Monday, January 5, 2009

Older cards

It has been such a cold couple of days I thought I would make a card that would brighten up someones day! While I was in the craft room I ran across some of the cards I have made this past year and I decided to post a few of those with some of my new resolutions regarding my craft room this year! I am hoping to do some renovations this year in the craft room and put down tile or Perigo and buy a real craft desk and cabinets.

The first is a card I made that is uber bright made with prefolded card stocks. I think it will brighten someone up if it doesn't burn out their vision first! I have a box of prefolded cards and envelopes that I have resolved to use up this month so that I can have the space for something else. This is one of the many electric colored cards. Oh well I will have some brightness to add to the world!

This next card is just the opposite. A little more sedate and dark if you will. This paper is from Close to My Heart (my daugther is a dealer) as is the stamps I used. I have some old cardstock and DP laying around and once again I am on the clean up cause I need space in my rack for all the beautiful papers coming out.

I am going to try and use up some of the many ribbons and embellishments before I buy more this year. I have only been making cards about 10-12 months and I have two drawers in my desk loaded up with all sorts of 'stuff' to adorn my scrapbook pages and cards. I could probably make a lot of things and not spend anything for the raw stock. I need to use it up to buy more!

I have quite a few more cards around that I will pull out and post so be looking for a few more of the older cards in future posts.


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