Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Something seems to be going on my posting ability tonight. Please bear with me if the post comes and goes. Maybe I should just go to bed and get up in the morning and do it. It is almost 3 am Oklahoma time so I might just be tired early for once!!

Welcome to my work desk this Wednesday. This is my third week to post to WOYWW and I am thoroughly enjoying sneaking peaks at the desks of other creative people around the world each Wednesday! I you would like to see what I am talking about go to Julia Dunnits site Stamping Ground to see what I am talking about.

I have been busy this week with all sorts of creative things. If you want to see what I made with my matchboxes from last week click here to see the blue box and here to see the red box. The post before this is my kitchen

Here is a picture of my work desk tonight. I am trying to come up with 3 Valentine tags that are TH style that would still appeal to a lot of the ladies that attend my classes. It is sometimes a struggle cause they want everything bright and sparkly and I am not necessarily a bright and sparkly girl!! Still I have a pretty good following of 4 to 10 participants every class I do. Anyway back to the desk. It is pretty junky but it is good junk none the less!
A lot of people were asking me what the storage was to the right on my desk so today I took a picture of it! It is a wire rack that holds 180 containers/bottles of acrylic paint. I do some folk art, Scandinavian rosemaling, plus just using it for all sorts of projects. I tend to use the rack also to hold things with rings on the grid work so that I can have it easily accessible when I work.
Another thing I have been doing this week is converting my stamps from wood block to cushion cling. I don't know how many stamp sets I have but originally I only had rubber on wood and it became a storage issue. It takes time but it is so worth having the smaller boxes to store. It is about 3 boxes of cling to 1 of the wood block. I use a hot blade to cut them out and it slides through the mount like a hot knife through butter.
Since I took so long to get this all uploaded...I don't know what is up with Google tonight...maybe it was traumatized after my kitchen renovation post...any how here is what I have been working on while waiting for it to work!

Hope you have a creative desk this week. I am going to go and start looking...


  1. What a fab crafty space you have to show us today. Love the paint store :-)
    A x

  2. Great desk and creative space. Such fab paints - and a great job on that Tag - lovely tones and composition. I would gladly make it with you.

    Sarah (sasa)

  3. Those tags are looking good. Love that hot knife - wish I had one. Am now green with envy.

  4. Wow - now that is a craft space I envy! Very interesting! I love that TH style yet still bright Valentines Day tag! Very nice post will be back to see more! Thank you for sharing!

  5. You have an amazing workspace there and so many pots of paint. Thanks for your comment today. A fly-tipper is someone who leaves all their rubbish in the countryside or in my case the place where we grow our vegetables. Not legal and not welcome. Thanks for asking.
    Have a great week

    Sue xx 40

  6. Wow what a FANTASTIC workspace, busy and creative :)

  7. Your space is fabulous and you look very busy.

    Can you come and do my woodblock to cling when your done yours?? It would save me some space!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sam # 26

  8. I have never heard of a hot knife before, what a good idea for de mounting your stamps! Your valentine tag is gorgeous and I love all of your acrylic paints neatly stacked on your desk. Hope you slept well, have a great week! Tracey xx

  9. wow, i'm kinda scared to do that to my stamps but I know it would save me a lot of room. Maybe when they start to build up more...thanks for visiting me!

  10. Your desk is a real feast of timmy treats, just the way i'd love my desk to be :P
    i just noticed that your paint holder is double sided too, very cool :D
    Thanks for visiting me,
    Happy Wednesday
    Minxy #1

  11. Loved my snoop, loads of ideas..just thinking about joining a tag swap,but the other look tooo posh and fancy for me! Happy WOYWW!

  12. What a huge job to switch over to cling rubber from wood. I can tell from the paints and the rosemaling that you are a patient and talented woman with a wonderful creative space.
    Vicki - A little inkling 108

  13. 3 am means you're tired early?? Early in the morning...
    Your tag is beautiful, I love the colors. Very creative workspace.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  14. sooooo lovin' your workspace!
    thanks for stopping by today. the chandeliers are pretty fun to make but time-consuming. :)

  15. Hot knife for Ez-mount?!! now I read that tonight on another blog and wondered what it is. Thanks for sharing (and popping by).
    Guess I dont need it, do I?? but sure looks like it might be easier than scissors which always get gunky.
    Does it get gunky too? (ie full of sticky muck if you dont know what gunky is... my slang I suspect..
    love Shaz In oz.xx

  16. Am in love with your workspace - and you're so creative! Green with envy here - thanks so much for your really nice comment on my first WOYWW! Di x

  17. The hot knife is a clever idea (must look into that) and your tag is gorgeous. I really like your paint storage idea it looks like it holds an amazing number of paints.

  18. Your tag is gorgeous! A great compromise between bright and TH style! Now everyone will be happy!
    And yes, I have been putting unmounted stamps onto the foam too, but no hot knife here. Just some seriously sticky scissors, lol!
    Thanks for visiting me!

  19. never thought of using a hot knife to cut out my rubber, that's a really good idea! Fab tags!

  20. Hello Vickie,

    What a fabulous crafting space you have and the paint storage is awesome! I just wish I could get something suitable for my hubbys millions of pots/tubes,bottles of paint!

    That Valentine tag is just stunning, I am in awe! I love your style and the red and blue boxes are quite something, they must have taken ages to make. Beautiful works of art Vicki!

    I'll email you regarding PI4W!

    Keryn x

  21. Your space looks fabulous and I love your tag! Those Valentine images look fantastic!

  22. Great work and a very creative desk. So many colours! :)
    Thanks you for visiting my page and have a great week!

  23. Very nice space, And I think the ladies are going to LOVE your tags!!!
    Your organizing rack is amazing
    Keep smiling and creating....
    PS.I hear you with the kitchen reno's..

  24. I enjoyed having a good look at all your stash today! Lots of buttons, markers, paints, tags :-)

  25. Love the colours of your tag, I don't think it has to be all sparkle and bling, I think you need to try and coerce your class to do something different once in a while!! Loved your Kitchen reno post, but what a nightmare! I hope you'll really enjoy it when it's all finished. Everything went very smoothly yesterday for the Green Card Renewal, it's a lot harder these days to get visa's and green cards because of 9/11, but in all honesty they needed to be this strict years ago. Immigration is such a serious business, for all concerned!

    Brenda 20


  26. sweetie, you do not have to sneak when you visit me - Come Barging on In and make yourself at home...

  27. Oh wow, I'd love to come and play at your desk, all those gorgeous paints to play wih, my mouth is watering. What a great idea to convert the wood mounted stamps too. They do take up such a lot of storage space don't they?
    I spy a finished Valentine's tag in your last photo and it looks amazing, can we have a closer peek?
    BTW I've had a nosey at your new kitchen, those new cupboard fronts look very familiar, they are so similar to the ones we have, how funny is that?
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Hugs Lisa (126)

  28. Hi Vickie, What a great storage solution you have for your paints! And how wonderful that you find the time to craft- I'm sure your job as a nurse entails a lot of time and effort! Patsy from

  29. So much to see. Love the tag, it's really beautiful.
    Congrats on the kitchen remodel; I took a quick look and am very impressed. I remodeled my house (as in all of it except the office and craft room) last year and it was 9 months of pure hell. Looks like yours went well.
    I'm in the process of removing the wood from my rubber stamps as well (I posted it on WOYWW a few weeks back. It really is a huge space saver. I haven't gotten around to the cling mount yet.
    So thank you for sharing your desk!!
    Happy WOYWW!
    CaroleB #135

  30. Now that's a working desk. I hope you post the tags when you finish them. I call my craft room organized mess...though sometimes it's just plain a mess...but when you're on a creative roll, who has time to pick up after yourself...there's always time for that later!

  31. Hello Vickie! Looks like you will have a fantastic kitchen when it done! How marvelous to have an Island in the middle too! I have only a small kitchen in my house that just about fits everything in it and a small dining table! They did not make houses that big back in the day here in my Village! My House was built in 1674, so has tiny rooms & 2ft thick stone walls to keep the cold out!! Love your desk this week, lots to snoop at, I have spied the Tim Holtz Fragments, been wanting them ages!!! What you going to do with them???? The tags are beaut too, liking the look fo those Valentines Papers! Oooo your going to be busy this week I think!!! Take care & thanks for the lovely comment on my Blog! Cant wait to see the kitchen finished, Lucky you!!!

  32. Loving your workspace and that tag is making me wish I was your Valentine..LOL. I need to hang some thing from my paint carousel too-great idea!

  33. I think you have a great desk. BTW where do you get the cushion cling to put on the stamps you unmount and what is it called? Thanks i have been trying to find out for a while.

  34. Oh so much yummy junk! I love it. Wonderful busy creataive workdesk.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #7

  35. Thanks so much for popping back and telling me your knife does not get gunky! :D and might pop online and see how much they are? as our dollar is good but dont know how much longer I can keep using that as an excuse to buy more just makes it so much more tempting.. think I had better wait for my ATG gun and Martha Stewart Score-board to arrive from US before even looking at hot knives..and wont use it on paper if I ever get one..:D (it actually looks a lot like a soldering iron, like my dad has. I have often thought one would be handy, maybe you can use that?? they are available here... er, maybe not in my hands on second thoughts am accident prone can see me burning a hole in the desk etc!!
    Shaz in Oz.xx
    PS. just had to smile cos at the start of this very long blurb I had decided to follow you then found you had done the same earlier! great minds think alike!!

  36. Hey there neighbor. I live in Wichita, KS, which is pretty close in the overall scheme of blogland terrain. Sorry I missed visiting last week, but my "remodel" was a bit more hurried than your kitchen, which I read with great interest. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised when you ordered the cabinets before you replumbed and rewired. The joys of owning an older home. But that is all behind you now, and what I see is pretty amazing.

    I have a couple of friends who have those paint bottle racks. Neither of them like them. I have tried to get the little jars out and several end up falling out or falling through the grids. If I recall correctly, one of my friend's racks you put the jars in from all four sides. I'm glad to see you like yours, though.

    I keep wondering why people remove the rubber from their wood mounts, then add a cushion. I'm NOT a rubber stamper (as is pretty obvious from my question), but I don't see the need for the cushion. For my UMs, I just add Wacky Tac repositionable glue (which dries after an hour or so) to the back of the rubber, then I can mount it on any acrylic block. No need for the foamy cushion. What could possibly be the advantage to adding the added cost of a cushion when you don't need it? And doesn't it have to be mounted to something, anyway? Like I said, I'm not a stamper (seriously), but it seems like a waste of time and money to me. Regardless, I have enjoyed your blog and reading about your kitchen remodel. AND, I love, love, love the rotating "thing" on your desk with all the little plastic drawers in it. That looks really handy. Happy belated WOYWW from #10.

  37. I'd love to see what you do with those fragments, the tags look fab and good luck with all that remounting!
    Chrissie #5

  38. Hi, your desk is just a treat to look at - so much to see. I probably have nowhere near the same amount of stamps as you but already space is an issue but I hate cutting out the cling - never heard of a hot knife but it looks as though it makes a horrible job easier. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth #60

  39. What a fab colourful workspace you have. Thanks for welcoming me to WOYWW, i'm loving it.

  40. Wow - all that paint - you card makers certainly like to stock up!!

  41. Dang...I typed up a comment and forgot to hit post! Anyway...loved the tag. Was wondering about your hot it a heated tool with changeable tips? I've been using my craft scissors to cut remounted stamps and it's getting old quick! I'm thinking about getting a soldering gun and was wondering if the tool would multitask...

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to see your boxes!

  42. The hot knife is a heated tool that has interchangable heads and does multitask. There's a knife, a wood burning bit, a spade. and this one will solder etc. I love it and use it for a lot of things.

  43. I love the tag you are making and what a busy desk. I would be to scared to do that to my wooden stamps, thankfully I dont have that many :) Thank you for visiting my workspace :)

    Suzilou #144

  44. Wow lots of eye candy! Lovely tag, very creative space!

    Happy be-lated WOYWW and
    Thanks for the peek! :D


  45. wow, i would love to have all those colors of acrylic paints but then, i wouldn't have the space for it. wow, that's a big job converting your stamps. and what a lovely Valentine stamp for your tag!

  46. Wow love your space and I am glad blogger took to long to upload as we got to see your valentine tag it looks stunning ~ Nicky

  47. I see what you mean about the blue and red boxes. The platform of the blue box is much the better size to use. Read with interest your post on your kitchen renovations. We have just had our kitchen and UT. room refitted. After the builders had re plastered the ceiling and walls from putting in all the new electrics hubby wouldn't let them do anything else till he had painted the ceiling whilst he had a blank room to do it in. It made it so much more easy and didn't have to worry about spashes either.
    Hugs Mrs A. #97

  48. The TH style tag looks yummy and I like the storage rack.

    ** Kate **

  49. So many goodies to look at, I love the array of the colours of your paints I've only ever seen that much paint in a craft shop!!! The TH goodies look exciting and the tag is fantastic, your so creative. I tried to get my rubber of the wood on my stamps, but gave up in the end when I nearly blew up the microwave as I left a security strip on the stamp! Lol. I might have to persuade the other half that he needs a hor knife!!! Thank you for all the lovely comments on my blog and it's great to finally find you amongst all the other desks.


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