Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wednesday again! Everyone is converging on Stamping Ground and Julia's WOYWW. I have become so addicted that the thought that I almost let it slip by gives me heart palpitations!! I can't allow a lot of personal issues this week cause me to miss out snooping on all those awesome desks around the world!! I am logged in as #148 WOW! Lots of places to go look and snoop this week! Probably will take me till Sunday to get through them all but hey! no problemo! DH is away starting tomorrow for a lecture he is giving in Mobile, Alabama so I will just snoop till my hearts content.

For my friendly snoops I thought I would add I went to the doctor on Friday of last week for a visit to find out why I am having so many problems with pain, balance, and memory. I like to joke it is my advanced age but I am only 58 so I doubt it is that!! I had a lot of lab drawn on Friday (nothing notable showed up!) and MRI today! I probably won't know anything about it until next week.

Anyway back to the WOYWW! Everyone probably remembers my post of my craft room last week! Are you over the trauma yet! (I warned you that only the strong should continue!) Well this is what it looks like this week. (A little better but still not for those of weak constitutions!) I am pleased that you can now see the floor and the pile is actually decreasing in girth and height. I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel but I have also made a decision that the 10x11 foot room is too small for all my stash, furniture, etc and I am going to take of the next bedroom and turn it into my craft room later this summer!

Now on to my desk! All you Timophiles are going to be pleased with the stash on my desk this week! I received my CHA stamps from Stampers-Anon this week. I LOVE them! On the left are some Hampton Arts Graphic 45 stamps! I went to the scrapbook store on Tuesday and the owner made my day by leading me to the display of new Stickles, Stains, and Pearls put out by Ranger! All are must haves of course! I finally put together the craft cube my daughter gave me for Christmas (sitting on coffee table on right in the room picture) and I am going to use it to store all my Tim Holtz/Ranger products. I may have to get a second one to hold all the Idea-ology things when I move into the new room!

I thought you would like a sneak preview of something I am currently working on! I will post a completed project picture next week! This is made using a page out of an 8x8 paper pack of Webster papers, new Stickles, Flower Soft, Glossy Accents, and Perfect Pearls!
Okay this is my post for this week. Hope you have a good week!


  1. I'm not at all sure that you haven't actually been sneaking into my craft room? That sure looks familiar! And that is why my workspace looks strangely like a kitchen benchtop!

  2. Wow Vicki, some Stickles there + some stash - not much of Tim at my place doesn't mean I dont like his things though.. have distressed inks a few stamps but that is it, finding out more about Ranger though and trying to learn how to use it and its fun, thanks for sharing,
    Shaz in oz,x

  3. i have a friend who once told us that whatever space there is, we would manage to fill it up. i'm glad you have another room you can take over for your crafting. lucky girl! i guess there are just too many wonderful products that come out, it's really hard to resist!

  4. Are you crazy girl? You are going to get everything "just right" and then move it again???Oh goodness!

  5. Oh gosh Vickie, you really made me laugh - and that although I'm dead tired and just want to go to bed. I think I will be your newest follower! I like the project in progress, those birds are so cute and the blossoms look very springlike in that bright beautiful color.
    Pain, balance and memory - two years ago I started exercising, I do Jazzercise four to five times a week, and it has helped me a lot with my balance. I had a time when I fell quite a lot which really scared me, but since I started to workout regularly it hasn't happened again. Something positive. Hope everything is okay with you.

  6. Wow Vickie,
    Lots of crafty goodness on your desk. Hope you get some answers regarding your health soon and that it is nothing serious.
    Susan xxox #16

  7. Have a fun week :-)
    If you haven't been yet please pop over to our blog shop, leave us a comment and be in with the chance to win a crafter's apron.

    Good luck.
    A x

  8. You have some amount of stash building up there Vicki, least if you have it organised, the shift to the next room should be easier! The desk is very organised, wow you have some amount of Stickles! I'm a Timmie fan, love starting with a blank canvas and loosing myself in a world of stamps and inks. I was told at 42yrs I wasn't getting any youner! Hence I never went back to her, came out of her surgery like a bull, steam blowing from my nostrils! Take care. Carolxx

  9. I spend toooo long tidying!! (not) I get things put somewhere and then forget where the new place is! What a fab treasure of a craft room you have, love your layout, it's stunning!! We have had thougths of me moving into the bigger spare bedroom, just trying to think how we are going to get a double bed up through the attic hatch!!
    ((Lyn)) Happy WOYWW!!

  10. Moving into another room? I'd just like one room!! Had a good sniff and snoop all over your desk.You have some fabby things going on there.
    I love the Tim Holtz range and have been watching some of his tutorials on You Tube. Hope you get some good results from your tests. Dad has just had an MR test but then he is 85 and very wobbly on his feet.
    Hugs Mrs A. #76

  11. Hi Vickie! Think you have made some good headway in your room! I can see you have been very busy! Hope all the test results come back ok, I dont think its your age either, 58's nothing today & form your profile pic I wouldent have put you much over 47-ish! Like the new stash & the stamps are Lush! Nice looking distress stains too, think it will be a bit before we get them in the UK. Cant wait to see how your work in progress turns out, great colours! keep well!

  12. Vicki I hope your MRI comes back with good results. Have fun moving your craft room... I just recently moved mine and I'm so thrilled. Enjoy your new goodies.

  13. I hope the MRI results are good, and that you find something to help with the balance issues. The new stamps on your desk are lovely, and I love your happy bluebirds.


  14. Love the piece you're creating!!! Oodles of goodies to choose from there and hope you are feeling well!

  15. Lol, that's too funny, you do know if you move to a bigger room you'll just fill that up too! Love you new stash though, here's me, buying my Stickles singularly... one at a time!!

    Hope you get some answers soon from the doc and that it's something simple to sort out. Might be all the fumes from the Stickles and alcohol ink etc!!

    Brenda 103

  16. Fingers crossed for your results.xx Love the project you are working on..will have to become a follower then I can come back! Love your crafty workspace :)

  17. Yes, that is definitely progress since last week! How exciting for you to be getting a new craft room in the summer time.

    Lots of great new stash; I don't consider myself a fan of the distressed look but I am starting to find myself drawn to certain Tim items.

    Hope you get good news from the MRI. I've had several of them and they're not much fun are they? All those clanging noises and trying to keep perfectly still whilst your nose gets all itchy! xx

  18. I wish you well with your test results! I hope it will all get sorted for you :)
    Your craft room is coming along nicely, that's a lot of stash to go through!
    Love all your new goodies! I haven't tried the Distress Stains, I will have to watch a tutorial to find out if I "need" them!
    Your tag is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the finished result!

  19. It certainly looks better than last week and I love the TH stuff on the table - you have been shopping!! Hope you get your results and they sort out your balance problems soon, that doesn't sound like much fun, my Mum suffers from periods of vertigo and its quite debilitating. Annette #5

  20. Thanks for visiting my desk. I can't contemplate visiting everyone - there are just too many. Do every 5th one and anyone who is kind enough to visit me. Your space is big. I wouldn't dare show the rest of my room - its worse than my desk!!
    Love the roses on your wall hanging. And that gorgeous sunset photo.
    x Tricia #99

  21. Wonderful distressable work desk!!
    Love your websters peeks too
    Keep smiling and creating

  22. thanks for visiting my desk - loving your space - and all the tim holtz lovely things. x

  23. I'm late enough to have seen the fabulous completed hanging - wonderful job. And you're doing well - clear floor and ambitions to over-run the upstairs...go girl!


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