Wednesday, August 7, 2013


WOW how fast can a week fly by?  Seems like it was just yesterday I wrote the post for last weeks WOYWW and here it is Wednesday again.  What is WOYWW?  Go check out on it over at Julias blog Stamping Ground...the directions on how to join is up in the upper left side. 
Been busy this week sorting out the craft room for a move to the bigger room.  Hopefully I can get that accomplished in the next couple of weeks so I can find all the stuff I need for fall crafting projects.  I have so much stuff that are duplicates that I refusing to buy anymore till I get it organized better because I know I have what I need just not accessible.  Example...I bought some paper mache boxes last year that are pumpkin shaped on the clearance bin to make something with this year...I don't have the foggiest where they are at!!  I am pulling stuff out of cabinets and closets and trying to find this or that.   I am an organized person...more or less.  I have all sorts of boxes, baskets, drawers, and cabinets to store stuff in but I have piled it in front of or around other pieces of storage and I have to move stuff to get at it.  SO I am moving.  Want to have nightmares tonight?  Here is an example of what I am talking about...
my color coordinated cardstock in plastic boxes in a rack in front of the cabinet that holds a lot of scrapbooks and tools I rarely use but when I need them I have to move all this crap.
This is a nightmare!  The cutting cart holds dies, folders, and my Vagabond.  It sits in front of a table that I have covered with stuff from the closet I have been trying to find things in.  The cube cabinet behind it is about 3 feet from the cutting cart but has two carts in front of it that hold various and sundry cardstock and 6x6 and 8x8 paper pads that have become a horizontal depository for closet debri!   
Yes, I have a ton of stuff but I have less then a lot of people I know but I can't find what I need due to space issues.   SO the move is on for this upcoming couple of weeks.  Thought about it for a year and it is time to act!
Room is approximately 11.5'x14.6'
This is a diagram of the room I am moving into and an idea I have for placement of things. The carts above with the papers will be housed in the closet and pulled out as I need them.  There are a lot of what ifs with the room but I think I will be able to get everything out where I can get to it.  I have a couple of fold-up tables that I can use when friends come over to play that I can put up in the center of the room because I will have space to spare there!  The expedit will be come my cutting area for my BigShot Pro and the Vagabond will move too and from the desk as needed.  Currently there is nothing in the Expedit or the File Cabinet which is a lateral 3 drawer that I plan to house all my 8 1/2" x 11" papers in plus some of the scrapbooking stuff.   Any ideas you would care to share would be greatly appreciated!  Of course I will take before and after pictures to share.

Want to see what I made this week....Tags of course.

These are the tags I will be teaching in my class later this month!
 I got into the back to school mode thinking about what it had meant to me when my children were small.  I was always up early (or late) drinking coffee and sewing,  making dresses and shirts for them to wear to school.  My son was about 10 years old when he told me he didn't mind me making him pajamas etc but he preferred we buy his clothes for school!!  Okay!  Mom days were on their way out!

That's it!  Thanks for staying with me through the rambling cause it has really helped me get some ideas righted around in my head.  Like I said suggestions are welcome!!!  Have a great week. 


  1. Ooh, er, the first pic looks so tidy too but what a lot of work you have to face. I'm sure you'll manage it when there's a new craft space on the horizon.
    Great tags too BTW!
    Jo x

  2. I'm impressed that you can actually find anything at the moment. You have a LOT more stuff than I'll ever have. You have REAL stuff, not stuff like I have, which is mostly gleaned from my next door neighbor's trash can. I admire that you have so many die cutting machines. Lucky you!

    My advice? Set up work stations, like a cutting station, stamp storage area, etc. I'm sure you already know that, though, since you appear to have it covered in your diagram.

    BTW, WOYWWendy is my art doll. She is NOT Flat Susan, who is making the rounds in Europe, Australia, and the like. I made Wendy to honor the first WOYWW anniversary, and she usually sits on my desk, or hides out in my purse.

  3. Yah, I know the looks of that room and that feeling...I moved my craft room twice since this WOYWW started! I exchanged it with my bedroom, since its much bigger, only I hated it! Too many windows and doors in my bedroom, so back to the cave room we thankful my 14yr old son has a strong back and legs and arms! Anyways, don't worry about commenting me back this week, I'm running so late from the move and all, but do come see the pics of the move when I post them for the new's scary, to say the least! lol :) Hugs and hope the heat isn't killing y'all down there! :) Deeyll

    1. Oh wait...I thought that was last weeks pic! I am so messed up on the dates so far this must be the dread of starting class back up...not looking forward to it, at all! :) I'm at #51 this week so come check out my craft room switcheroo that took over my whole house! lol :) ~Deeyll

  4. Wow that's one great space to craft in and you've got toys to play with too I'm sure you'll figure out what works best for you. I'm still trying to find ever thing a space in my little space. Have you seen this site Crafty Storage it will give you so many ideas it will make your head spin or SERIOUS CRAFT ROOM ENVY !!! :)

  5. Looks like you have a great plan going for the room move! I am feeling the urge to get organized as well. Looking forward to your class this week as well as the tag classlayer in the month.
    I love your sunflowers in the previous post too. Is this your first year to garden with the raised beds? I will have to pick your brain about it at the next girls night out.

  6. Good luck with the craft room move. You have some really great crafting goodies. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #1

  7. That is an impressive plan. Love to re-organise. Great tags too. Love their layers, textures and colours. #43

  8. I love to be organised too, but it doesn't stop me losing things in a black hole somewhere in my room. Usually they reappear eventually but some never do!
    Be warned, in a few years time your new 'bigger' space will be just like this one.
    The tags are beautiful by the way. I have never got into tags as I simply can't start another collection. I have no storage space left anywhere. Kate x #56

  9. Hi Vickie, good luck with your move, you're probably doing the right thing by waiting until you're organised before you buy any more stash but it's HARD isn't it! LOVE your tags, such fun projects - going back for a closer look. Have a productive week! MMx #65

  10. Love your tags and your room is going to look fabulous! You'll have to show us pictures of it getting 'filled up with crafty stuff`1'

    ((Lyn)) happy woyww #38

  11. We love your tags. Happy moving and organising, it's great that you have the plans to work to.

    The House of Bears @#84

  12. Love your tags and your desk is always colourful. Hope the move goes well, I'm going to outgrow my room if I keep 'needing' stuff! Take care Zo xx 72

  13. No sorry, that is giving me nightmares - look forward to seeing it all sorted out in your new space, pleeeeeeeease!!! But if you are anything like me that will be a few days (or weeks).
    Love the tags, keep seeing great tags from deskers - must learn 'how'.

    Lynda #82

  14. the tags are great but the floor plan made my heart dance. I love floor plans and I draw them all the time. Dreaming of better spaces. Some come true...others remain dreams.

  15. What fun, moving into a new room! I know the feeling. I've got plans like that, too. I love all the planning, and imagining what it will be like when it's finished.

    Your tags are simply scrumptious! Love the rich colour, and I particularly like the coffee one with all those lovely coffee beans! Really imaginative.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #75

  16. Bet you can't wait to move into your new room, I remember you planning it all out last year, hope it happens soon! Beautiful tags, love the coffee one!! My husband prefers the simplicity of the old cars to work on, these new ones are all computers and wires!! PITA!!

    Brenda 3

  17. Me again! Thanks for visiting - as to your question, yes I do find the Speccy's drier than Copics. As much as I like SN I find the Copics last far longer and as they can be refilled too, I tend to buy Copics. I will use my SN but once a pen dries/runs out I won't be refilling it or replacing it. I've found that Copics have improved my colouring not end and I use foam tubing to hold them when my hands are bad so I can still colour! Keeps me sane! Take care Zo xx

  18. Howdy Ms Vickie, thank you for popping by my desk. :D Do you ever stop and ask yourself, how and when did your craft/art stuff start taking over your house?? My hubby asks me that at least once a day. Your tags are awesome. (I pinned them to my Beautiful Tags board) I'd love to check out the dancing your daughter does. Sounds really fun. Our Irish Dance hiatus is almost over. Then it's back to the studio 5-6 days a week. Luckily art supplies are portable. Hope you have a great weekend. Looks like you'll be busy. Happy Hump Day!!! (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #4

  19. I do wish I could take one (all) of your classes, your work is so lovely. If you haven't yet..hmm, should I say go to or stay away from Deeyll's post today..argh...
    Great good luck with the move, I have huge empathy for your reasons...the moving stuff to get at will be urgin gyou on from this (quite far away) sideline!

  20. A lot of things to see on your workdesk! For your new workspace, I press you the thumbs up and look forward to seeing him.

  21. Your tags are gorgeous and I am loving your back to school inspiration. I don't envy you having to get everything sorted and moved, but it will all be worth it in the end. I have moved my craft room three times now and the getting everything right seems to be a never ending process. Have a great week and Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  22. hi Vicky
    yes I think you officially have a lot of stuff so the move would be a great idea. have you thought of having your desk permanently in the middle and all your work station stuff around the outside and maybe a wheeley chair so you could whizz around the outside when you need stuff LOL crafting on the go!
    have a good week
    janet #27

  23. Thanks for your lovely comment, Vickie, and I'm sorry you've had a rather unsatisfactory year with nothing working out as planned! So far things have worked out well for us but it's been a struggle, and a lot of work, and a lot of worry about my elderly parents, but we'll soon be in the new house and can start the next phase of our lives, which also includes me getting stuck in my new ARTHaven!!! Yay!

    Shoshi #75

  24. I have the biggest grin on my face Vickie, I can relate to the 'organised' craft room, so yes I've made a NY resolution and I'm not to buy any more stuff (just a few bits) and to get on and use those things you've been saving for a special's working. Love your tags, like to b in your class. Cheers RobynO#52

  25. Oh good luck with the move around - I am sure it will be fab when you have finished it. xJo

  26. Oh but how lovely it will be when you have moved to a larger and better organised space! I buy stuff to use later and now can't find it... but it might be in those boxes back home in Scotland... LOL Annette #5

  27. How exciting going to a bigger room, cant wait to see what it looks like
    Bridget #73

  28. Wow, I have to say I'm impressed with your mess. That even puts my mess to shame. You won't know yourself in the new room, looks fab from your plan. I can never find anything when I tidy as it isn't in it's usual spot on the floor!!
    I really love your tags, they are so creative and fun.
    Have a great week, I've been flat out and only got to a few people this week.
    Von #33 Thanks for your visit :)

  29. Wow, you are going to be so happy in your new ruthless with your stash though. If you haven't used something for years, or had even forgotten about it, give it'll feel so much better!!
    I laughed at the son/clothes story...mine did the same with haircuts!! Lol
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  30. Haa, sounds just like my crafting room(s)... I have said that all my stuff is "somewhere"! I have now moved my paper craft stuff to the former girl's room, and the sewing stuffs are in my old working room - and both of them need a good arrangement! But my old working room is partly a storage for things that don't have a better place... And in the other room thre's still girl's stuff.
    You are so lucky to get a bigger working space! Happy for you :)
    Your tags are gorgeous!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! We are leaving to Stockholm on Tuesday, so I will miss this week's WOYWW - and the next, too...


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