Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WOYWW #192 and Memories!

"Another day, another dollar" my Mom used to say when she came in from work bone tired and weary from work!  Being raised the offspring of a military family had a lot of pluses and a few minuses.  Pluses being we learned to be self sufficient and thrifty with what we had.  Not much was wasted and things were always being recycled and re-purposed.   Clothes were handed down from one family to another and what couldn't be worn any longer were torn apart and made into something else or used as dish clothes or dust rags.  We learned to make a lot of things that the fortunate went and bought as a matter of course.  I have a lot to thank my Mother for and I like to think I am more then a little like my Mom...  I learned all about making do and most of my crafty instincts come from her!  Mom passed away 24 years ago this week and I still miss her...especially at this time of year!

This is Wednesday and another day of sharing what is on our desks with others around the world.  Julia started WOYWW about 192 posts ago and who would have thought it would be as hot a potato as what it has become.  Last week I fully planned on visiting all the posters but eventually gave up after a measly 40 or so blogs.  I was impressed that 168 blogs linked to WOYWW last week and it seems to be growing every week.  Does anyone know what the highest number of blogs have linked in any given week is?  WTG Julia!  I think you may be single handily fostering goodwill and peace in the blog at a time.  Come join in the fun!  Stamping Ground is the place where you can find out what you need to do to join!  I doubt I will make it to all blogs again this week but I promise to try and do my best! 

My desk this week!  I was working on the March calendar for the Graphic 45 Place in Time calendar.   The post after this one has the February one featured if you would like to see it! 
Busy, busy, busy!  I can understand what everyone was telling me now about offering up to do those classes each week.  Oh well, live and learn and I think I will have to crank it up a notch to get going faster. 

Thought I would share the recipes for the recipe card class on the 16 Feb.  It has turned out to be an event of sorts with my recipe card class coinciding with the book signing by Caryn Ross, a local girl, and winner of Paula Deen and Kraft Foods Real Women of Philadelphia talent contest and served as a food host for the site for 2 years. Since her win she has exploded in the cooking world appearing recently on Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson She has also appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and cooked live in Rockefeller Center, for Real Simple Magazine. Ross also is a fixture on News9 in Oklahoma City working as their feature food contributor.  She also is the lead food contributor to Slice Magazine and works closely with Braum’s as an ambassador.
Lots of good recipes in Caryn's book and I have made up a recipe card this month using one of her recipes.  The one I used is called Cake Dots and is easy peasy to make!
I used the new Cook Collection of papers from the Australian company called Ruby Rock It.  I love the feel and visual texture of the card stock and the vintage style makes my heart too much pain med tonight!  
Some closeups of the recipe cards. 
 Braided Reuben Sandwich
 Chocolate Cake Dots
No Bake Raspberry Cheesecake
Cowboy Soup!

 Okay I am off to visit the other blogs.  Have a great day!


  1. I didn't discover Julia's blog 192 weeks ago...but I love the concept and watching the desks!
    Happy Wednesday Vickie!

    Hugs Marleen #12

  2. Happy Wednesday to you! Love the recipe card holder. I grew up with a thrifty mom too, it helps a lot on the creative side. #36

  3. Lots going on today. Love the little square plaque with the heart and wings! Happy WOYWW! Nan 28

  4. Love the recipe cards, beautifully made. I get my craftiness from my mother as well. Not an army Mum but we never had much money (not many families did those days) and I can't remember having a bought sweater or cardigan until I was we'll into my teens - all handmade.
    Ann B

  5. wow love what your mum taught you. We are too spoilt in this generation-well my kids anyway.
    I love your recipe card, wish we could have a WOYWW recipe swap in card form
    Bridget #2

  6. Morning Vickie, We were brought up the same way as you. My your thoughts be filled with happy memories of your late mother as the anniversary of her death arrives this week & lives on in your heart.
    Jill #16

  7. Happy WOYWW.. awesome workspace and recipe cards are fabulous... happy crafting..Gillx #51

  8. So much goodness in one blog post - wowie!!! You're doing an amazing job with those cards/recipes! I love those papers as well!!!

    So sorry to hear about your Mom. Sounds like you were very blessed to have one of the great ones!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #4

  9. Hi Vickie! I've never aspired to visiting ALL the WOYWW blogs cause I love my sleep too much! :^) It's always way fun to visit though. I like your carousel and your desk looks like a fiesta! Great recipe cards, but how can you bear to use it? Mine (if ever I cook, which is not often) get really dirty!!! :^) patsy

  10. hello my friend ,
    what beautiful desk sat staring for ages to see everything.Loving your recipe book your creating .
    I have lovely receipe for a cheese cake philedelphia i will have to send it to you in email.
    Have lovely Woyww and a creative week oh love graphic 45 ,thats trouble being on rest not crafting buying!!!lol just bought the graphic 45 secret garedn set well gotta cheer me self up some how after last weeks STRESS!

  11. I love the way you combine food and craft !!!!
    Thanks for visiting my desk this morning when you left your comment it replicated 65 times !!!!
    How that happened I know not !
    Jackie 11

  12. I love your desk and of course the recipe cards. Happy WOYWW, Helen 14

  13. What a super folder for the recipe cards. Thanks for popping by my desk - Happy WOYWW BJ #9

  14. Lovely post...i love your receipe pretty...My Mom died 23 tears ago and i miss her so much still....I am glad that i am not the only one to be thrifty!!

  15. you always share the best things on your blog, vickie, and so many talents (cooking is NOT one of mine!!)
    and thanks for stopping by already and leaving a lovely comment :)
    happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 5

  16. Wonderful Ideas and projects - So inspiring x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 70

  17. Love the recipe cards and your thoughts about recycling are so timely. We crafters really enjoy putting lots of strange objects to some artistic purpose. Keeps my family amused.
    Sandra @81

  18. I have never yet managed to see all the blogs, but I try. I'm from a army family too, always moving having to make new friends. but you learn self reliance and make friends . Love your receipe cards very pink, are you having a pink moment... hugs Francesca #67

  19. Hi Vickie, what a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading your childhood memories, I too remember well clothes being passed on/down, and re-purposing, as its called these days of everything. My Mom, used to knit all our jumpers, none of us ever had a shop bought one. But these things used to last, I well recall that my children wore jumpers my Mother had knitted for me as a small child- 20 or so years on they were as good as new. Have a great week, Hugs,xx Shaz #75

  20. Your recipe cards are lovely will have to check out that Aussie company Ruby Red. I still remember the jumper my mum knitted me with all the different scrap colors of wool It was a favourite of mine so many purples in it..
    Sandy :) #10

  21. Hello Vickie,
    I can relate to what you say about your Mum and missing her. I don't think the timescale has anything to do with it. I lost my Dad when I was 16 and it still makes me sad and tearful if I dwell on it. Plus my Mum passed away three years ago and is still very raw.
    Both are painful but treasured memories of all our times together.
    Your post is a lovely tribute to your Mum. She'd be very proud and happy to read it I'm sure :D

    Your desk is crammed full of interesting goodies as usual and those recipe cards look good enough to eat!

    I can't imagine getting to visit everyone and have given up trying. WOYWW is so successful that the numbers just make it impossible. I'm going for my visitors plus random numbers at the moment. Not sure that's the best way but I'll stick with it for now. But I do waffle and that takes time. You did really well visiting 40!
    Have a wonderful week and enjoy desk hopping.
    Neesie ♥ #7

  22. Ooh Vickie I'm loving that Ruby Rock! Love that you're mounting those G45 tags, they offset beautifully like that. The classes thing..I stopped doing weekly because I got bored with my own style and it became a chore. Now it's fortnightly and I have so far kept my vow to stay upfront in terms of samples, much easier..and it gives me time in between to enjoy the craft as a hobby again. Ah you've been a long time without your Mum. Goes to show though that this and every day you're thinking of her - her influence and love is immortal.

  23. Girl you have so very much going on here these days! A weekly class would just do this old girl in! I know just what you mean about missing your Mom. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her...I say things that remind me of her...guess I'm definitely becoming my Mom!

  24. G'day Vickie. That desk is operating in ever decreasing circles - a bit like mine ;-) Love the recipe cards too.

    It's a long time since your Mum died but the memories stay and sometimes it's special to talk about the memories. That's what anniversaries are about I guess.

    Thanks for your lovely comment - I do enjoy you coming by.
    Take care,

  25. Your desk is where in that picture? I can't imagine having that much creative energy, way to go! Happy WOYWW!
    Angie #112

  26. Love the stand with your embs bag - can just imagine myself twirling round and round!!!
    Have a good day.

  27. I to lost my mum 7 years ago and miss her to bits, I still go for the phone to tell her something and then realise LOL

    You have been active this week, great, hope it helps with the pain to be focused on craft.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 13

  28. Lovely recipe cards. Your desk is simply jam-packed with crafty goodness this week!

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (3)

  29. Me too having inherited my love of crafting from my mum; she is a clever knitter and cook. I love your recipe cards - such beautiful presentation. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@127)

  30. Even the recipe folders look so delicious! Yum Yum! Happy WOYWW

  31. Lovely busy desk and gorgeous looking recipe cards. Happy WOYWW! Thanks for sharing. Caro #72

  32. Lovely recipe cards, Vickie - makes me feel like making cupcakes with pink icing and fondant flowers!!
    Bernice #63

  33. Very nice recipe cards. I wonder what is the highest number so far for WOYWW.

    Hope you get a chance to check out my blog and desk.
    Have a great day.
    Lori #110

  34. I lost my mu 10 years a go and miss her every day. I just love looking at your desk and not just whats new on it but what is around it. Its like a mini craft shop paradise. Those recipe cards are lovely and I want a slice of that cake on the front of that mag. Hugs Mo x

  35. Love your project - so happy & upbeat ! It would make you want to go get those recipes out all the time !! Have a great week Ali #43

  36. Hi Vicky
    great post, quite thought provoking...yesterday it was 6 years since my Dad died. I took my Mum, DD3 and GD out for lunch, we didnt talk about him but I know we were both thinking of him and GD erin is such a joy who could be sad for long.
    I love the carousel thingy on the right can I ask what is hanging on it. the recipe cardsa re fab I am definately going to make some of those this year. tyou heard it here firstLOL
    janet #38

  37. I remember how hard my mum worked for me to have a nice life as a child. Money was scarce but I wanted for nothing. Well, maybe in comparison with todays children I did lack a lot. I was happy though!
    Thanks for sharing your desk, love those recipe cards - what a lovely idea.
    Take care
    Hugs, Neet 17 xx

  38. I didn't have much as a child either apart from the most important thing...a warms dn supportive family. I had a blessed childhood, really did.....
    Love all the pretty recipe cards you've done..they're really lovely!!
    hugs, LLJ 44xx

  39. Gorgeous recipe cards and I loved hearing about your family. We didn't have much either growing up and I am glad - I appreciate the small things now which are the best things! Have a fab week xx #125

  40. Vickie I love your recipe book. I've missed the last couple of weeks busy at work and home, great to be back catching up with everyone. You've got a lovely organised desk there....wishful thinking on my part!
    Hugs Erika.

  41. Hi Vicki always love your desk such an interesting array of crafty goodies. Your work is always so inspiring as wel. Looked at March page - love it. Qrecipe holder is fab as well. Sorry you lost your mum and so long ago. I am lucky I stil have mine but sadly not dad. He died seven years ago this June. Sory I'm late with my visit. Anne x @89

  42. Wow... Vickie, you have lots of fun stuff to play with in your work space and your recipe project looks so interesting. Thank you for sharing... ^_^

  43. Love the jumble that is your desk, as always, though now that I see your TH/Ranger scissors I do have a quick question...are they one of your favorite pairs? I've several other brands of scissors but I've been wondering if it would be worth it to invest in this pair, too...anyways, love, love, love the recipe card book/pages! I've never been inspired to do a scrapbook of photo's, but one of recipe cards? That looks like fun! And I have a fab set of Crafty Secrets stamps that would be perfect! Ooh, now if I only had the time to play right now. :( One more exam tomorrow, a real doozy too, but then I can play after that. Thanks for stopping by my desk and leaving a comment. My son finally made it over to your husbands site and we were both blown away! The photography! WoW! My son was like, I hope my kids will enjoy traveling because I am totally going to be a storm chaser! lol Thanks, again, for that link. He now has the addy memorized! :) Hugs, Deeyll

  44. Your desk look like spring has already arrived, so colourful and love the card. Happy WOYWW


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