Wednesday, May 24, 2017

WOYWW #416 And how my garden grows!

Happy Wednesday friends!  I am so glad I remembered and got my post in earlier today!  Will miracles never cease!  If you are wondering what I am on about is Wednesday and it is WOYWW!  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!   Julia started the group 8 years ago this month and we all get together every Wednesday to blog hop and renew friendships from around the world...I  started following WOYWW in 2010 and have interacted with people all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East, USA almost everywhere!  Click on the link and go check it out.  Julia has put up directions on how you can play too!  Normally not such a big introduction but hey I thought 8 years deserved it!

Okay on to my desk for today...not much of a change...maybe a little more picked up...had to cleanup and put away a bit cause it was becoming overwhelming!  Thought today I would show a little wider view...I have my desk half way cleaned off
As you can see I have cleaned off a bit of the desk so I can work and make some more cards this week.  I need to get caught up on birthday and graduation cards!  Here is a wider view...and I can see the floor now!
I did manage to make one card this week for an inspiration challenge...they gave an image of a wedding cake and this is what it inspired!
I was going to add some Washi tape that said all you have to add is ice cream but it didn't look right to me so this is what it ended up looking like!  Do you like Washi tapes?  I love them.  See that big box that says dance?  it is full of the stuff.

Okay that is it for the WOYWW post.  I am making some ATC when I get home from the doctors to today if you are interested in swapping contact me.  

Now on to the garden for the people who want me to post pics!  The first picture is of Chuck's native/wild plant garden by the front stoop that he has been working on for years...It looks like a wild patch and blooms constantly all year!

These are some of my favorites.  I love these cosmos he planted several years ago.  These have mutated from just the purple color to a combo of purple, purple and white, and just white.  They are awesome!

Shasta daisies, Gallardia, and yellow primrose

Spider on the left and purple on the right
I like flower pot and more flower pots.

In the backyard there are a lot of changes going on!  So many things growing and we have started harvesting.  Chuck dug up all the potatoes and replanted. Total of 14.5# of Yukon gold potatoes out of a pound bag of seed potatoes.  That is significant considering they cost $3.99# here in the states.
Ever see an artichoke growing?  We never had so Chuck decided to plant some.  He  tried bed and flower pot and this is definitely better!

The cabbage, kale, and chard are doing awesome.  We have planted cabbage in the past but he is experimenting with the kale and chard.  The kale is the least favorite of the two.

 Onions are starting to produce some are really getting big.  Chuck harvested all the Garlic a couple days ago!  Some of the bulbs are as big as an onion!
The brick flower bed is really coming along are some photos of that! 
 Chuck planted the pansies and the flowers in the next pick came up volunteers.
Corn is still having some issues with equalizing their grow.  Chuck planted and thinned plants all at the same time then all of a sudden they started growing at different rates!

 Tomatoes are starting to bear...the plants have been having issues with curling and deformed leaves but they are still bearing fruit!

Did you know different beans have different color flowers?  I didn't.  Beans on the left are just blue lake bush beans and the ones on the left with purple flowers are black beans.

We were given this plant as a wedding gift 42 years ago.  It is over 7 feet tall today!
This is one of many babies I have cloned off that tree.  I can't keep much of anything growing but this plant loves me!
 The potted plants on the deck! 

 I bought a blueberry sprig a couple years a go and this year it looks like we are actually going to get some berries!

Well that is it for me this week.  Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. It's clear you are an artful gardener. Wish I could walk there with you. Happy 8th!
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden #50

  2. Happy 8 years anniversary. We really are part of a wonderful group aren't we? Here's to many more years.
    What a wonderful lot of garden produce you have. Well done you
    Annie x #16

  3. So many wonderful shots of your garden- beautiful flowers. I'd like to swap with you, if you don't mind posting to the UK. It's OK if you don't want to though. I'll email you my addy just in case. :) Have a lovely week, Love& Hugs, Shaz #7 XxX

  4. wow, your garden really does grow! what a great amount of produce. Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  5. Hi Vicki wanted to say Happy 8th WOYWW Anniversary. What an amazing harvest you will have. Just love the look of your home and garden. Anne x#24

  6. Oooh so much to see in your yard :) I love how you arranged the pots on the porch to be the different heights a lot! ~Stacy #42

  7. Wow! Never mind the tidy desk(well done though!) your garden is fantastic - I love the wild flower area but must say those veggies really are prizewinners! Chrisx48

  8. Happy 8th anniversary and wow does your garden grow so pretty with all its flowers mine is on its first year with lots of dirt showing but eventually it will look good.
    Hugs Nikki last place

    1. Just noticed that your my Atc sender immediately have an email link up in my side bar I don't see your email anywhere drop me a note so I can send you my snail mail hugs Nikki

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Happy 8th Anniversary! I love your clean desk, and thanks for sharing your gardens! We still have trees without leaves! LOL! Have a great week.
    -K 39/40

  10. Wow! for your garden! Bet your dinners are fantastic :)
    I once had a cosmos - Chocolate Cosmos and it really did smell like chocolate - wish I could find that plant again :)
    Bubbles #36

  11. I simply can't believe how much you pack into your craft room. And I love washi tapes, and was given some for my birthday and Christmas. But they wouldn't fit a small tin, much less a HUGE box like that. I'm in awe.

    I am in love with your garden. I'm just now planting my tomatoes and herbs. I am also just now planting my herb seeds. Late start, late bloomer, I guess. Your garden is out of this world. I also love your front garden. Mine is too shady for most flowers, though.

    Sorry I'm late visiting. I had a commitment today, so had to be away from the computer. Happy 8th Anniversary from # 1.

  12. Loving your garden pics. Great that you have a wildlife garden too. Your desk makes me feel right at home and the card is lovely. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy belated woyww anniversary, Angela x17x

  13. Hi Vickie. Look at all that space for you to work. Well done on all the sorting. Great garden pics. I shouldn't think you will need to buy any veg all year with all that coming up. Brilliant - and even enough blueberries for your breakfast yoghurt!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  14. I certainly know what you mean when you say you being overwhelmed by your desk! I feel much better now that mine has been cleared off, I'm sure you do too. Your garden is awesome - I'm so jealous of all those vegetables and garlic, and an artichoke! I love artichokes! Lots of kale - have you made kale chips before? They are pretty good - and healthy! Happy 8th WOYWW anniversary! Lindart #51

  15. Your room is looking good with some cleared out spots. I love your garden photos. I'm so jealous. I have such a black thumb. Thanks for visiting me earlier. Happy Anniversary! Dorlene #49

  16. Lovely garden pictures - some so pretty and some good for eating. Well done DH!
    You seem to have a busy desk even though you have cleared some of it - at least you have a place to work - I am working on my knee at present.
    Hugs, Neet xx (thanks for visiting me)

  17. You have a beautiful garden; I love the contrast of the orderly planters and pots and the wild section at the front. I like washi tape too, but I don't have anywhere near as much as you seem to have (looking at the size of that box). Good luck with the remainder of the tidying. Happy belated WOYWW Sarah #27

  18. this is indeed a special place, and great to se that i am not the only one with a messy workspace :-) Happy very belated WOYWW, Vicky

  19. Verty belated woyww anniversary wishes Vickie I had a great week on holiday and couldnt wait to check out desks when I got back. you are the receipent of my ATC I will email you so you can send me your adress and will send off on tuesday .Ilove your desk teher is aleays so much to see so nosey ! as fo ryour garden pics awesome i love flowers plants although better at photographing them than growing them I must say...and would never be able to keep a plant alive 40 + years awesome. .It looks like you will be eating well too happy crafty hugs Andrea x #48

  20. Your craft room looks a very busy place with lots of cool stuff! Love the card - I have washi tape and never think to use it, I really must! Fabulous garden pics - so many plants - awesome! Take care! xxx


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