Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WOYWW #148

This has been another busy week for me and Wednesday seems like yesterday and it is here again today! No I am not nuts...yet just a little on the confusing side! I post every Wednesday about my desk and visit desks all around the world from the comfort of my desk chair. With the price of gasoline now days that is the only way to travel. Here in Oklahoma gas is $3.75 per gallon at some of the pumps and we shouldn't complain about that because a friend of mine in the UK posted today that gas there is between $11-12 per gallon. That would definitely put a damper on getting around and about each day. If you would like to travel about and visit desks of other artists and crafters head over to the starting point and visit with Julia at Stamping Ground and she will tell you how to get about!

My desk today is pretty cluttered with nothing to show you on it. I have started cleaning it up after my last project and will finish it up after I get done posting tonight so it will be ready for a new project tomorrow.
Does anyone besides me have problems with throwing out the little bits and pieces that are left after doing a project. I keep little things like a brad, a die cut flower, a this or a that knowing I will use it but I usually end up tossing it in the trash when I get tired of moving it around on my desk. Any suggestions on what to do with the 'bits and bobs' when they are one of a kind and need a home?
I am doing a tag glass this next week and gave up the tags before I had a chance to photograph them to show you. Here is a picture Nita put on the store blog to show people what they would be doing. There are several new techniques I picked up from Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101 class that I did over the past two weeks and I decided to share them with my class.

I also made a couple of tags from a tag I saw on his blog. I love the little felted Easter bunnies.

I am really excited to that today my first project for Ten Second Studios will be posted today! Remember the tease from WOYWW last week? Well here is your chance to see the finished project. I will also be posting a little later so drop by and check it out.
I am outta here! I am off to wander around the world and visit the other desks of WOYWW participants. Everyone have a great week.


  1. Hello Purplehead :D
    You have it right: every day seems to be wednesday...
    Absolutely fab tags, you have made!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire #42

  2. Caught sight of the top of the previous post as I clicked onthe comment button now have to go back and read it.... love the tags, the CC course was fabulous... have a great week. Helen 18

  3. Vickie, first, let me say - LOVE the hair! Second - oh, am I the friend you refer to about petrol prices...that makes me very happy, and third - OMGEEEEEE i love those tags!As for the left over bits.. I toss 'em unless there's more than one of each..and I have learned to put them straight in the appropriate place (brad pot, blah blah) or they will be wasted. Generally though, if it's a die cut or papery...I bin it. Lazy? Yeah. Running out of room for unused stash? Oh yeah!!

  4. I love your tags. Also, your desk is so colourful, even the double-sided tape is colourful. I have a scrap drawer for paper and card which comes in useful for Tim's strip dies and my ATC challenges and DT. Everything else gets put back if not used. Once I can't close it properly, it gets tidied and some thrown away. We all do it, it's part of crafting I guess.
    Hugs Joanne xx #48

  5. Vickie - your desk is so tidy,

    my favorite tag is the last one - such an upper class bunnie eh?

    Dx @ 80

  6. Gorgeous tags and your ten second studio creation is absolutely stunning.Ihave a wee box i put my odd bits in and always keep on my desk as i use regularly.Have now got it down to a decorated tin i keep them in as when there insite i tend to use them up!Have fun , fab wednesday and creative week .hugs and Happy Easter Jude x 16

  7. Gorgeous tags and a super colourful desk. I put my bits/bobs I can't bear to part with in a box so I can rummage, you never know when that one off thing will finish a project. Take care, & enjoy peeking at the WOYWW desks this week. Zo xx 78

  8. Loved the hair and the bust, but neither were on WOYWW! I nearly had a heart attack when I read Julia's post and the cost of her gas. Yours is the same as mine and YOU have an OIL WELL (or at least you did years ago) on your state capitol's lawn! Have a great Easter and happy WOYWW from #6.

  9. Vickie fab tags love them all. Thanks for sharing and have a great Easter, hugs Erika.

  10. love what you did with those tags. I don't have the bunny die yet, but I hear it is on its your Easter tag too.

  11. Love the purple hair!! You're one funky gal, I think :)
    Nice tags btw - so many folks are doing the chemistry course. I was known as Bomber Williams at high school because I blew everything up, whether I intended to or not!!
    Hugs, LLJ '7 xx

  12. I know what to do your one off leftovers - send them to me! :)
    I have a pot I put mine in which I regularly go through so I don't forget about them. Then when I'm scrapping a page I htink 'there's that blue brad/purple flower' and work in what ever goes.
    I love the way the 'tails' of your ribbon spools are desperately trying to make it in to your photo!
    Laura #102

  13. can i come and sit at your desk please.
    lynn #14
    one imade earlier

  14. Great desk and fabulous work, love the 'bust' I wish I had ideas like that!!1 noticed something about purple hair am off to have a look. Anne x

  15. Hi Vickie, your fuel sounds oh so cheap to us over here. Our car takes diesel which is a little cheaper than petrol but not by much - £6.48 = $10.30 per gallon. 68% of that is tax. It's extraordinary but despite the price going astronomical here in the UK we just keep on paying. Your desk looks great - you have everything to hand - and the tags are lovely, love the bunnies and those backgrounds are gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely Easter. Elizabeth x #147

  16. Your desk looks fairly well organized! I saw an idea in a magazine last week to use all your leftover bits in a single card, real mish-mash like. It looked really good the way they put it together.
    Take care!

  17. Vickie your tags are great and a fab work space. Many thanks for my candy prize which arrived safely this week with the gorgeous card that you made, I love it all!! Have a fab WOYWW and a lovely Easter, Luv Karen xx

  18. Hi Vicki,
    Great shot of your desk. I love things within reach the way you have. The Easter tags are very good with the felt bunnies.
    Those ones from your class are stunning in the colours too. Must get to doing some more with D-Inks.
    Ros. #105

  19. Nice pic of your creative space this week, Vickie, and I love those tags!

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Glad you like my current projects.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #25

  20. Love the tags, love the bust, but most of all I love the purple hair!

  21. Yes the price of our fuel is shocking! I'd have many more crafty goodies if it wasn't for fuel prices :o( oh well! Loving all of your tags, the bunny is super cute :o) x April#87

  22. Love your Model piece - she is lovely. Well done.
    Lots of lovely goodies on your post to look at today. Those tags were lovely and wasn't the CC101 great! I have still to finish the last day but will do it over the weekend.
    I wish our petrol was as low as yours. I have to limit how often I go scrapbooking because each class is 40 miles away so makes the day expensive! Thank Heavens for www!!
    Hugs and Happy Easter xx

  23. wow, your tags are so fabulous, love the little cute bunny!
    thanks for sharing, Happy Easter, Debxx

  24. Fabulous tags, love them - bet the store was thrilled.
    Re the bits, I throw them in different places and then get tired of seeing them and eventually do put them where they belong. My big failing is cardstock, I save the most ridiculous bits.
    Must go and see your TS piece now in detail.
    Sorry I am so late, things got in the way. Thanks for sharing, stopping by me and putting your number (so appreciated.) Happy Easter - Hugs, Neet #10 xx

  25. Fab tags, your desk looks very organised, I put my odds and ends in a tub and try to use them if not I bin them lol
    Anne-marie no 95

  26. Love your desk. Looks busy and bright. Most of all I love your hair. Im 63 and an artist and have been wanting to have purple hair for a log time but can't find the nerve to do it. You go girl!

  27. Beautiful tags! I have a box for bits and pieces and have a rummage in it now and then! Sometimes it's really useful to have those odds and ends all jumbled up because then what comes out is serendipity! Patsy from

  28. Love those tags, I signed up for the Tim class too, but I downloaded mine to get into when I have some time, I knew it would not happen this week !Happy WOYWW, Shaz #96

  29. Sorry I'm a bit late this week! Fabulous artwork, happy easter x
    Sophie no.71


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