Monday, April 2, 2012

Purple hair and attitude

For those of you who don't already know I have decided at 60 years (almost) of age I would start coloring my hair...most people are really really interesting to watch when they first catch sight of my new hairdo and allow their mouths to flop open. Why would their mouths take on a pose of a goldfish out of water gulping air? Well I told the girl at the salon I wanted something different done to my hair and after a half hour of me trying to convince her I wasn't insane and did truly want my hair dyed purple she cut it and dyed it! No way Jose will I be one of those lavender haired matrons that wear the styled and spritzed hair of a dowager matron! I am starting into a second childhood and I am going to do it up good! I told my daughter the purple hair is actually an external manifestation of an internal modification in my way of thinking. An attitude adjustment so to speak. It has been a hell of a couple years for me and all the life changes I have gone through and I just decided I choose what I want to think and be like so I choose purple hair and an upbeat attitude. No it doesn't wash out so it is there to stay for awhile. I like it. I feel good with it!
My daughter and I went to see Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts playing the Evil Queen who uses magic to marry the King and rules the kingdom with little thought for the peasants she rules over. Lily Collins plays the Princess who ends up leaving the castle and meeting up with the rowdy bunch Dwarfs residing in the forest. I really enjoyed the show and thought Julia Roberts did a great job as an Evil Queen! It was very entertaining and oh so funny in spots. Purple hair, attitude adjustments, and fairy tales. Now didn't I tell you I am going into a second childhood?
Don't forget to come back here on Wednesday and check out the first project I have done for Ten Seconds Studio! I have really had a lot of fun playing with the projects for this month.


  1. I laughed..not at you but because I love spunk!!
    We have a RIGHT...I'm a few years ahead of you but I've considered shaving my head..I can't get a beautician to give me a cut I want and I'm tired of trying to work with the mess they give me.
    I've fine, always blonde but turning a platinum as I age and I don't need all the zig zag nips they are making to give me body.
    Anyway excuse my rant...I hope you have fun with it and enjoy!!!! Life's too short.

  2. I actually enjoy your purple hair ... I wonder what it might have looked like when your hair was longer ... but I love your attitude!!

  3. Way to go! I've dyed my hair for years, and have been every colour from bleach white blond to black with a blue sheen! Never done purple though - may have to try that! Zo xx

  4. Wow! I love your purple hair - but even more I love your attitude!!!

  5. Kudos to you for taking life by the horns and making it what you want/need!

  6. Hi Vickie,


    Enjoy your renaissance and have fun!

    Keryn x

  7. Well! Amazing and gorgeous! I have one friend with purple hair - it was pink before Christmas, but now it's purple & blue - she looks fabulous! Well done to you for being brave and bold. I decided to colour my hair, as I'm too young to go grey yet (premature grey is a family trait :-( ...) but I am no way brave enough to use a zingy shade like purple! Good for you, that's what I say!
    How do you like this: ? One of my favourites, by Jenny Joseph!

  8. Wow Vickie - Poiple!! Love it!! I had purple, pink and orange streaks put in my hair once and I loved it. You are never too old to celebrate colour and fun - go for it gal!!!


  9. I just caught sight of this post as I commented on WOYWW- I love your colour. and you are not alone, never fear. I am 58 this year- I did have my hair bright red, but I'm dying mine soon to purple too- I love heavy metal, wear the most awesome New Rocks, and just bought some 5" platform shoes for gigs too. Age really is just a number - its the person inside that matters, and I have never felt like I am any age in particular.Never did understand why I am supposed to fit into other peoples ideas- I don't ask them to fit mine.
    Shaz silverwolf


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