Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WOYWW #170

Busy day/week this week.  I have been helping a friend of mine get her store set up for the grand opening on Saturday of this week.  I have limited abilities but she tells me my input into set up and organization are very helpful and I am more then happy to lend a hand.  Besides I have an ulterior motive...I get to see the new collections first!!!  If you live in or around Norman, Oklahoma make sure you drop by Saturday and say hello cause I have agreed to bake the cake and assist that day also!!  Oh need you to know where! is at Scrap That Scrapbook, 526 West Main, Norman, Oklahoma 73069.  

So onward to what I am here to talk about...whats on my desk today.  Let me tell you about it before I forget...WOYWW is every Wednesday you just pop by Julia's Stamping Ground and link up with a bunch of globe trotting crafters/artists from around the world.  So here is my desk tonight....
a notebook full of clear fall and halloween stamps, paper by My Minds Eye, I have my tag die out so I can cut some tags out of manilla paper tonight.  There are some spools of halloweenie colored twine, a roll of black washi tape with white spider webs on it...
 I am attempting to see what I can find to make up some ATC and tags for swaps on Art 42,  Splitcoast Stampers, All Things Tim, and creative-block Stampers Anonymous that I signed up for last night.  I guess I went overboard on signing up so now I have to get busy and do something.  I also have agreed to do some classes for my friend at her new store!  I know I have gone nuts but it is a good way to go nuts isn't it...being creative I mean!

thought you might want to see the awesome goodness up close.  Do you have My Minds Eye and Authentique where you live?  There is anew company coming out this year called FarmHouse that bears watching too it has beautiful vintage and shabby chic papers.

 Okay that is it for me today.  I am going to go link it at Stamping Ground and see what I can see.  Just poured another glass of iced tea to drink...can you believe it got up to 101 deg F today here.  Miserable weather for the 4 September.  Have a great day/week!!


  1. look at all those halloween goodies You've got a great haul !!! hugs Nikki # 44

  2. I'm sure you've been a great help! I do like to look of your haul too!! Helen 52

  3. Hiya, its been a while but it's good to be back and taking a peek at your creative world again. Looking busy and fun. Hope you have a good week too.
    Neil @ 62

  4. I too am a woman of limited ability,

    but no one can make a mess like me,


    ha ha
    ]the minds eye stash is stunning,

    dx @91

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  6. Looks like you have been keeping busy alright and have so much on that to do list of yours. However, the old adage 'ask a busy person to do something' seems to be ringing true for you!! and I bet you get it all done too. Great stash on that desk of yours this week and will be on the lookout for that new company. Hugs, Buttons #114

  7. Goodness me you are busy. I hope your friends shop goes well and you have a wonderful time giving classes. You have so many stamps and goodies, you'll never have any trouble making something that's for sure.
    Have a great week and don't work too hard.
    Von #58

  8. Busy, busy, busy, but you sure have some awesome goodies to play with there. I didn't think I needed more Halloween stuff, but I think you may have changed my mind. dani 137

    1. Hey Vickie, thanks for the blog visit. I just had to let you know that the jar of blue strings are sour raspberry well, strings. They are my latest addiction since the jelly beans. I have convinced myself that they are better than chocolate since they are fat free. haha! Maybe we can swap ATC's one day if you would like. I miss being in swaps since I moved here.

  9. Lovely creative desk!!
    Into halloween stuff I see ;-)
    Have a great Wednesday!
    Hugs Marleen #55

  10. It's lovely hearing that a new scrapbook store is opening up and I wish your friend tons of success! Have you ever taught classes before? Or is this a new adventure for you? Either way, make sure you don't over do it! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  11. I wish I could come along and sample your yummy cake and but some fab crafty goodies.. good luck to your friend on her crafty adventure..When I was visiting the USA 2 years ago I had a fabulous time time visiting crafty stores so much so I had to pay for excess baggage on my return to the UK tee-hee. Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#5

  12. Great goodies, am too far to pop by but I do wish you all well on Saturday! Take care Zo xx 98

  13. Fabulous goodies you have there Vickie - enjoy playing - if you have time to play yu sound very busy. I keep agreeing to do more - never know when to keep my mouth shut!! :-) Happy WOYWW Anne x #121

  14. You sound like you are going to be very busy - enjoy!! x Jo

  15. Tiz the best kind of busy. Run off your feet with inky goodness! Enjoy the opening and wish her well from South Africa for me!

  16. love how you store your stamps, so many of them! fabulous goodies from all my favourite suppliers! I hadn't heard of that new company, will be watching for it though!

  17. Get the kettle on, i'm coming to the opening of the store!! Can't eat cake though, I'm on a diet! Hope the opening day goes smoothly and profitably :D
    Hugs, LLJ #81 xx

  18. Oh - yes you are busy this week - hope the opening goes well ! A friend with a craft shop - well that's the kind of friend to have ! 1st pick of stash !! When you do the classes do give us a sneak peak !! Too far to come from Wales but always love to see what you are up to ! Ali #57

  19. I'd love to attend the opening of your friend's store, too bad it is just a wee bit too far from Scotland or I'd be there in a shot :)

    Your desk is covered in all sorts of lovely crafty items - I look forward to seeing the tags and ATCs you make with them.

    Love Authentique and MME papers - they are difficult to source here. Last time I bought Authentique it was from a US source, Two Peas in a Bucket ... a great online store but a bit of a luxury buy because of the cost of the postage.

    Happy WOYWW, hope you have a lovely week. Elizabeth x #90

  20. Hi Vickie,
    Hope the opening goes well at your friend's shop. Sounds fun. Let's see... there's WOYWW and the preview of shop goodies, so now we KNOW you're a sticky beak like the rest of us.
    Great photo of your desk set to go with Hallowe'en, and the papers are indeed interesting. Thanks for coming by last week, and sorry I didn't manage to return the visit. Happy to say hello this week though.
    Ros. #46

  21. Hi Vickie,

    Have fun at the grand opening. How exciting for your friend (and you) - opening a little scrapbooking business. I hope she has fun and success.

    Work was crazy busy today so I didn't get a break to sneak around all that much.

    Thanks for visiting me already!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #15

  22. I am so far behind. Aren't you lucky to get to be in on the grand opening. I don't do much halloween, but I do love those papers. #33

  23. Lots of swaps you signed up for....someone will be busy for a bit. Love the Halloweenie stuff!!! Brigita #53

  24. I'll have to make it a point to try and make it to Norman in the next few weeks and check out the shop. Sounds like you have been very busy. Looking forward to having you here next month :) Ginger

  25. Sounds like you have been very busy, but good busy. Enjoy the opening and the classes. Wish I was closer, so thst I could have some of the cake.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #70

  26. Great desk shots but even better is hearing how busy you are going to be. Congrats on the teaching at the store, love teaching myself but don't do much these days (stores disappearing) - thank goodness for demonstrating at shows.
    I know you do some fab stuff so it will be nice to share the "how to".
    Hugs, Neet 84 xx

  27. Love the desk photos and you have one awesome supply of halloween stock there. We dont have much halloween stock here is Australia, well not that I can find that is.

    Happy crafting and thanks for sharing your desk.

    Eliza #20

  28. You’re certainly gluten for punishment Vicki but I’m sure your friend will be so grateful for your input into her new venture.

    Your desk is looking as wonderful as ever. I love stopping by because there’s always so much to see.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @# 117

  29. It’s good to hear about the journey of someone else who has been through the same thing as me Vicki, so thanks for the insight.


  30. I wish I could visit on Saturday ... just for the cake, but it is a bit far to go from the uk.
    your stamp storage is very organised and love the colours of the paper pack
    thanks for sharing and I hope the opening goes well (dont spent too much hee hee)
    janet #65

  31. I love your stamp storage I am still just playing around with what works for me! Mika #146

  32. They say if you want anything done you should give it to a busy person so you are just trying to get stuff accomplished by signing up for everything. That's my theory anyway of what I have done.

    It must be Halloween card making time in your neck of the woods. That's on my very long 'to-to' list. Someday.....!


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