Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WOYWW...ah yes!!!...I remembered!

Welcome to Wednesday again and I am posting on Wednesday!!!  I actually didn't remember but my computer did because I set an alarm to remind me 12 hours  before the event and I happened to be sitting here when the alarm went off!  It is actually late Tuesday afternoon but seeing as I was a day late last week I am going to take it and run with it!

My desk this week isn't much changed from last weeks picture...except I moved things around a little bit...maybe a little less a mess but nothing has changed really...Stormy is in the window and I couldn't get the darn camera to take a good picture but she was ecstatic to be getting her back warmed by the afternoon sun and was purring so loudly that I was having trouble thinking straight! 
and here is an up close of the spoiled rotten baby resting in the sun...

I had to take one of her covering her face...looks like she was embarrassed about getting her picture taken.  My husband calls her the little Princess!

What am I working on this week...well see the previous post for my Summer of Color project where Kristin challenged us to create something with specific colors.  If you would like to follow along the the SOC 4 challenges click the link to the right or go here...

I also have been playing with tea bags and making this...I don't know yet what I will use it for but I think it is gorgeous...and to think it was made using watercolor paper and tea bags I used to make my iced tea!  I might use it as a background, I might add more tea bags, or I might just leave it as is...What do you think?  I can't say this is an original idea because I saw it here on WOYWW a while back but for the life of me (poor memory!) I can't remember who published about it.  If you do please let me know cause I have some questions I would like to ask!
 Wonder what I am talking about when I say WOYWW?  What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday a weekly blog hop hosted my Julia Dunnit in the UK.  If you visit her blog, Stamping Ground where she has a link you can click on to find out how you too can show off your desk and projects you are working on. 

Okay that is it for me this week.  I made it around to all the blogs on Mr. Linky last week...I think that was because I came so late in the game and Mr. Linky was malfunctioning in the beginning!  Have a great week and see you next Wednesday!


  1. Oh I LOVE the tea stained paper just as it is, almost looks like autumn leaves............well if ya squint a little and lean to the right.....LOL
    Happy WOYWW linky yet from Julia

  2. I too love it! It looks like a bunch of dying white roses... just gorgeous!
    Julia's not posted yet, so I'm wandering around to see who has done...
    Happy WOYWW x

  3. I really love your tea bag background :-) Tell Stormy I know how she feels...I like to hide my face too :-)
    Annie x

  4. The teabag art has got us all soaked in Vickie, it's great
    Lynn :)

  5. Great teabag art. Love your Princess, and the photo with her arm over her face is so cute.
    Hope Julia is ok - worrying now.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  6. Hi Vickie just love the photo of 'little princess' with her paw over her face. Bit like me when being photographed :-) I like the tea bag art I know Shoshi has done a lot and posted can't remember name of blog is it something like Shoshi Platypus - someone else will know for sure. Sorry you don't get to see your grandchildren as much as you would like. Thanks for popping by. Anne x ( no number yet )

  7. Hi Vickie. Shoshi has been playing and having great fun with teabags recently. She is using them with zentangle patterns... I quite understand the principle of covering my face when having a photo taken - hate having them; so much so, that my daughters are beginning to complain they hardly have any of me!!!
    I like that pattern with the teabags - I don't think I would want to cut it up as backgrounds - but I don't know what I would do with it either - other than frame it as it is. The outlining is really good. Well done.
    Thanks for visiting already.
    Margaret (no number yet)

  8. Loving your tea bag art. Sorry I didn't get back to you last week. I know what you mean about the days! I blogged my woyww and then thought I must have the wrong day!

    Fiona xx

  9. Hi Vickie thanks for popping over no Julia yer hope she's just having a break and no issues.
    And Margaret's right Shoshi was sharing great ideas there with the teabags in her lovely new Arthaven... such cute puss.. cant blame him
    Shaz in Oz x no number yet

  10. I always mean to keep a note of these great ideas I find around the bogs, but I never remember. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with the tea bag creation - it looks really interesting and fun. Thank you for your visit this week, even though Mr Linky is still on holiday. xx Maggie

  11. Hi Vickie,

    Stormy is so beautiful give her a tickle under the chin from me and a paws hi 5 from Yoda, she certainly has the best spot in the house. That desk looks a little too clean and tidy. I loooooovvvveeee that teabag art is really is brilliant, good for you. I don't think I would use it for anything it is perfect the way it is.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    no linky yet

  12. Love your will enjoy your new space .....I'm trying to cope with time flying by so fast. seems I can't get enough done in a day and more and more fun things to deal with But that's summer I guess. Weather here is perfect. Enjoy

  13. Now you've done it because I remember someone recently talking about tea bags, will have to think about it and get back to you but they are right it could have been Shoshi.
    The effect is gorgeous.
    Guess you have heard about Julia being ill so no numbers today.
    Happy crafting, Angela @Felix the Crafty Cat x

  14. Hi Vickie - yes, to put you all out of your misery, it was me with the teabags! I love what you've done with yours. So far, apart from my first effort which was a bit of a mess, all my tea bag marks have been just lining the bags up, and using the marks to make zentangles. I love your composition! Teabags do make the most amazing patterns, don't they. Someone suggested drying them on fabric, so this is the next thing to try - and then I shall embroider them!

    Stormy is so beautiful, and I love it when they cover their faces like that! I love kitties.

    I'm not participating in WOYWW this week as there's too much on at the moment but just hopping around to see what a few of you are up to! I have a few things on my blog, though, since I last took part, if you want to have a peek.


  15. Hi! It's good to see you at WOYWW, Vickie! I was away for a bit, too, with a busy start to the year, which I can't BELIEVE is now half over!! I'm glad to see that Shoshi saw this because I was going to tell you it was her tea bags you saw. I love the tea bag art you've created and shared here! To me it looks a lot like your tigger cat, who is gorgeous BTW! Have a great week! Hugs, Darnell

  16. Hi Vickie - that tea bag effect is really lovely. I can see it making a lovely autumn leaf thing-y but I expect you'll be more imaginative than that! Your tiger is lovely, too. Have a good week, despite no WOYWW link with Julia being poorly. xx

  17. I love your tidy desk with the furry boss. My desk has a furry boss as well this week. Happy WOYWW

  18. Thanks for getting back to me, Vickie. I have experimented with various teabags. The pyramid ones make great marks but aren't much good for emptying and using the actual bags. If you twist them slightly as you put them down, you end up with an effect like roses! I have yet to do anything with these.

    As for herbal "teas," I did start saving my hubby's bags (I don't like to call this stuff "tea" because it isn't!!) - I found the contents dried pretty solid and difficult to remove from the bags. They didn't leave much of a mark either. I've also had some success with circular teabags.

    My teabag experiments have had to take a back seat for a while, as I continue work on my recycled mini-album, but they are not forgotten - I am continuing to dry the teabags and they are all over my ARTHaven! I am taking some watercolour paper away on holiday and will dry our teabags there, and also am hoping to do some Zentangles.

    Glad you enjoyed my post about Jennibellie's video regarding comparing ourselves with others. I found it very helpful, and wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

    Unfortunately your comment stopped in mid-sentence about your hubby's retirement - I didn't get what he'd retired from! It will take some adjusting to, I am sure. Once we are back from holiday we will start to get into a new routine.


  19. Adore your teabag piece and the SOC1 is adorable too. Thanks for the visit. BJ#??

  20. I love the tea bag print! I like it as it is but maybe you could add a quote and display it?

  21. Thanks for your visit and comment, Vickie - nice to know you've also visited Salisbury Cathedral, and enjoyed it so much. We had a wonderful visit. We are having a great holiday but I am struggling with exhaustion these last couple of days and hope I can keep going!



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