Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WOYWW #281 and more!

UPDATE: seems my auto post didn't post last night so everyone has been commenting on Monday's post...

My desk has been a little busy this week and as you can tell from this picture it is busy again today!  I am sorting and trying to get things together to make some keys for swapping that have to be in the mail next week...hmmm...13 altered keys in a week?  Having never joined a challenge like that it will be just that...a challenge!

I got the keys in a dollar bin at Michael's and they are actually metal and not resin so I am a happy camper here!  I have brought out some charms and the right and plan on starting these asap.  If you are interested in Altered Keys check out Pinterest.    To the left is my undone witches hat and some kiddie style Halloween paper that I am going to make the grand daughters some cards out of today.  I made these Halloween cards and thought they might not be appropriate for a 3 year old and 5 year old...  My desks are a whole lot cluttered today but I have been having loads of fun playing in my crafty room this week.  Want to see other cluttered crafty desks?  Check out Julia and Stamping Ground and come play with us!

Are you missing the witches hat that was on the Prima craft inks stand?  Well folks I got it done this week too!  Ta da!!!
I think it turned out wonderful!!  I love the colors and patina and it was oh so easy to make!!  More pictures you say...well Julia likes it kept simple so if you don't want to see the rest I am done with stuff for WOYWW...
A front view!
Left side!

Back side!

I first covered a plain old paper mache witches hat with bunches of grunge paper/board gears I cut out using the various Tim Holtz gear dies I have.  I then painted the whole hat with black spray paint!  Next step was covering the whole hat with VerDay Iron Paint and then spraying with the Patina spray.  VerDay is interesting because the paint actually has metals in it and when you spray it with the Patina you actually get oxidized metals.  Tenseconds Studios carries the VerDay products and you can get them in bronze, brass, copper, and iron like I used.   I plan on trying this on a couple other paper mache boxes I have using the different colors and you know the interesting thing is until I moved craftrooms I forgot I had these...Hey Darnell does this count as an NBUS?

Okay enough for me this week.  Already photo heavy but I will leave you with one last pool today! 
Sad day huh!!!  I miss my pool!  It is all covered and winterized for the up coming cold months!


  1. Super projects this week! I just love that steampunky witches hat - awesome. Can't wait to see what you do with the keys, tyey look really good even before altering! (I do think 13 in a week WILL be a big challenge though!). You obviously have a busy week ahead! Happy WOYWW Cindy #63

  2. Wow that hat is amazing :-)
    Annie x # 31

  3. Happy WOYWW. I love altered stuff and mixed media etc, but it is not for me. My credit card is much happier now that I have reduced the amount of crafts I am attempting! That witches hat is incredible. Thankfully, our only source of sort-of swimming, our hot tub, is inside, so it only has a cover on it to keep the heat in. I actually like autumn and winter, but it is still difficult to imagine the next few months. Especially difficult caring for the animals outside. I have got my coats/gloves/hats etc ready! Ali x #78

  4. I've followed your altered keys ink - WOW! I couldn't image how you could alter a key? People are so imaginative! And don't even get me started on your witch's hat. It's absolutely stunning! You're all set for Halloween! Have a great week! zsuzsa@ InkyDinkyDoodle #45

  5. Hi Vickie .... I just commented but not sure where it went ,,, seems to be happening tonight.
    LOve the hat and all the gears...... have you moved your desk.... it looks different?
    janet #22

  6. Fantastic hat and you've used my favourite dies to embellish it. Love the colours and texture too. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  7. Deer OakieNurse, I wik the witch hat bery much. It has gears n' feathers and I wik feathers. They make you fly now we no why witches fly! My mom dint think you cood alter much wif a key untilled you showed us the picktures! Dat wooks wik fun. I want sum keys so I can be important. Love, Dio. #79

  8. Your wiches hat turned out lovely! What a find with all those keys at Michaels. Altered keys? I will have to look that up on PInterest. Another craft to get into! LOL #77

  9. Amazing Hat you've made there and what a steal to find at Micheals. The Colour is just fantastic on that hat and your space is looking very busy hugs Nikki 14

  10. Now that is a truly amazing witches hat. You are so clever.
    Sandra de @16

  11. Oh it's a shame to have to put the pool to bed for the winter...apart from the pleasure of water, sun, reflections etc, the swim is such a good therapy. Let's hope the new swimming weather hastens itself.
    The hat is a triumph, it looks as though you've spent hours on it! And good luck with the intriguing idea for a swap.

  12. Blogger wouldn't let me add comments for a couple of days so I am just catching up with my desk snooping! What a stunning witch's hat and a fab collection of keys! x Jo


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