Tuesday, February 12, 2013

WOYWW #193

It is snowing big fat fluffy flakes here in Oklahoma today!  It is 34 deg F out there right now so they aren't sticking but it is nice seeing moisture of any sort falling on this parched ground.  The mandatory water conservation is in effect and I heard yesterday that the lake water level is down 8-9 feet  from what it should be and if we don't get rain soon it is going to be bad this summer.  Last year we hardly had any rain at all and the lake was down so people are now talking like it is pre-dust bowl days again.  I hope it doesn't get that bad but it is looking grim.

Hooray it is Wednesday again and two things are making me happy today.  Number one  is my DH has been speaking at a seminar in Montreal this week and he will be coming home today.  Number two is it is Wednesday and time for WOYWW!!  Happy day!  Say you can understand the DH coming home but what the hay is WOYWW!  Well check it out at Stamping Ground (upper left corner) and Julia will fill you on the amazing thing that is WOYWW!

This is my desk this week...bare except for a few stamps from Tim Holtz and die/stamps from Heartfelt Stamps I bought.  I got a Stampin' Up! order in late last week and there is some ribbon to the right that is in the Clearance Rack for next to nothing.  I bought 3 rolls of the pink it was on sale so cheap I couldn't pass it up!  ($1.39 for the whole 5 yard roll)  Go check out the Clearance Rack for some awesome steals!
Skitty decided she had to help with the photo shoot of the desk and jumped up to see what I was up to!
Not many people can say they have a cat with Texas on their side!  Skitty got the name Skidmark from my DH when he noticed she had a black hair trail across her private bits and up her tail.  Just like a man to misname a beautiful girl such as she so I call her Skitty cause she is so skittish!!
 I have been busy this week but don't have much to show for it.  I saw a set of stamps on another bloggers desk last week that I just couldn't live without so I went online an ordered them and they came this morning!  I had never heard of Heartfelt Stamps before and these were just the awesome goodness I was looking for to make some cards to sell in a friends shop!

Awesome stamps and dies.  IN the picture above you can see the Tim Holtz stamps that came this week too!
I also received 3 more UnBirthday gifts in the mail this past week!  WOW people are really giving me some nice things!
From Marcia a paper pack she made up with lots of ribbons, a post it note holder and card she made, a Glitz paper pad, some pearls and butterfly bling and some flowers.
This gift came from Sandi and she made the tote bag and card and sent me some awesome stamps, ribbon, and embossed cardstock packet on the right.
The third gift came from Sue and it is a new set of SU button stamps that I don't own...now how she knew that I don't know but I have been wanting these!  Sue made a slider card and a beautiful pin brooch.
I know!!!  I am one of the luckiest people in the world!
Hope you have a fantastic week and I will go find a cup of tea and a few cookies and sit down for a hop around the blogs and have a good snoop!


  1. Lots of fun stuff!! I like the stamps and die cuts? of the old wagon and country like things. Weather wise, we can have 45 today it is like a roller coaster ride.
    Have a good week and Happy WOYWW

  2. You really are one lucky lass!
    I love Skitty! And how clever to have Texas in her fur-design too :) They should pay her for being a mascot.
    Typical man to rename such a cute kitty - my hubby does the same with our cats too.
    Have a wonderful WOYWW!

  3. Happy WOYWW. Wonderful goodies you have received. Cute cat. Ali x #12

  4. Great gifts! Clever to have an unbirthday - can you then reduse from your age...? Need to try, too ;) Congrats anyway!
    Have a nice Wednesday!
    Tuire #10

  5. Looks like I missed your birthday, so belated wishes then from me! Love your cat, they have to be in on the action! Great stamps and gifts...yes you are the luckiest girl in the world.

  6. Vicki,

    Happy Birthday and what a fantastic bunch of goodies you have received, some awesome stamps that you are going to really enjoy.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 13

  7. Love your gifts, and Skitty looks very interested in it all too. Have a good day, Helen 2

  8. Goodies in the mail? Yes please! You're so lucky and your friends are oh-so-nice!
    Have fun playing with your new supplies! Love, love your kitty cat. ♥

    Happy WOYWW and Valentine's. xx
    Roudi #61

  9. We are sick to death of the snow here in Lancashire UK. Roll on spring.
    Lovely to see all your stuff.
    Lynn 60

  10. I love your cat doing it's own little fashion show while you try to show your desk. You have been really lucky with such lovely crafting stash you will have many happy hours crafting with all of that.
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #46

  11. Loving the way the cat is hogging your attention! So cute. Very nice happy mail you got there too. I so wish we could send you some rain from water-logged England!! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #37

  12. Beautiful Goodies to play with :0)
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

  13. oooooh ahhhh what lovely goodies you have to play with - fabulous post - thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW ..Gill x #64

  14. So pleased you got some heartfelt creations stamps I use them a lot the quality is really good they do papers to match as well !!!
    Jackie 3
    Thanks for visiting me

  15. you are SUCH a lucky girl - some truly scrummy goodies!!
    and thanks for stopping by already :)
    happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 7

  16. Hi Vickie, hope you get some rain soon, or it sounds like you may be in for a tough summer. Look at all those goodies - have you declared an official 'unbirthday'? Do you think it would work for me LOL? I really like the brooch, that is so pretty. Have a good WOYWW, Cindy

  17. Super collection of gifts and things to see.Thanks for popping in so early on me.
    I love the pics of Skitty and it really looks like you spread catnip around the way he's mooching around.
    love Jo x

  18. Some great new things to play with unles skitty gets to them first. You could have some of our rain if we could ship it, LOL I think the UK has had its fair share by now. Francesca #71

  19. We have a curious cat too.Just LOVE your goodies.
    Judy 44

  20. You deserve to be lucky you are a lovely person. And what a lot of lovely friends you have.
    Love your (S)kitty and what company she must be.
    I bought some of that pleated pink ribbon when in America - my friend gets SU stuff. Great price!
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting me.
    Hugs, Neet (who went back to bed, hence being late commenting) xx

  21. You received some wonderful gifts indeed! I smiled about your kitty and the name your husband gave her... ha! Enjoy your week! Love from Holland, Marit #89

  22. Lucky you to receive such gifts! Snow! Yuck, don't like it but thankfully we have rain, though it's cold so a few big fat wet flakes do fall! Hope your lovely cat doesn't get in the way when you're inking or painting! Enjoy your week, take care Zo xx 93

  23. Skitty is so pretty! Love the name Skidmark, too. I like unusual names for pets. My girls are T and Baby Roo. Aren't you the lucky one! Look at all the new goodies. You'll love Heartfelt Creations! And TH too! Do we wish you a happy birthday? (Early or am I late?) Happy WOYWW! Nan 5

  24. Nice stamps and dies you've got!!
    Have a creative week Vickie!

    Hugs Marleen #11

  25. Skitty is very unusual! Love all the markings. It's always nice to have someone to help make sure everything is well placed for a photo shoot!

  26. It's snowing big fat flakes here too now but we've had more than our fair share of moisture in the last 12 months in the UK so how about we send some to you instead and we'll have the sunshine!!!!
    You have some absolutely lovely gifts there, people are so generous aren't they. Have fun exploring it all.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #66

  27. What a lot of lovely presents you have got there! I was thinking maybe we could post over some rain to you - we are having far too much of it as usual and eveywhere is underwater!
    Bernice #67

  28. Been snowing here as well Vicki , also had some on Sunday. It's supposed to all turn to rain later.
    What lovely gifts you have received you will have so much fun with those. Lovely markings on Skitty!
    Anne x #134

  29. Love that Skitty has Texas on her side!! What wonderful friends you have that send you such beautiful stash!!
    Krisha #133 SO. CA need rain and snow too, or it will be a BAD summer for the almonds and cotton.

  30. Gorgeous pussycat! Did you know that all tortoiseshell & whites are female? So many lovely gifts, and we are just getting a bit more snow here. You know us Brits- two snowflakes land on top of each other, and the whole country panics, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #129 xx

  31. Vickie, you are getting quite a stash of new goodies to play with! Love Skitty, she is so pretty and just like a man to think of that name...lol I wish I could send y'all some rain cause we are getting it AGAIN today. I think we are getting your share of it! Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hi, it's always appreciated! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  32. Hi Vickie! I haven't heard from you in weeks. Happy belated Unbirthday!! You are a very lucky lady indeed, such beautiful gifts!!
    I am keeping this post up on my computer so I can show my husband Skitty's Texas mark in her fur! How cool is that! She really is very pretty!!

  33. Hello, Vickie, we have a beautiful sunny day here in Dallas. But you've got lots goodies to play with in a snowing day. Love the Skitty's Texas mark. It looks awesome!! ^_^

  34. We seem to have al your moisture. The ground over here is so full of water that there is just nowhere for it to go. Even the lightest rain shower is causing floods. Our garden has no grass left, just a morass of mud. On the cheerful side, you seem to have a lot of lovely goodies to play with. Thank you for your visit today. I am quite cuffed as I have now stamped all the wooden stamps, so they can be cross referenced and then put away. Have a great week. xx Maggie #8

  35. Hello Vickie, wonderful gifts.
    Beautiful cat, very cute.
    Sorry about your weather. Here in Glasgow it snowed in the night and this morning. Rain this afternoon washed it away.
    You can have some of our rain if you want -we have spare!
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #76

  36. Don't you just love a nosey cat?! Skitty is gorgeous. Lots of lush stuff on your desk this week. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwnwer@147)

  37. What a lucky bunny, with all those lovely new goodies - and your DH on his way home. Have a great week, Chris x

  38. Hi Vicky
    Wow you are a lucky girl, fab stamps I can see why you couldn't live without them... I must get those Tim stamps ... I am going to a show next month maybe I will get them then if I start saving up!
    janet #15

  39. Hi Vickie you sure have a lot of lovely new goodies for your pussycat to be inspecting lucky you. Hugs Mo x

  40. Hi Vickie,

    Your little kitty cat wants in on the crafting action! I wonder what interesting smells are there.

    And look at all the goodies you received! Happy un-birthday!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #125

  41. Happy Unbirthday!

    you have a desk chockablock full of wonderful things this week. Lots or great gifts and thos heartfelt stamps look great...love the images.
    The Stampin Up sounds like a great deal on that ribbon!

  42. So much lovely stuff on your desk! Have fun trying out all the new stuff.
    Tracy #39

  43. Happy days Vickie, it's not luck gal, it's payback. ANd yes, your friends have made some gorgeous stuff for you. ANd look at all those new stamps...perfect to get the old juices going. Love the story of Skitty, and the map of Texas how remarkable! Be nice to have your man home huh, I hate being apart.

  44. so many lovely goodies on your desk! enjoy your new stash and having your hubby home thanks for you visit from a fellow SU demo on the other side of the pond
    Happy Valentines and a Happy belated WOYWW tfs Mrs.C #54

  45. Oooh what a lovely load of new goodies you have to play with there - have fun! Thanks for visiting me :)

  46. wow so much pretty new stuff! Gorgeous! Happy working with all this wonderful things! Your cat is an ARTSY FARTSY Puppy!

  47. I love your little helper...cats always want to get in on the action. What lovely gifts you have received as well....enjoy paying. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW! Caro #65

  48. Late getting round, again, but here I am. We had snow yesterday as well but then the rain came and it went - sun shining now. Love all your gifts and the new stamps , hope you get time to play.
    Thanks for visiting yesterday.
    Ann B

  49. happy unbirthday LOL! You naughty girl, I clicked over to the clearance rack (I do NOT need anything but...) great desk, lots of new goodies too! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #109

  50. Sorry to be late popping over to your desk but I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy yesterday and really quite poorly. Gorgeous gifts there and what a cheeky pussy cat! Thanks for visiting me and cheering me up BJ #36

  51. So many nice new things to play with, you really are a lucky girl.It is very hot over here, but we have been getting a lot of rain, which is great, but the rain comes with dreadful thunder storms. 9 kids were struck by lightning on a school cricket pitch yesterday, so sad. Some of them will be OK, but 2 remain in ICU. Seems like the weather is going mad everyehere.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    TTertia 20

  52. Your cat is way cute.....how do you feel being from Oklahoma that the poor thing is touting Texas? too funny. So many fun things you have to play with now!! Isn't it great? Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!! Have a great week...and hope you get some water soon.
    sara j #52

  53. Great gifts for your unbirthday, Vickie, and lots of goodies to play with! I love how Skitty has a giant black "x marks the spot" on her side!

    Thank you for coming by the Playhouse earlier. I'm still making my way along. Enjoy til I see you again! Darnell #46

  54. Aww Vicki, our furry friends really are good companions when we’re crafting aren’t they. Although I wasn’t very happy yesterday when Bo decided to trample all over the paper I was using with his muddy feet. Luckily it was face down and he didn’t do too much damage…..guess he just wanted to help.
    Looks like you have lots of lovely new goodies to play with thanks to some generous friends, so have fun.
    Thanks for stopping by this week.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 68

  55. Hi Vicki, sorry i'm late getting to you , life just took over like it does.
    The stamps look great & i think the Pumpkin will look lovely when stamped & coloured.
    Have a great weekend , Jill #45

  56. Hey, a Skitty Kitty!! I love her markings. Great desk loads of new stuff, hope you had time to play. The Great Lakes are also significantly down in water, there are some historic lows being recorded too, so I hope we all have a wetter year this year. Wouldn't it be nice if it rained two or three times a week between midnight and 6am!!

    Brenda 100

  57. Bit late for WOYWW visiting I know - had a busy week. Looks like you have some lovely bits and bobs to play /create with. x Jo

  58. Sorry for the lateness getting out to visit. But, my birthday was Friday and I have been celebrating all week. You have a lot of crafting goodies this week. YOu make me want to shop. 83

  59. Hi Vicki,
    I'm still rambling around last week's WOYWW to the people I like to visit. That is one cheeky cat of yours - I love their curiousity and when they decide to have one's company.
    Yes, you're a lucky one but you deserve it too. The Heartfelt stamps are interesting. Your farm pictures are very similar to ours but quite different. I certainly hope you get some rain soon; drought is no fun. I still save water even though our decade of drought ended a couple of years ago. I tend to think it's just a break in what will be hotter and hotter summers.
    We have a bright orange sunrise this morning because the clouds across the State are full of smoke.
    Take care,
    Ros. #154 (last week, back soon)


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