Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Wizard of Oz book and WOYWW 153!

OMG!  I almost missed Wednesday this week...I am in a panic cause it is 5:50 pm CST and somehow this past week got away from me and it is Wednesday again!  Couldn't be all the crafting and fun things I have been doing since the cat's away...Oooopppss!  Sorry babe!  Meant to say I am so down cause my DH is out of town storm chasing and I have been busy doing work around the house and I attended a Scrapbook Day Crop on Saturday, went to the movies and saw the Avengers on Sunday night...etc.

What is WOYWW?  Oh my if you haven't visited Julia' s Stamping Ground you are missing a lot... Click the link cause you don't want to stay in the dark any longer...

My work desk....not worth seeing this week but I will share with you what I have been working on this week...  It is rather lengthy and photograph intensive but worth seeing I think...Grab a cup of tea/coffee and take a peek!

Presenting the Wizard of Oz Book!  Made using Graphic 45 Magic of Oz papers and Stampin' Up! Cardstock.  The idea came when I watched a video made my Clare Charvill a couple of months ago using this paper and black mat board and was overwhelmed at how she used the papers and little else to make the book.  Clare let the beauty of the papers speak for themselves instead of using a lot of embellishments.  My book incorporates some of her ideas and ideas I picked up surfing around the web.  For my book I used a ready made chipboard ring binder and did it my way!

Front of the Wizard of Oz book

Page 1 or the inside cover.  Magic Of Oz page with 2 4x6" photo mats in a pocket

Front of half-pg 1.5.  Corner Pocket with a tag.  The back  is adorned with cards.

back of half pg 1.5

page 2  Two 2x3" mats and a pocket that holds a 5x7" mat or two.  I only show one mat in this picture.

Page 3.  Dorothy page with OZ tag in a pocket made using the 6x6 square .

Page 4 has a window made using the Tim Holtz cabinet die and opens to a 3.5x4" photo mat

Page 4 with the cabinet window open.  I retro fit it with a magnet to keep it closed. 

Pg 5 the Friendly Lion Pages  Fancy cut the lion out and glued only the fee and far left side of the body down to make a tag pocket.  Clare Charvill does a lot of fancy cutting....

Page 6   Photomat pocket that holds a photomat

Page 7.  No pocket or pictures on this page.  I downloaded excerpts of the Wizard of Oz book for each character and printed them off so I wouldn't have to use a book...couldn't find one anyway less then $40 to tear up and this worked out well.  I distressed each piece and used it as a mat for the blue moon and scarecrow on this page.

Pages 7.5 front and back.  Half pages again...  Made using an 8 1/2x 11" piece of black cardstock folded in half and decorated with the Magic of Oz papers.

Page 8 the Scarecrow is fancy cut and glued down only on the parts that touch the blue so that I could use it over a matted photo later.  The pocket holds a small tag.  There are actually 4 different sizes of tags used in the book.  Both mats in pocket and under Scarecrow's hand are for a 4x6" photo.

Page 9   Another just pretty picture page.  I had originally intended to use the picture as a mat pocket for a couple tags but accidentally glued down all 4 sided.  The heart is a die cut from Tim Holtz again that I used multiple layers of black embossing powder on.

Page 10 is a pocket mat to hold the 4x6" mats in place.  I put 3 pockets on this half page to hold two different size tags.

Page 11 is the Wicked Witch page.  I made a pocket to hold mats then a corner pocket that holds a couple of tags. 
This is the half page 11.5 front and back.  I love the purple on this page.  Front is just fancy cut cute but the pocket holds 2 mats and when you turn the page there is an envelope pocket that holds a small journaling or photo album made using the smaller tags. 

Page 12 the Wicked block is one of the four that makes up the 12x12 page.  I love these blocks if you can't tell.  I loved the way Clare and others were using belly bands so I made up a Wcked belly band to hold a tag book. 

Page 13 What better way to follow the Wicked page then with the Poisonous Poppy page.  It is a photo window acting as a mat!  I had fun making this page cause I love the poppies!

The open picture window so you can see the tag pocket and I removed the mats so you could see the book excerpt and the flying monkeys.  I also left it so you could put a picture on the mat behind the tags and on the doors if you would like to!

Page 14 and the back cover is the balloon rising from the Emerald City!  Whew all done..almost!  This is what I am calling a flip page.  You can see the mat on the left side  and when you flip it open you get this...

The mat on the left will hold an 5x7" photo and under the belly band on the right is 4 4/6" mats.
On this belly band I made a scalloped band then cut a strip of stamps from the paper.  Did some finish work and called it done....

This is the outside cover.  I loved the poppies but didn't have anymore paper so I cut up the paper packet back and used that.  Probably more sturdy then the paper as it is a card stock backing.  I glued a picture of the crew on and now I am done.

Well and truly done now!  I am sorry Julia that this exceeds a short post rule but I just had to share my book cause I am really proud of it.

I am relatively tied up until Sunday so I probably won't be able to post or visit blogs until then but I am already looking forward to it.  Have a great week!


  1.'ve accomplished alot. Funny how fun it is not to HAVE to stop for meals etc. I love the Graphic 45 line..I have this just haven't done anything with it yet. Have to drive aways to get get their products unless I order on line. My dream a Condo by the water, near a city, with a huge crafting area!!! Enjoyed your post. Have fun and HAPPY WOYWW. Time flies when you're having fun glad you didn't miss it.

  2. You have made a wonderful creation with Oz paper...Love it!

  3. WOW a gorgeous book with fab pages, its all really beautiful :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week. Karen #49

  4. Wow that book is gorgeous, I am the same when hubbie is away although my vice is I get to eat fish as hubbie hates the smell lol. Hugs, Amanda #104

  5. Wondered where you were! Absolutely stunning book, you've done an amazing job. Take care and enjoy WOYWW snooping! Zo xx 73

  6. Wow, you have been so busy and very creative! Wonderful book, love it. have a good week, Helen 9

  7. Awesome book! What a lot of work, you must be so proud!
    Laura 82

  8. Wow, that is stunning, I really love it. Always loved the Wizard of Oz and you have really made it shine.
    Von #18

  9. Cool. This is the second Oz item I have seen on WOYWW.. #106

  10. Great book...totally a labor of love!


  11. Hi Vickie,

    Oh wow -- I love this book. The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies. Although the flying monkeys still kind of freak me out.

    I hope your husband stays safe chasing storms!

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #127

  12. I am not surprised that you feel proud, this is a work of art and so beautiful. Wow. It must have been a real labour of love.........thanks for your visit. Anne #2

  13. Beautiful book! It is so vibrant and rich in color. Dani132

  14. very beautifully!!! such rich colours, all very harmoniously and stylish!

  15. WOW, I love this album Fabulous graphic 45 well put together just Brillant! Hugs May x x x#31

  16. Yes you should be proud of your Oz book Vickie! It's wonderful! Hope you get to relax from your busy schedule and your DH comes home safely! Patsy

  17. WOW . . . how creative are YOU! Fabulous pages. Belated Happy WOYWW wishes x

  18. Your book is amazing Vickie you have such talent. Congratulations on finishing. Hope you are able to get some rest & relaxation now. Anne x

  19. WOW! That book is so fabulous! So glad I got to see it.

  20. hmmmI better check out where you live...husband off chasing storms.... Wizard of Oz stuff... I go then...


  21. Oklahama.... same thing stormwise..hahahha.... okie nurse... yeh... didn't click at first ... silly me....

  22. Oh Vickie it's a triumph of colour, detail and imagination, utterly lovely and you must be really pleased with it...and yourself! Glad you've been able to distract yourself from your loneliness while your DH is away. Storm chasing huh? scarey.

  23. Hello Vickie, your book is fantastic, love the papers and all the fabulous detail, brilliant! Storm chasing! It wouldn't be my idea of fun and I can quite see why you are having to fill every minute while you DH is away, the distraction will stop you worrying. See you again soon. Elizabeth x #68

  24. Absolutely gorgeous, I'm blown away with how fab it is! What photos are you going to put in it?

  25. I love Graphic 45 papers and your book your way is fabulous. My favourite is the poppy paper too. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 34

  26. I'm sorry i missed this one, time goes whizzzing past and I forget to pop back and comment! Your book is amazing!

  27. I can't believe I missed this one! You did a fantastic job on that album! I love the Oz papers and stickers I've seen over the years but never could have dreamed of putting them together as well as you have. Wow, just wow! :)

  28. Thought I had left messsge...ugh....I'll figure thus out. Lol

  29. What u thought I had posted was.....I think this is beautiful!!! I love all of your classes, it's just that I could not afford all of the ones I wanted to take! Missing you!


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