in the far right.
My desk in the center of the floor.  I used to work on this desk alone...I don't know how I did it!  files contain card stock...two black file cabinets, and personal papers in the beige one.

Okay that was all around the walls and in the center.  Now I will show you fun stuff...all of it is pretty self explanatory!
Button and bling chest.  All metal...a find at Hobby Lobby.

My paint supply cart...contains most of the needed supplies.

Stampers Anonymous stamps

an old sewing machine I bought at auction for about $20 that works awesome!

 The cabinet on this old machine isn't the best but I think it has possibilities!  I might try doing something artsy fartsy with the top!   I really didn't care if it ran or if the cabinet was in good shape I was interested in the machine...it could always be fixed!  I can remember one of these old machines from my childhood and it brought back good memories.  It only sews backwards and forwards and that is perfect for crafts and cards!  I have my new machine on the floor under the cabinet that I can use to sew clothing etc.
My cutting cart!  My mothers old rolling cart that she kept all the cooking appliances on.  I use my Vagabond most so it is on top, the small Big Shot is in the doctors bag you can see around the corner (a few pictures up) and then the Cricut is on the second shelf.  Luckily I had brains enough to plug heavy duty extension cords in before I moved the furniture in!  The carts can move about to make room for a couple of card tables for friends to come craft. 

Okay that's it for the new craft room.  I will post as I make changes now and keep you up to date on the crafty-crap room as my son in law calls it.   He still has the Crafty Crap program available to beta test if you are interested.  Lots of space to document all the awesome goodness you have in your craft room! 


  1. Ooh your room is amazing! So much to see and so much awesome stuff! If I was to go in there, I would never want to leave! A room of pure bliss! xxx

  2. I need to come back and spend about an hour pouring over your photos and your room! Thanks for the detailed shots and explanations. great post cards you have made there too. #20

  3. Thank you for the wonderful virtual tour of your room, Vickie! Nice to be able to picture you in this space each week on WOYWW. You have some amazing storage and lots of great stash to work with. Thanks for sharing.



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