Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 4th Anniversary! WOYWW #208

WOW it is hard to believe that I have been with WOYWW over 2 1/2 years and that WOYWW is celebrating its 4th Anniversary today!  What is WOYWW?   WOYWW is an awesome group of women and men, artists of various sorts that come together each week on Wednesday to share who and what they are and what they are doing.  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  Go to Stamping Ground and Queen Julia the creator of this extravaganza will fill you in on how you too can join in the fun!

My desk this week!  Started putting up stuff that I had used for my last projects and got side tracked!  I am making a lazy susan storage for my Stickles...hmmm, well thinking about a storage for my Stickles.  The lazy susan was at the dollar store and I went to the hardware store for something else and ran across these pipe fittings that fit the Stickles perfectly!  The idea is to keep the Stickles organized upside down and accessible...

3/4" PVC pipe fittings fit perfectly!
 Have you heard of Farm House Paper Company?  It is located here in Oklahoma and I try hard to use local made and I think this time it won't be a problem.  Here is their new line that just came out called Country Kitchen.  Beautiful old time nostalgic papers.  I know I owned some of the plates on one of the pages and my grandmothers wallpaper!  I bought all of these...awesome!
Farm House Country Kitchen Paper
Here are the recipe cards I made using this line...looks good to me.   I have a couple other ideas to put the paper to good use and will be doing that soon.  I will post when I get it done!
 Well that is it for me.  I am going to go link to WOYWW and hop around and visit some of the blogs before I go to bed.  We are swapping ATC's this week and still have a few of mine to finish and get in the mail.  Been sick again this week and haven't felt like doing much of anything.  Better now so I will get them done and get them mailed out pronto!  Have a great week!


  1. You've given me a great idea with those recipe cards ... Thank you
    Lynn x

  2. Your lazy jane idea look s good, but don't forget to make sure lids are on tight. lovely papers. Francesca #38

  3. Hi Vickie - I was out last week, but did check in and found that you were not directly affected. What amazing pictures of the terrible tornado. We have earthquakes here, but you can't see them coming and I suppose I have learned to like that. Seeing those funnel clouds must be terribly scary.
    I LOVE the ingenuity of your stickles storage. What a grand idea.
    I do have an ATC I would love to send you. My email is: If you would be kind enough to send me your address, I'll have it in the mail on Thursday. Hope you have a great week! Sara j #42

  4. Sorry to hear you haven't been well this week, Vickie. I'm still so happy that you weren't damaged in the horrible tornado! How fun that you have a local paper company with beautiful papers. I love paper and that would drain my bank account in no time!! The recipe cards are so pretty!

    You take care of yourself and have a wonderful week! Don't rush my ATC if you aren't feeling up to getting it done. xxoo Darnell #34

  5. Yuk Vicki, sorry you've been poorly's such a waste of time isn't it! Love the Farm House range - haven't heard of them at all, I shall now have to go see if they have a UK distributor - love the kitchen range. Perfect for the recipe cards, for sure.

  6. Hope you are better soon, I have had a bad cold this week that stopped me doing much. Happy WOYWWversary, I love your stickles organiser!! Helen, 39

  7. Love those vintagey, nostalgic papers....and even better that they're a local company. I try to support local businesses too, be it our village farm shop or the local yarn and fabric store!
    Sorry to hear you've been poorly again, that's no fun. Hope the celebrating today will help you feel better....
    Happy 4th WOYWW!
    Hugs, LLJ 9 xx

  8. How invent active you are the lazy Susan for sticklers is a great idea ..... Clever you
    Happy 4th anniversary. Thanks for visiting me already
    Jackie 5

  9. Hope you're feeling better soon. Love the stickle holder idea and the papers are fab. They really suit the recipe cards. Happy 4th WOYWW. Pam#36

  10. Your recipe cards are beautiful! Hope you feel better soon. ♥

    Happy anniversary! xx
    Roudi #20

  11. wow what an amazing collection of papers and other bits. I love the cards you have made with them and look forward to seeing what else you do with the kit
    Wishing you and everyone a Very Happy WOYWW today
    Ria #50

  12. Sorry you haven't been well, hope you are feeling better now! That paper range looks lovely, perfect for recipe cards and books! I love the lazy susan idea for the stickles... you clever wotnot!! Happy 4th WOYWW Anniversary! Annette #2

  13. Hi Vickie - sorry to hear you've been poorly. Loving that new stash - gorgeous. I've got your ATC here ready for you but I need your snail mail addy. Please email me at

  14. Such a lot of lovely stuff to play with Vickie - hope you soon feel better. Happy 4th WOYWW! x Jo

  15. Gorgeous papers and what a fab storage system you are making. Very clever.
    Thanks for visiting me earlier and Happy WOYWW 4th Year Birthday.
    Hugs, Neet xx 1

  16. Hi Vickie, love the lazy susan idea. I am using that pipe for my stickles I just glued them together with hot glue and put them in a basket. really works good. YOur ATC is going in the mail today. So many wonderful goodies. #110

  17. Happy birthday celebrations this week what an awesome week for us all especially Julia. I read last weeks post as well as this week trying to catch up and that storm was horrible why on heavens earth would you want to be a storm chaser! I am pleased to hear you we're not affected with the carnage, but my heart goes out to the parents without their children now, how heart breaking.

    Now onto good stuff what cool paper, it looks so quaint and perfect for the recipe file, an added bonus that it is like your granny,s wallpaper what a lovely memory. Oh and that lazy susan stickles storer is brilliant I have been looking for solutions for the stickles for ages. Hmm it has got my brain thinking.

    Happy WOYWW

  18. Such super storage for the stickles, you're always coming up with fab ideas! Love those papers and bits and bobs. You guys do have the most amazing craft stores over there! Take care Zo xx 79

  19. Happy 4th ...time flies once you are part of this phenomenon that is WOYWW...I have been a little MIA this year but hope to change that. I LOVE that storage idea btw. xx71

  20. It’s amazing that the internet can bring together so many likeminded people and I’m grateful that WOYWW has also brought along so many new friends, thanks to Julia.

    Your desk always looks so busy Vickie, especially with the clever storage solutions you seem to come up with. If it’s any consolation I still have a couple of ATC’s to make too, so you’re not alone. Mine to you will be in the post this week.

    Enjoy your Wednesday snooping on this very special Day
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @82

  21. Oh my goodness .... that is an ingenious storage solution. The papers you have bought are stunning. I love the vintage look I hope you recover soon and can be back at your desk making lovely stuff.
    Sandra @83

  22. What a fantastic Stickles holder.... pure genius :-)

    Happy WOYWW 4th Anni :-D

    IKE xx #124

  23. Those papers are great. Also impressed with your idea for stickles I am still trying to find a suitable storage method. Sorry you have been unwell. I was last week - held me up a bit with my ATC's should have started earlier! Happy WOYWW Anne x #84

  24. Great ideas and love the designs of the papers etc.
    Have a Beautiful week Heather WOYWW #116

  25. Wow love you carousel idea - mine are stuck away in a drawer and its annoying having so shake them up to bet the fluid to the nozzle... I will have to go on a trek to the local place and see what I can find... Happy WOYWW 4TH Birthday...Mxx #137

  26. For 4 years now i've been dropping by,
    To view your desk and see what I can spy,
    Will it be a card, some stash or ATC,
    whatever it is, thanks for sharing it,
    Have a Happy WOYWW 4th Anniversary

    PS the stickles storage is genius

    Hugz Minxy #60

  27. I love those papers and that line seems like something I would buy for my friend Kathy, who loves all things vintage. Never heard of that line, though, so I hope I can find it at Mrs O'Leary's.

    Since I only have two Stickles, I probably won't need that fancy set-up for awhile. But it looks pretty efficient, since I store my paint and EP upside down.

    Happy WOYWW4 from # 17.

  28. Fantastic lazy Susan idea (hummm you give me ideas)Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Just spent a weekend with a young lady that has Fibromyalgia and was telling her about you. Do you still want to trade ATCs?
    Krisha #140

  29. Sorry you've not been good Vickie. That's a shame.
    Lots of lovely stuff on your desk to make you feel better.
    Happy WOYWW 4th birthday

  30. Love the idea of the lazy Susan storage for stickles and the stash you bought is divine:)

    Happy WOYWW 4th anniversary. Susi #74

  31. what a good eye you have for a bargain Vicki, that lazy susan with those pipes is ingenious, you should market one.

    Gill x #132

  32. What a fantastic idea...pretty papers
    Be well Carole #148

  33. Errr, I think the fact that I saw your lazy susan as a big white cake might be the sign to stop desk hopping now and take a break!
    Happy WOYWW

  34. That's such a clever idea for the Stickles storage and a bargain as well :o) Happy 4th Anniversary to you xx

    Fiona #153

  35. lOve the stickles storage, great idea. Great ATc's too, Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #150 xx

  36. Happy WOYWW4 to you too and I love the idea of the lazy susan with the hardware store pipe fittings for your up my ally! #8

  37. Hi there
    Your new country kitchen stash looks fab and I really like the idea of recipe cards Hmmm! Have a happy week and hope you feel better soon x
    Lynda B #16

  38. What a fantastic idea for the stickles storage. Those papers are stunning and I love the recipe cards you have made. Thanks for sharing. Have a very happy 4th WOYWW birthday. Caro x (#67)

  39. Happy 4th, Vickie! Sorry to hear you've not been well lately. I hope your motivation picks up again soon. Those papers are absolutely fantastic and the recipe cards are simply to die for! Keep up the good work and keep your chin up, ladyshape! Have a great week, Lucy #22 x

  40. Hi Vickie
    Happy 4th birthday ! Great to see all your lovely new papers - looks like you have already started to have fun with them !
    Hope your Stickles carousel works out well for you ! Thanks for stopping by ! have a great week ~ Ali x #23

  41. Hello Vickie, happy 4th anniversary to you :) Sorry to find you have been unwell again this week - I hope you start to feel better soon. I can see why you are excited by those papers, etc., they are delightful - love the retro designs. And the recipe cards are terrific - they have a 1950s look. Once again, I hope you recover from what ails you soon. Hope you've had a lovely WOYWW, Elizabeth x #155

  42. Hi Vicky
    the stickles holder is brilliant and the tubes make a pretty pattern when empty. the papers are perfect for your recipe cards... did i ever blog the ones i made i think i forgot to take photos i must do that. I have your ATC ready to post and will go to the post office tomorrow. I hope things have settled down in OK now and the dangers passed
    janet #32

  43. Clever lady, who'd have thought you could do that with a lazy Susan. Hope you are feeling better.
    Happy 4
    Famfa 121

  44. Hi Vickie, what a great idea for your stickles storage, you see some great ideas while desk hopping. Love all your country kitchen goodies, the recipe cards are very pretty and reading the actual recipe's made my mouth water too, would love to know, what is liquid smoke?
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie #92

  45. Cool idea for stickles storage! Will be waiting to see how it turns out. Nice papers, love the recipe cards. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly. Hope you're on the mend soon. Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW4! Nan G #6

  46. Hey Vickie, I do still have your address and am looking forward to an ATC swap with you! :) How about this line of storms this evening, huh? Thankfully nothing severe up here, how about you guys? I hope not and I hope the benefit concert was able to go on...after the rain passed maybe? Anyways, thanks for leaving me a comment already and boy, after seeing your new stash, do I ever wish I could come play in your craftroom! I love that stuff! Does Hobby Lobby carry it or a local craft shop in your area only? I just don't think I've seen it at HL but sometimes I zone out there from inspiration overload! lol Great idea on the stickles organizer, too. I didn't know they had lazy Susan's at the Dollar Tree! Score, right?! :) I better run and get some more visiting done. (That was about the extent of my personal poetical/rhyming ability!) Hope you are feeling all better now and thanks for liking my you ever have trouble getting things to photo as well as they look IRL? Still, thanks and take care dear! Big hugs, too! :) Deeyll

  47. The recipe cards are so pretty I would have to cover them with plastic to use so as not to drip all over them. The caddy looks good. Checked your storm pics and Moore has certainly had more than their fair share of storms/tornados. Glad to hear you escaped them. I moved from tornado weather to hurricane state, but have never had to experience either, thank goodness! Take care of yourself. Hugs. #47

  48. what a great idea Vickie very resourceful and creative thanks for visiting yesterday I didn't get the chance to visit anyone so belated woyww anniversary wishes sorry to hear you have been poorly this week hopefully you will feel better soon best wishes Andrea #40

  49. Wow! Pipe fittings are so useful! I've seen recently how you can use them to make a quilting frame :) With the angle of the photo the circle of fittings looks just like a flower. I love functional storage, but it helps if it's pretty too :D

    Happy 4th Birthday, WOYWW! (a little late)
    Mary Anne* (26!)

  50. Turning collars and cuffs is very much a dying art but it's one I used to do for my Dad many many years ago so it brings back happy memories :-)
    Happy 4th Birthday's to many more.
    Annie x # 4

  51. i'm dropping by to say happy 4th WOYWW anniversary, Vickie!
    your recipe cards are so pretty. glad you are feeling better. please send me your address if you would like to swap ATCs!
    peggy aplSEEDS@11

  52. Hi Vickie,
    Thanks for dropping by! I also put together my own version of a Lazy Susan (you can usually see it on my "desk") which I am very happy with.
    I was glad to hear that you were not directly affected by that devastating cyclone.
    Happy 4th Anniversary,
    RosA 39

  53. Thanks for stopping by, Happy WOYWW4 and what a great idea for storage!!
    And I do like these papers, Spent and hour looking for a journaling kit for my sister's 40th Annv. after ordering and all the excitement I got an email it has been discontinued. Plan 2..making a bag journal with what I have here I guess.Enjoy a great week, I'm taking a break from rhubarb !! pie, jam, cobbler and still raining.

  54. G'day Vickie
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW. Happy 4th WOYWW to you. Oh wow what a cool idea with the lazy susan and the pipes...I really struggle to keep organized!! I love your new purchases and the resipen cards you have made
    Annette In Oz #46

  55. Happy 4th WOYWW anniversary Vickie! I do hope you are feeling better.
    Thanks for popping in on me and I must say that must have been quite a return bus trip from Trieste to Slovenia! We spent a day in Trieste last trip and loved it but find Slovenia much more relaxing than Italy and such a beautiful country.
    Jo x

  56. Happy Anniversary Vickie. Hope you are feeling better now. Great recipe cards and your lazy Susan idea for stickles looks great!

  57. That is one very clever lazy susan and those recipe cards look beautiful. You did really well with all your purchases, is there anything left in the store :)
    Have a great 4th WOYWW week.
    Von #68

  58. Your stickles storage sounds like a great idea. Keep us updated on whether you are pleased with it in the long term.

    Happy belated WOYWW4

  59. You're right! I love their line! I would not have resisted it either, but I probably would not have bought so much! Would you like to trade an ATC with me, Vickie? I can wait! It would be nice to have one form you- Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  60. Hi Vickie,

    Your lazy susan invention looks great! I think I own maybe three stickles......

    The paper line looks very cool and I love the recipe cards that you've made using it. I hope you are safe from the latest tornadoes and flooding. One of my cousin's houses got flooded (not sure exactly where she lives). Keep safe.

    I enjoyed my vacation and the warmer climate was nice - although not to live there.

    Happy belated WOYW
    Kay (158)

  61. Just want you to know I've been praying you escaped this last storm..Now I see Norman is wishes, what a mess.

  62. Hoping you and your family are all ok! Angie and her family got in the car and tried to outrun the latest on Friday. Hard choice to make as it can all go wrong either way. Their home is ok, but she says the neighbors now live on a small lake. Again, hope all is well and you get some relief from these hideous storms soon. Hugs!

  63. Praying you and yours are all safe from the devastating tornadoes and weather your State has been hit with. I am a newer WOYWWer. This is my second week and I am trying to get to as many blogs as I can...whew! I really need a couple lazy susans. Your work space looks fun and busy! What a great idea for your holders. Thank you for sharing since space is a real issue for me. See you next week, Rasz #164

  64. Oh and your recipe cards are SO cute!!! What great gifts those would make.

  65. Hullo Vickie,
    Well am super late but hey better late than never.. so glad you were safe read post down below and wow it was startling close...

    what a great idea for Stickles organising as have three dont really have a problem :D..

    thanks for popping over! happy 4th WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #37

  66. I'm so late visiting Vickie...will you forgive me? ;D
    Oh my that's such a cool ides for the stickles...what a clever bunny you are!
    Good to hear that you are feeling better once again and thanks for stopping by my place earlier.
    Enjoy the 4th WOYWW ~ Have fun :D


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