Friday, May 19, 2017

Watercolor Travel Tins

I saw an idea on Pinterest a while back that really seemed like an awesome idea.  A watercolor paint box that fits in your purse and is easily portable.  (Just search for watercolor paint boxes) I like little art...ATC (artist trading cards), twinchies,  or inchies and this would be a perfect size watercolor palette to travel with to do this type of art... There isn't a whole lot of water color to do larger pieces but...hey enough for what I want it for.

What you need for this project...

  1. A box...The box can be any type of metal or plastic box that you want that will fit your needs.  I bought these little metal gift card boxes at Michael's to use and they are bigger then an Altoid tin but that would work too!
  2. Some Sculpey or Fimo clay...something that hardens up when baked or left to air dry.
  3. a pen or pencil or something to press holes in to the clay
  4. an assortment of watercolor paint
  5. watercolor paper.

I had started this project and a day or two later ran across a video by Effy Wild on the paint box she made.  I have gotten so much inspiration from the Journal 52 class and wasn't surprised when I saw this video.   I love it when it all laid out for you in easy to follow instructions.  Effy has done a great job of it with this video.  
Check out the Sculpey Watercolor Palette video here
These are the boxes I found at Michaels.  They are 6"x3.5" were $1.29 each.  I like the lid designs so I am not going to have to decorate the tops.
One of my finished tins...
I made a total of four tins for a less then $20.  I think you could get by cheaper if you didn't need to use the sculpey clay.  I saw one set done using a modeling clay and the crimped soda caps in a tin...might try that next.  
 Fun stuff!  
I like DIY projects and I like art and to combine them is just fun!


  1. Hi Vickie, I love the little paint tins. I have small travel kits all over the place, car, handbag, and in a suitcase for weekends away. That way I can put paint to paper no matter where I am. Thanks for visiting my woyww desk :)
    sandra de

  2. This is a wonderful idea! I wish I were creative with watercolor paints so I could take these with me and paint anywhere. Looking forward to seeing your little pieces of art.


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