Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW #209

Just want to issue an apology to those I am swapping ATC with and to let you know that I procrastinated getting them done and still haven't finished due to a lot of life issues.  I am not flaking out on you and hopefully they will be winging there way to you soon!  Speaking of ATC I thought I would share what I have received so far and I think they are all so gorgeous and I am so thankful for all of them!
Awesome ATC from Wipso, Twiglet, Darnell, lil Pidge, Nikki, Joyanna, and Sara
It has been another interesting week around here weatherwise.  I think most everyone knows that my husband Chuck is a severe storms meteorologist and a storm chaser and has a business dealing with weather.  Check out for some of his photography.  Chuck was only about 500 yards from this beast when it started.  I have been storm chasing with him for years and it takes a lot to get me upset weather wise but this past month has my brain in turmoil.  I love the majesty of severe is so beautiful and speaks to the artist in my soul and my right brain swings into action watching all color and imagery that can be had.  This past month though it has had an uglier side to it.  The Oklahoma City metro area was hit on May 20 and left a path of death an devastation that really has rocked our world around here... this was less then 5 miles from this tornado.  Friday we were hit again with another killer storm that spawned an F5 tornado with winds of over 290 miles per hour and the monster was 2.6 miles wide in spots on the ground over 45 minutes.  Here is some good footage on YouTube from some chaser friends... 

 This storm actually rolled over us after the tornado and spawned some weaker tornadoes around us...luckily (once again) we weren't hit.   We have several friends and chasers that weren't as lucky and died in the storm...first storm chasers ever that we know of that have been killed while chasing.  Some of you wanted to know why we stay here...I was born here it is the only life I know.  The storms are only about 1 1/2-2 months out of the year and it is rare that we get hit like this...we are setting records here this year!  The weather is usually temperate, not to hot, not to cold, life is good...except for the rare occasions it is boring weather. 

My desk this week isn't much changed from last week due to gardening and trying to keep up with things while Chuck is out of town so I am not even going to take a picture of it instead I will take a picture of how my garden is growing!

A visitor in the garden!
beans corn tomato
squash, sunflowers, tomatoes and peppers
I am off today to Dallas actually Arlington, Texas to a convention of scrapbookers/crafters/sewing artists.  My daughter, Terri, and I decided to go down to see what is going on new in the world of crafting.  This is the first year ever that the Great American Scrapbook Conventions has collaborated with Martha's Sewing Market and we think it is a good deal!  I hear Tim Holtz will be there demoing in the StampersAnonymous booth and showing off his new fabrics!
Stitch Craft Create Live: The Ultimate Scrapbooking + Sewing Event
I am looking forward to hearing from everyone how the WOYWW crop went and how much fun they had!  I wish I could have been is on my bucket list to make one someday.  I am saving up pennies!  

Okay enough from me!  I am already way past the keeping the post short rule so hopefully don't get fussed at!  Interested in knowing what I am talking about when I say WOYWW?  Check out the link and Julia with enlighten you! 


  1. Glad to know all is ok for you and your families. Your storms were too much...on top of the tornado hits, flooding too,
    prayers and love sent to all those involved. Oh, your trip sounds fun, have a great time. You deserve this fun!!

  2. It is no wonder you haven't been able to finish your ATC's for the swap - so sorry to hear that you have lost friends in the storms - they were certainly dreadful in the extreme. Hope the season is nearing it's end to allow the re-building to get under way. Sending hugs to you - have a wonderful time at the convention, I say you deserve it! xxx

  3. OMGoodness that storm is terrifying. I truly admire someone who can chase a storm. Have a wonderful time at the scrapbook convention.
    Sandra @53

  4. Crazy weather but such stunning skies. Have fun at the craft fair. Fab little ATCs - we are so lucky to have such clever crafty blog buddies. I am just deciding how to display mine x Jo #49

  5. Hi Vickie, I read your post with interest - and RELIEF that you are OK - I was worried about you when the news of the storms broke over here. Don't worry about rushing with those ATCs, we all understand that life often gets in the way of art sometimes - and anyway it will give us happy mail to look forward to! Your garden is coming along well - I'm growing pak choy for the first time this year - and it looks like I'm going to have a bumper crop - I wonder if you can make jam (jelly) with it? - just kidding! Sending hugs MMx #68

  6. I live in Florida and can understand the fierceness of the weather. So glad that you and your family are safe. The Arlington convention sounds fun. Enjoy. Happy WOYWW! Tammy #99

  7. Another desk of gorgeous ATC's, but heavens! a real storm chaser, that must be awesome and terrifying at the same time. We really feel for all the affected people. I got a lump in my throat when an elderly lady was being interviewed about surviving, but she was more devastated at losing her dog, then the little dog was spotted under the rubble alive. Stay safe.Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie #45

  8. Gosh I don't know where to start, I am so sorry that you have lost friends in the storms that have ravaged your home town and areas in the state. I dont understand how people can chase the storms but there is something really magical about them that I can see is the draw card. We had a horrendous storm blow through our area here last weekend and the rain fall was massive but I suppose nothing in comparison to what you are experiencing. Please stay safe and stay away from those extra things in the garden they are also dangerous although I don't know what sort that one is but here we have some really deadly snakes. Nice markings on that one. Please be careful and stay safe.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 18

  9. That storm is not as scary as your garden visitor!! If I saw a snake in my garden everything would die starting with me. One of the few things I am terrified of and that is a snake.
    Hope you have a great time at the convention, can't wait to see what you bring home!!LOL
    Krisha #11

  10. I can understand the appeal of witnessing such extreme natural forces, truly. Very glad you & your Hubby are safe, what a fantastic occupation he has. we don't think about people doing this sort of work, we owe them a lot for their discoveries. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #33

  11. I was thinking about you Vickie when I heard that you had had more storms and I’m pleased that you and yours all stayed safe again. It must bring it home thought when someone you know loses their life and I can understand how going through such severe storms one after the other like that can play on your mine, even when you say that you get used to it to a certain degree.

    On a happier note your collection of ATC’s is lovely, and they are all so different. It’s great seeing all the artistic talent out there isn’t it. I see mine has not reached you yet. It was posted last Friday so it should be with you soon…….I hope.

    Have a great week and……..
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ #60

  12. Vickie I will mail you an ATC - nag me,

    love that snake
    dxxx 50

  13. I can't imagine what it must be like to witness such weather, scary stuff. Your pics are fab, though not sure about the garden visitor!! Take care Zo xx 65

  14. It must be so frightening to live with weather like that and my prayers go out to you and all those living in these areas. I lived in Hong Kong for a few years when I was younger and saw some server weather.
    you have some lovely ATC's there
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #39

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your friends and fellow storm chasers. We were praying for you all in church on Sunday. On a happier note, the ATCs are gorgeous. Happy WOYWW. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#55)

  16. Gosh! That is extreme weather. Keep safe!

  17. Not keen on your visitor to your garden:o

    Love the ATCs.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #64

  18. I am quite new to blogging and this is my first WoyWW visit to your blog, Vickie, I think. It is so interesting! I just told my husband about your husband. Mine is a math teacher, but he is fascinated by weather and his dream was to have been a meteorologist or astronomer. I love the pictures that decorate your blog. I think we both had an ATC from 'Wipso' by the look of it! Do take care; I'm so sorry to hear of the storm chasers who were killed recently, such tragedy for you and your countrymen and women. xx#59

  19. Oh sweetheart, ATC's are not a matter of life and death - they will get done when you are ready. What you guys have been going through must be horrendous and I pray you and yours stay safe. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #131

  20. So pleased you are both safe. I am so sorry about your friends. To think I complain about the weather here. Yiur attitude to it is great. After all it is only for a period of time in the year, but frightening nonetheless.
    Your ATCs look wonderful. Mine is on the way to you now.
    Stay safe (minding out for snakes in the garden!)

  21. I was so sorry to hear about the storm chasers that had died.. The storms look like they are just terrible this year for you.. So pleased you are safe, have you a storm shelter underground? Thinking of you all at this time.. ((hugs))
    Your vegetable garden looks like it is thriving. You have received some lovely ATC's they are just beautiful little miniature works of art aren't they..
    Sandy :) #42

  22. Hey Vickie no worries on when you get it done I'm sure they will be lovely when you do :)
    Your Storm pictures are wild to see crappy to be close to
    have fun gardening hugs Nikki 2

  23. Your garden looks wonderful, lush. I understand why you live there..and I think Chuck is monstrous brave. How sad about the chasers.
    Have fun in Arlington; I suspect any money you have saved will go..there are some Th designs that I think I'd like in fabric for sure.

  24. Glad that you're safe and well...thought about you when the 2nd storm hit. Have a great time at the show and you can keep your garden visitor! Anything bigger than an earthworm and I go to pieces!! Happy (late) WOYWW. Pam#9

  25. Lovely array of ATCs you've received. Hopefully mine has arrived by now. :) Yes, severe weather is fascinating. I loved watching the storms over the high prairie when I lived in Colo. take care. Enjoy the craft show! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #103

  26. Glad to hear you are safe. Your garden looks great. April #137

  27. I'm glad to see my ATC arrived safely, Vickie! I wasn't sure with all the horrendous weather you've been having. Your post was really well-written and so interesting. I get how fascinating it must be to see both the beauty and the terror at the same time. I'm very sorry about the chasers who died in this last one and thankful that once again your property was spared.

    OTOH, your garden from all that rain is the greenest garden I have ever seen!!

    Have a blast at the convention!! (I'm just visiting this week so no no. for me!) Darnell

  28. Hi Vickie,so sorry to hear you lost friends in the storms. Sending you hugs
    Debs #74

  29. Hi Vicky
    Glad you managed to escape the storms unharmed but sorry for the loss of your friends, nature is fearless. Some lovely ATC on your desk. have a great time at the show I hear Lord Tim has a range of fabrics out now, I've not see them but they sound interesting
    janet #26... running late this week too

  30. Hope you guys had a blast at the convention! And I'm so glad your husband was safe from that F5 that tore through there Friday, and you, too, of course! :) You will be sure to show us all the goodies you come back with from the convention, right? And I'm like you running late on getting the ATC's finished and out but I think yours will be in the mail tomorrow. I *think*! lol :) Hugs dear and stay safe! ~Deeyll #144

  31. Hi Vickie!! I'm still trying to get around to WOYWWer's blogs, whew! The ATCs you've received are so pretty! Looking at your sky is a little scary especially after the horrific weather Oklahoma has endured.

    The trip and convention sound like so much fun! Sometimes I think I need to move East to enjoy all the fun classes, conventions and people I keep meeting blogging :)
    Have a great time and post some pictures??? Big Hugs, Rasz

  32. That sky doesn't look too friendly!


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