Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOYWW #156...Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!  I can't believe that in the 18-20 months that I have been participating in WOYWW that it has grown as big as it has and I can imagine that Julia Dunnit is having an even bigger disbelief since this fun thing is her idea!  Visit Stamping Ground and check out all the awesome blogs that participate in this blog hop every Wednesday.  It is fun and informative and oh so addictive!  To celebrate this event we are swapping ATC's and I am looking forward to seeing some of the awesome work done by fellow WOYWWer's.  I will be sending one out to my designated swap partner and if you would like one please leave me a comment with where to send it or email me the address at

Okay now to my desk...Well it isn't exactly my desk but... My daughter and I attended a workshop put on by a friend of mine down near Wayne Oklahoma.  The workshop was a learning experience for both of us.  We learned how to do Oxford Punch rug making.  The workshop was let by Frank Bielec and we made a basket that I plan on using as a yarn tote for my current projects. 

Group that attended the Happy Trails Workshop sponsored by Ginger Jackson of Primitives by the Light of the Moon

Frank Bielec was the star on Trading Spaces a DIY program that lasted 8 years. 
This is one end of the basket, the first rug punching I have ever done.  Didn't she make up into a lovely ewe?
The second end to the wood slat basket.  I am still not done with it cause I want to bling the flower centers out with some beads and then I am going to adhere it to the end of the basket.  I see the way the loops go on the HOME that I still have some things to learn.  I used yarn for the most part but the house and roof are made from wool strips.

My next project is going to be this cat Frank drew for me.  He also drew another collage canvas with fall images that I will start after I get this cat done.

this is an Oxford punch needle if you were wondering what it is.  I did when I first heard the term.  The yarn goes through the needle and flows down through the eye in the stylus. 

I had a lot of fun taking making this project and can see a lot of rug hooking in my future...can I be called a happy hooker now?   Anyway...hope every one has a great week and I am off to check out the blogs and see what is going on.  I am going to be running a little late but thats okay I have until next week right....


  1. Fun..I love the hooked rugs..I've a small kit but have to find out how to thread the punch!! Happy WOYWW and have a great week.

  2. ROFL happy hooker.. Your rug is so lovely love the bright colors Happy WOYWW Sandy :) #70

  3. Sounds like fun & a happy hooker as well , that made me laugh.
    Would love to swap an atc with you ,
    Happy crafting jll #62

  4. Happy WOYWW 3rd Anniversary Vickie!

    It sounds like you had fun at your class.
    Can’t say that I’ve ever heard of Oxford Punch Rug Making but I’m loving your Ewe…how cute is she! Your house looks great too and I can’t wait to see the cat finished.
    Have a great week and…….

    Happy Crafting!

  5. Those rugs looks great. Sorry I'm a bit late posting. Hope you had a lovely WOYWW day. Hugs Rita xx

  6. Gorgeous rug, sometimes it's good to be a happy hooker (lol) sounds like a fab class!! that cat looks fab...Hugs May x x x#4

  7. Sounds super fun, glad you enjoyed it! Take care & enjoy this special WOYWW, even though I'm still snooping on Thursday! Zo xx 37

  8. Your rug is gorgeous, looks like everyone had a great time.
    Happy 3rd anniversary and have a great week.
    Von #20

  9. Happy hooker, cheeky.
    Love the rug, my Mum used to make them and we still have the massive needle thing she used - looks like you could make carpets with it let alone rugs. Love yours and the cat one will be great as well.

    ann b

  10. I used to do some rug making years ago (called latch hook here in the UK), and would like to take it up again. Your sheep and house are adorable, and quick working. Happy WOYWW. I would love to swap an ATC with you. Will email you my address. Ali x #171

  11. That´s a new way for me, to make rug... I´ve tried it with looms! Looks nice.
    Happy belated 3rd WOYWW anniversary!
    Tuire #17

  12. Good luck with rugmaking I don't think I'd have time for another hobby but it looks great fun... Happy WOYWW and have a great week. Helen, 8

  13. Hi Vickie!
    I'd love to swap ATC's with you if you still have some. Email me and let me know!
    Sheri (#125)

  14. Wow what a superb first attempt! Another thing for me to add to the list of things to try!

  15. Is this similar to plastic canvas only with a fabric background? It looks really cool. And I remember who Frank Bielec is! I loved him on Trading Spaces (that was a fun show). He looks skinnier in your photos so either he slimmed down or TV really does add the pounds. It looks like you had a great time!

  16. he he I wouldn't go calling your self a happy hooker too often, people might get the wrong idea. but they lok great. I would love to swap an ATC so will e mail you my address

  17. Sounds like you had a good time. Just looking in to say (rather late) Happy 3rd WOYWW Anniversary. Anne x

  18. This sounds such fun ...I'm not sure this exists over here, in this format.The hooked rugs that I have seen are very different from those in The States. Cant believe I have been doing this blog hoping for 3 years now ...made friends, shared others' lives, been inspired and learnt a lot.
    Happy 3rd woyww birthday.

  19. Well you can call yourself a Haqppy Hooker if you like but that might lead you to whole new 'interesting' selection of blogs!!! LOL
    Love your new hobby, how fantastic is that? There is a similar tradition in the UK, mostly in areas where people with no money used whatever they had to make rugs - the ultimate recycling, I guess. In the North East, they're called Proggy Mats as you use a progger to push the strips of fabric through the sacking!
    Happy 156 WOYWW!! LLJ #65 xx

  20. Beautiful job with the rug hooking. I wonder if it is done with pre-cut bits of yarn. My mom started to make a very large rug years ago and I started making something much smaller, but never finished. lol Happy WOYWW from Laura #126

  21. wow, hookers on WOYWW, tsk tsk, Julia may need to do a little policing to clean this up! lol Love the rugs, you did a fantastic job!!! So how much you charging....for the rugs that is! oh I have to stop, I'm entertaining myself way too much! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  22. OK Happy Hooker - you are late and I did look for you so can I be forgiven for being even later with this comment, please? Looks like a fun crowd that you were working with and what useful and cute things you made - I love the ewe.
    Take care, glad you are seeming to be a bit better.
    Hugs, Neet #15

  23. That looks like latchhook, never done it myself but it looks interesting, Would love to swap ATCs with you
    Bridget #25

  24. That's one cool sheep! And the cat is lovely (google Laurel Burch, for similar cats.) I'm actually just making a few spare ATCs right now, so would be happy to send one your way. (Email your address when convenient.) I scrolled down and saw those Wizard of Oz creations. Love them!
    RosA #22

  25. Gosh, it has only taken me three days to get here. I had a power outage and hail the size of golf balls to contend with along with WOYWW. I hope you were spared, since it came from the southwest. I made one rug hooked rug. It was a Santa and I don't use it at Christmas anymore. My great aunt used to make them in her spare time and I have all of them, two of which live in my guest bedroom. No, I'm not afraid to use them, either.

    I was shocked at Frank. He has lost a LOT of weight. I didn't even recognize him until it hit me when you mentioned Trading Spaces. Happy belated 3rd WOYWW Anniversary from #2.

    PS. As I was getting ready to publish this, I happened to see Ros's comment above me. I have some of Laura Burch's cat fabric. It is wild and beautiful.

  26. Yey!! (or is that yay!?) Love to swap, I did chicken out but have done some now!
    Happy almost very late woyww

  27. Well, I am running terribly behind this week, aren't I?! :) Your basket is looking pretty neat. Can't wait to see it blinged out! I would like to trade an ATC with you so if you want/have time send me an e-mail with your address, please, to:

  28. oh so fun! I used to make these years ago...they are addicting and very pretty!

  29. So glad you and Heather were able to come to the workshop! Your projects turned out fabulous :) Happy Hooking.....Ginger


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