Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Night Arting...yes it is a verb today...its Monday!

So tell done or does something more need to be done? I am really having a hard time deciding cause it looks good as is but the next look I want to add a Victorian man down in the lower left and/or a bunch of gears in the the lower right!
The page is 9"x12" and I think that I would probably use it as a piece of wall decor in my studio.  I sprayed Dylusions Black Marble and Cherry Pie over a gear stencil then sprayed it again with water to make it run!  I purposefully muddied it some!  I let it dry then using a stencil and coarse texture modeling paste I stenciled the doily looking thing on there.  It was way too white so I touched up with some Cherry Pie! 

I keep thinking that it just isn't done and I am known for over doing....what do you think? 


  1. I really like it as is, but then again I can see your gentleman in the lower corner.........hmmmmm??? I think some weight in that lower right corner might be needed. It is YOUR art, do what your heart tells you.

  2. I agree which Krisha, like it as it is, but think adding the gent lower corner might look good too!
    No help huh??
    Debs x


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