Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentines card purse and cards

Card purse with four cards

This is a really long post because it is my first attempt for a tutorial that I used in a class I taught at WLS today. I have been making these purses for a while but several people asked me to show them how I made them.
I cased the original card purses on the Stampin Up!, Becky Roberts’ Inking Idaho, and Andrea Walford, websites but seeing them I knew I needed to put my own twist on it and make it mine. Some of the purses were taller, shorter, wider, narrower and some had handles others didn’t so I changed it up and did my thing. Here is my version and even after I had taken the pictures I had changed it again. If you have any questions regarding making the card purse email me and I will see if I have an answer for you.

Designer paper A: 1 12x12 in sheet
Designer paper B: 1/4 12x12 sheet
Designer paper C: 1/2 12x12 sheet
Designer paper D: 3”x4”
Designer paper with birds: 4”x6”
Black card stock: 1 sheet
Red card stock: ½ sheet
White card stock: ¼ sheet
Red Stickles
Black and white flowers
Small red brads: 10
Heart Brads: 4
Glitter brad: 1 sm and 1 large
Pink Ribbon: 8 in
White Ribbon: 12in
Black Ribbon: 6 in
Ball Chain
Eyelet for tag

Equipment needed:

Paper cutter
Glue runner
Bone folder
White gel pen
Valentine Stamps
Black ink pad
Color pens to color image.

Lattice Heart Edge Punch
Lattice Heart Punch
Scalloped Heart Slide
Corner Rounder
Piercing tool

Cutting layouts:

Cutting is easier than what it seems but for those of us who need visual aides.
Designer Paper A:

Designer paper B: cut one piece 4”x5 ¼”
Designer paper C: cut two pieces 4”x5 ¼”
Cut one 1 ½” x4”
Designer paper D: cut 3 couple of birds out of the paper pattern

Red card stock:

Black Card stock:

Step 1:
Take the 4”x8” piece of red card stock and score it one inch in on all four sides. Using bone folder crease on fold lines.

Step 2:
Cut in to score line on one side on each corner. Apply red two side sticky tape (bologna tape) to the side of the flap.

Step 3:
Peel off the second piece of backing and adhere the flaps to the middle flap. Repeat all around the box till it looks like this

Step 4:
Apply a line of sticky tape around the lower edge of the box. Remove the second piece of backing around the sides and back of the box.

Step 5:
Take the 6”x10” piece of the designer paper A and adhere the paper to halfway down one side of the box making sure that the bottom piece of the paper lines up with the bottom of the box. Just eyeball the halfway mark on the sides of the box. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Then wrap the paper on around the box.

Step 6:
Now lay the box down with the box bottom facing you and remove the backing and adhere the second 6”x8” piece of DP A to the back of the box that is facing up.

Step 7:
The sides of the paper will overlap about 1” on each side.

Step 8:
Lay the box on its side and apply a piece of sticky tape down the side and a small 1” piece along the bottom side of the DP.

Step 9:
Remove the backing to the sticky tape on the bottom of the DP and adhere paper to the bottom of the box aligning it to the base. There is about a 1” overlap there but you only want about 1/4” overlap at the top. Remove backing to tape and adhere.

Step 10:
Stand box up. This is what it looks like from the inside. You will have to smooth the taped edges down.

Step 11:
This is what it looks like from the outside.

Step 12:
Punch the edging out with the Lattice Edge Punch. I went around the heart edges with a white gel pen to give it some definition.
Step 13:
Run the edging through the Xyron adhesive runner. You can use a type runner but I have found the Xyron works best and you don’t have a lot of glue residual.

Step 14:
Remove lattice edging from Xyron backing and adhere to base of box lining up with bottom of the box. You will have to cut some of the scalloping or heart off to align and work the border in.

Step 15:
Next step is the purse handle/straps. I took the ¾”x12” pieces of card stock and scored them 1/8” in on each side and then used the gel pen to make a dashed line to imitate sewing. I also went around the scalloped hearts with the gel pen.

Step 16:
I aligned the handles to the front and back of the box/purse and using the piercer I secured them to the purse with the red brads. Taking the scalloped hearts I pierced though the handles, hearts, and purse and secured them with the heart brad.

Step 17:
Taking waste paper cut some 3”x1” strips of DP-A

Step: 17a:
Adhere these strips over the brads inside the purse to cover the brad points.

Step 18:
Key chain tag

To make the key chain tag use a piece of white cardstock and stamp the birds on it. Color the birds and stamp over them with the birdcage stamp from the Bo Bunny Crush stamp set. Cut the birdcage out.

Round the corners on a 3x2” piece of black card stock and a 2 3/4x 13/4” piece of red card stock adhere the pieces together. Punch a hole in the top of the tag and using a crop-a-dile fix an eyelet in the hole. Put the Birdcage on the tag with glue dots or foam squares.
There are 3 layers of flowers on the flower using a glitter brad to hold them together. Take the ball key chain and link it through the tag and around the handle. Tie the ribbon to the key chain only then use a glue dot to adhere the flower to the ribbon.
Forever layer is from scraps and stamped from same stamp set.
Step 19:
The finished purse with key chain tag.

I should note that when I got to this point I decided I needed a closure to the top of the purse. I cut a piece of black cardstock and scored the sides and using a gel pen I made it look like stitching along the edges. I cut two tag punches in half and used the gel pen around the edges. I used a magnet adhered to the inside of the purse and sandwiched between the tag punch on the front.

Card A:
Card B:
Card C:

Card D:
Finishing inside of cards
No naked envelopes
Finished purse with cards

Hope you have fun making the purse. I did!


  1. Oh My this is fabulous and what super instructions too!

  2. What a super tutorial and I love the black paper with the little hearts.
    Sue xx

  3. Wow, you have put so much work into this wonderful tutorial! Great job...had to pop over and see what you made with the Bo Bunny paper too...thanks for stopping in today!


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