Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kids Class project Feb 22, 2011

One of the classes I am teaching this month at WLS is a class for the kiddo's on the 22 February. Last month I had 5 girls show up ranging in age from 5 to 8 years of age. The class ran about an hour and a half and they laughed and had a bang up time making a Valentine picture book. I hope they have as good a time this month cause it is going to be a little more work.

I cut the book out of chipboard on the Accucut and decided to keep it fairly simple but different shaped for interest. The little owl and flowers on the front are also cut out on the Accucut. The primary colors appealed to me and IF I have a boy to sign up then there are enough 'male' colors that he won't feel like it is too girly!

I am planning on setting out baskets of 'goodies' for them to choose from. There are some school day stickers and I have picked up a couple pages of print paper that I have cut in to squares and circles to glue down and there is all sorts and colors of ribbons and fun things to use.

I am sure the kids will focus on stickers and gluey stuffs but that's okay it is their book to do with as they wish. I talked with some of the kids last week and they are really into 'art' and want to paint, glue, draw and just have fun.

I have asked the parents/grandparents of the kiddos to bring 6-10 pictures that they don't mind being cut up and pasted in the book. I also asked that they only help 'a little' because I want the kids to be creative and use their imaginations to decorate.

I thank heavens that the parents/grandparents are agreeable to this because with an age span this young I couldn't do the class by myself. I don't think it will take much to get the kids into the art work. It is fun!

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  1. Fabulous project , Vicki . I love taking the kids workshops too as they really get stuck in and go for it .
    Anne xxx


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