Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WOYWW #266

UPDATE:This post was created on my iPad and it is a mess. I promise to learn how to use it better or never post this way again!

WOW what a week!  Weather has been really weird and cool for Oklahoma in July.  Normally it is in the upper 90's (30's) but the weather turned off cool running in the mid 70's(upper20's).  My pool is cooled off a bit but the weather turned off hot again Monday so it won' to take it long to heat up again. 
The garden is still going strong but we have picked the last of the corn and had our first cantaloupe yesterday!   I have been fairly busy all week but have taken some time to do my art!   

This week I am going to show you a picture of my creative little spot in my daughter Heather huge crafty area!   One of these days I will have to take some picture and show you her space!   Anyway here is a picture of me working at her house this week.  
I am working on the week 30 project from LifeBook 2014 called Sacred Inner Eye which is an awesome affirmation painting!   The whole painting is curling and I don't know how to make it stop.  Maybe after it dries a few days I can weigh it down.  Any suggestions?
Here are some close ups!  

The eye...I am really happy with it!   It is really sparkling!  
The positive affirmations!  I life LifeBook 2014 because it is a lot more then just a drawing class and I am learning more about myself while doing my art!   
Thought I would leave you with a couple garden pictures!   Enjoy!
Last of the sunflowers!

Okay that's it for me!  Go check out Stamping Ground and Julia will tell you how you can show off your desk and the works you are doing!   Have a great week and stay cool! 


  1. I love your painting! Such wonderful colors going on. Also love the pictures from the garden. I have been so busy bringing out veggies that I haven't taken any pictures of my garden for a good bit. It has just been bursting at the seams with green beans, peppers and tomatoes!
    Glenda #49

  2. Hi Vickie, haven't been round for an age so big hello today! Love what you have done with that eye, it's amazing. Canteloupes in the garden? Well, we can dream I guess. The summer here in the UK has been pretty good actually, a bit cooler today which makes me feel less guilty about being at the pc. Happy WOYWW Cindy #38

  3. Wonderful eye and you have captured the iris beautifully. Once it is completely dry just pop some heavy books on top and it will straighten out. Yummy veges makes me want to start gardening.... never enough time to do all the wonderful things.
    Sandra de @1

  4. I really love your artwork. I'd suggest putting it under a mat to stop it curling :-)
    Annie x # 32

  5. WOW! That is an amazing eye, it looks so real. LOVE the drips of color streaming from it. The whole piece is fantastic!
    No #, didn't link up this week.....just stopped by to be nosey

  6. Hi Vickie, that is a fabulous painting you're working on, the eye is amazing, and it's lovely to see a photo of you working on it too. It sounds as though you are getting a lot of positivity from that book you are working from too. We have been enjoying temperatures in the high 70s for a few weeks now ... so unusual for here and definitely to be enjoyed while it lasts - hopefully for the duration of the Commonwealth Games. Wishing you a great week. Elizabeth x #63

  7. Awesome artwork Vickie, love it. garden shots are amazing too. Nice to 'see' you doing your stuff. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #22 xx

  8. Hi Vickie
    I think we have your weather for a change it was 30 at my house yesterday ... Phew not used to it
    Eye sew you have been painting some lovely stuff ( sorry!) looks finished to me .... Is it
    Janet @13

  9. I love the eye painting. I often find paintings tend to curl so I have layers of cartridge paper under my glass mat (which you can probably see on my desk) when the painting is dry, I place it inbetween and leave it there for a couple of days and it works perfectly at flattening it.
    Happy crafting and have a great week, Angela x #44

  10. LOVE your eye painting. I usually fine eyes, especially close up to be very disconcerting, but this one is so lovely it doesn't bother me at all. You are quit the expert eye painter! It is a great idea for a page too. I enjoyed the garden photos, made me wish for some time in my garden, which is just a back patio of potted plants but is in disarray. Judy #71

  11. Hi Vickie,

    I love the eye painting! It's amazing - the detail is spot on! I've heard that wetting the wrong side of the paper will help with the curl; although I've never tried it.

    Love the wall color too! The garden photos are great and I noticed right away the okra. I love okra - fried or pickled.

    Thanks for answering my question (SU demonstrator). I need to go through my ink pads to see what refills I need. They are old so it's possible they are no longer available.

    Happy WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (65)

  12. What a great photo - all of them in fact - picture of concentration indeed! I want those eyelashes!! Stunning painting, love it. Take care, have a good week. Helen 6

  13. OMG you grow okra! one of my favourite dishes and I just had it for lunch LOL, love that eye and your handwriting to boot
    Bridget #3

  14. Put the painting face down with some big heavy books and leave for a couple of days...that should sort out the curling problem. I love the iris of that eye, you have got it spot on. The highlight of the twinkle is awesome too. Great pic of you, Mrs!!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  15. My SOC collage papers (done on water color paper) curled and this is what I did: lightly mist them, lay them on a flat surface,cover with paper towels, put heavy books on top (paying close attention to corners) & leave until dried. Never perfectly flat but almost.
    Love the real looking. The idea of the tears flowing down with words is so inspiring. Enjoyed my visit today. Diane #51

  16. I know the weather is crazy, we are having long spells of warm weeks one after the other! Not normal here. But it is lovely! Fabulous pictures how wonderful to grow melons etc. Thanks for sharing. Take care Zo xx 55

  17. That eye is superb, Vickie. Well done. You have a lot of skill. Well done on all the garden produce - nothing like home grown, is there?!
    Glad you have managed some art time this week.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #10


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