Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have a new house guest that is making herself very at home on the front porch! I must say that this is one of smartest spiders that we have had the good fortune to grace our gardens over the years. This spiders web kept getting knocked down until she wised up and built it on the glass door totally and now the web stays intact but if she feels threatened she runs under the cornice board and hides out.

In this picture you can see the web on the door. The spider is out of focus and over exposed but... I like the webs. Heather and I have been going in and out the garage door so that we don't disturb her web. I am leaving the porch light on at night so she should be good and fat by late fall!

I was going to take photos of the Argiope on the patio but the wind was too high and it was just way too blurry. Maybe tomorrow!

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