Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WOYWW and SOC 4 Week 5

WOW I totally missed out on WOYWW last week!  Don't ask me how or why cause I really don't have an answer to that question just that it was Tuesday and I was thinking about doing my post and went outside to take some pictures of my garden and got totally sidetracked and when I next realized it was July 4th and so much going on I told myself I was just too late last week to post!!!  So on to this week...I am going to work hard at staying focused and getting this published before I forget again.  Go to Stamping Ground and Julia will fill you in on the deet's about posting your desk each week...

My desks this week....
Main desk...sans cat...Don't know what happened cause Stormy Kitty never misses a photo shoot!
staging desk...I am working on Summer of Color week 5
Finished Summer of Color 4 week 5 project!
The prompt this week was to use these colors:
Red, blue and light blue
I was going to paint something but decided I was really liking paper arts this week so I made a journal page using some of the stash I have.  I made the tags to stuff in the pocket that I can use to journal on or hey even just leave blank.  I may take this idea and made a couple scrapbook pages for the grand daughters to scrap their 4th of July photos!

Paper and card from Close to My Heart, punch from Martha, the stencils etc are from the stash and not in packaging so I have no idea who their makers are!!!

Okay the rest of the post is very picture intensive but everyone has been asking about the garden...
Last week I didn't get the pictures of the garden taken before we harvested the cabbage but I got pictures after the fact...there were a total of 8 cabbages but we have already eaten 2 of the smaller ones. Coleslaw and fried cabbage are staples here in the south!

Lots of tomatoes and green beans last week also! 
A mammoth Sunflower!!!  The head is about the size of a large dinner plate and the leaves could be used as umbrellas!
 We harvested a lot of corn yesterday.  I ended up with 7 bags of 4 ears to put in the freezer for winter nomming and there is probably more then that left to be picked! 
Had Chuck to stop the harvesting long enough to get a picture...

The corn harvest... to give you some idea of the size of the ears I stuck my finger in there...

Under the corn plants you can see a lot of vine...that is our two watermelon plants and a free start cantaloupe that I have no idea where it came from.  Good serendipity though cause it has 2 melons on the vine!
The giant sunflower from last week.  I think this plant got at least 14 feet tall before it drooped over.  There are at least a couple pounds of sunflower kernel's to be had here!

Decided to try growing different varieties of tomatoes this year.    The green ones on the left grow huge!   The birds seem to love to peck on these purple ones and they are a heritage tomato so they are subject to wilt and other issues we have in this heat!

Thought I would try some small yellow tomatoes and small red tomatoes that look like Roma's but much sweeter and juicier!

Yesterdays Harvest!!!
 thought I would leave you with this shot of the yard.  We are spending a lot of time around the pool right now.  The water temp is about 88f/32c but the outside heat is over 95f/36c most days...Ugh!  Summer in Oklahoma.


  1. Your art is beautiful, but your flowers are those gorgeous veggies and fruits even more so! Valerie

  2. Your garden produce looks wonderful. We didn't plant our veg garden up last year cos we were moving and of course we are still here but again have no produce because we are still moving!! Oh how I miss the fresh veg.
    It's been a busy day here today but thankfully I've cleared my sewing mountain now :-)
    Annie x # 30

  3. Hello Vicki love your journal page and your garden and harvest from it are wonderful. Great to have all that lovely home grown produce!!! happy WOYWW Anne x #35

  4. Wow what a bumper crop - I have never seen purple tomatoes before! I don't envy you the heat - we had a 30c day here last week and I just seriously couldn't do a thing! Apart from the big shop and we treated the girls to some chocolate - it was almost liquid by the time we got back!

    Love your SoC this week. Haven't started mine yet - the colours are stumping me a bit. Plus I was late uploading last week ;) Really great idea to make it again for your kids - I love the jean pocket style pocket - very clever.

    Carmen woyww #81 x

  5. LOVED all the photos of the garden and the veggies. Nothing beats veggies fresh from the garden. The journaling pages are great, the colors are so summery. Judy #77

  6. Wow what a harvest of vegetables and those corns look amazing, I so want to come and eat some of them and that pool looks so inviting too. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your vegetables. Now you have made me hungry.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 51

  7. Hi Vickie Happy WOYWW - a nice tidy desk and things on the go but who wouldn't be out doors in your lovely garden..the vege haul is fabulous, all fresh and taste so much better. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#28

  8. I apologize for not visiting last week, but I was like you and lost track of time due to weekend company.

    I can't BELIEVE your garden. I am in total AWE of it all. I would never have a garden that gorgeous, OR that productive. Of course, I would never have a back yard with a pool that looked that lovely, either.

    I was glad to see you had a new desk area. It seems you got it up and running faster than you thought. I am also in awe of all the "stuff" you have. Very impressive, especially all that paper that is sorted by company. Who knew?

    I actually came to see your SOC entry for the week. It's a real beauty, and I adore the pockets. I liked the bling on the tags, too. These are two beautiful pages.

  9. great blog post - thanks for sharing it all

  10. Your vege garden is awesome. How wonderful to have all those great supplies in your freezer. No wonder you missed last woyww.... you are super busy. Welcome back.
    Sandra @55

  11. I'm packing my bags, Vickie! Your produce looks amazing and your pool needs a WOYWWer to jump in, lol!!
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  12. Hi Vickie,

    Wow - so glad I stopped by. Your garden is amazing! You definitely have the green thumb. The swimming pool looks very inviting too!

    I'm not participating this week but thought I'd stop by. I thought you were a SU demonstrator?


  13. Cute SOC entry - I like how you added the pockets

  14. Amazed your first desk photo looked empty but you sure made up for it with your garden piccies. I am in awe of all your success. Any time you want to bring your green fingers over to mine, there is a bed and I shall make cake for you! I thought we were doing well to have potatoes, but with our veg patch being neglected with no fence then what can we expect. All my efforts last year were scoffed by bunnies!

  15. lovely soc pages, and what a bountiful garden!

  16. Seeing the pool I am not surprised you didn't get round to posting your desk last week. I would be out there all the time if I had the chance.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #41

  17. WOW! Your garden is absolutely amazing. I love seeing all of your crops! And your pool looks fantastic and so refreshing. Thanks for sharing your photos! And your work of art for this week's colors is fabulous!

  18. You are a busy lady. Your desk is so neat and tidy. And love the pockets on your paper crafting. The garden looks awesome! We just have tomatoes this year. Stay cool. April #74

  19. Lovely journal page, your other photos are awesome too. Very jealous of your pool but not much use in not so sunny England.

  20. Love your summery pages, so cheerful, and I like the lace edging too.
    What a great harvest! We are doing very well here in colder Scotland with all the brassicas, beans and courgettes although the tomatoes are still green. Great to see another avid vegetable grower.

  21. Fabulous home grown vegies! What could be better! Yes, I'd be in that pool, not just sitting around it :)
    Have a good week Vickie.

  22. Love your SOC pages, now wishing I had gone with the patterned paper option as I have a patriotic kit from a few years ago. Thanks for visiting my WOYWW desk BJ#9

  23. Your soc page is wonderful, but your pool is awesome and so inviting. How I wish I had a pool.

  24. Hi Vickie! Your pages with the red and blue color combination look so happy! And wow, I am so impressed with your garden! How wonderful to be able to have all those veggies! Belated Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@12

  25. What a wonderful harvest you have, everything looks delightfully yummy.
    Great use of the SOC colors.
    Haven't posted WOYWW yet so I don't have a number yet.

  26. Hello again! Thank you for posting your SOC piece, but unfortunately Week 5 linked instead of week 6 Raspberry and Tangerine. Please do relink with your week 6 piece when you can, I'm looking forward to seeing it ;) Thank you! xo

  27. What a beautiful home you have - love that pool!
    Great harvest - wow - fantastic veggies!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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