Wednesday, May 31, 2017

WOYWW #417

Happy Wednesday everyone...big celebration of WOYWW year 8 was awesome last week.  I am working on ATC today and will hopefully get them sent out by the end of the week!  What is WOYWW?  Check it out on Julia's blog...

Not a lot going on on my is a mess at best again today!  It seems like I just manage to shuffle things around on good days...Needs to be reshuffled so I can find space to work!
I have been sorting through some boxes and have come across a lot of interesting stuff...some too good to throw away and some that I wonder why I have held on to it!  2 boxes of stuff is on its way to a new home!

The garden it going great guns.  I will try to get out this afternoon and take some pictures.  Chuck picked some more Chard and we processed it this morning so I guess that is my active desk...  Tried a new way of processing the plastic bags in the microwave instead of boiling/blanching the leaves.  Seems to have worked and a lot less messy!  
Chuck chopped up some onions, garlic, and chard stems and tossed in on the greens I had processed.
The greens have stayed so bright.  I wonder if they retained more nutrients in this process?  I hope it works and they stay well in the freezer.
I chopped up all the stems into bite size pieces and plan on using them for soups and stews this fall.  Chuck planted a colorful type of chard this year...I am seeing a journal page in my future using this picture as inspiration!
I love love the color, contrast, and texture in this photo....

Okay that is it for me!  I will try and make it around to a few groups when I get back from another appointment this afternoon.  I went to the neurosurgeon and he says there is no question of if I need surgery on my spine or not but when I am willing to lay down and let him do it.  Hmmm....that is going to take some long hard thinking!  Anyone had a decompression laminectomy and spinal fusion done?   


  1. your desk looks great (nothing wrong with a packed desk, apart from lack of workspace of course!) Your garden produce looks so good! Helen #5

  2. Good grief...a what done on your back? I'm sure it's a straightforward procedure but it sounds quite daunting. I can see why you're delaying the decision. I'm sorry I didn't return your kind visit last week, no excuses, just ran out of time so it's good to see you here today! I'm liking the clever way of freezing the veggies like that - I grew that rainbow chard once, prefer the leaves to the stalks but I guess if you're using them in soups then it'll be ok!
    Hugs, LLJ 18 xxxx

  3. What a brilliant table of creativity.
    Have a super week and take care.
    Katie #44 xx

  4. Wow, Vickie.. lots going on. My garden isn't at the producing stage yet but I hope to can tomatoes from last year this weekend. They've been hanging out in the freezer. I love that last photo. What a great background paper that would make! Creative Blessings! Kelly #36

  5. Yummy! Looks like your garden is producing like crazy.
    April #45

  6. Sounds like a great tongue twister in the making - Chuck chops chard, Chuck chops chard and chucks it chuckling all the while. . .or something of that nature! LOL! I love chard, especially the red chard!Your desk looks nice and creative! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #41

  7. I think your desk looks very creative, even if you don't have much space left to work in. You'll have to let us know how the new way of processing the chard worked out, it's certainly very colourful. Hope all goes well with your back op if you decide to get it done. Sarah #22

  8. Home grown food is just the best...Love your busy creative desk its so inviting.... Have a happy week ahead May #19

  9. Hi there. Your desk looks extremely busy today - and as for that chard salad - yum!!!
    I agree, the stems look great as a photo - look out for the inspiration coming!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #9

  10. Hi Vickie, sorry I'm late. I seem to be apologising for this on a regular basis at the moment. So Love a busy desk so fine by me. Happy crafty belated woyww, Angela x21x


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