Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WOYWW #263

Yay!  Glad to see the post up and Julia is back in the saddle heading up this group of work desk snoops!  I think all of us were a little worried last week when our fearless leader didn't post, and didn't post, and didn't post.... Hat tip and a big thanks goes out to LLJ for filling us in on the details of where she was.  If you would like to see Julia's desk this week and join us all in WOYWW go to Stamping Ground and follow the directions you will find there.

My desk this week isn't much changed over last weeks but I have been doing some crafting and a lot of craft room/studio work.  I was foolish to think that I would have the room moved in a couple weeks and I am now hoping that I will have it up and running by the end of July!

Here is my desk/workspace.  I now have a lot of space to cut, design, and implement the things I want to make.  Better then the 12x12" I was working in on the old desk...

Old desk....
now I have three areas I can work from...Stormy has taken up residence in front of the computer.  See the boxes under the desks?  Those contain different holiday and seasonal papers!!!  I won't be buying holiday paper this year.
looking into the evolving mess called crafty goodness!  Middle desk is made up of 3 file cabinets with a board. 
Do you think this is enough paper...nah I got more.  These boxes contain all my Graphic 45 and designer papers by subject.  No I don't think I will be buying more paper in the near future.  Some of this has to go as I am feeling very overwhelmed by it all!  You can see more card behind the boxes.  6 of the Expedit cubes hold paper and 6 hold cutting dies and embossing folders. 
New button chest...I have had this metal chest for a long time and decided to put all my buttons in it by color...it was fun separating them!
new Big Shot pro cutting area and the new ribbon clip it ups I put up to store ribbon in.  My other way was great but difficult to remove rolls from the rack or to cut without unrolling more then one roll.  
I have way too much of everything and yes I see more everyday on the Internet that I would love to have but my daughter and I have decided that this month we aren't buying anything new and will try to not by for as long as we can make it another month.   As I go through and sort stuff I wonder what I was thinking buying so much stuff...I know there was a good reason but I am embarrassed!

No time for crafty goods this week but plan on going to Heathers house tomorrow night to do some art.  I will post it when it is done.  Have a great week. 


  1. pssst....Vickie, my eyes are old but, um, I don't see a desk pic? Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #12

  2. Your pic is missing (and your link takes you to your gorgeous SOC1 piece!!) but happy WOYWW.... lol!! Helen 11

  3. Happy WOYWW Vickie, I can see that you are slowly organizing your room/desk and yes isn't it marvelous what we find tucked away in a drawer here a box there...I too have things I wonder about but like you I'm trying not to buy just use up. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#21

  4. ah much to do and much done Vickie, such a great new space that is for sure.. and paper yes you do have bit!! happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #31

  5. Would love to see how you have got your ribbons sorted (in detail) as I end up unrolling mine when I use some.
    The room is looking fantastic! What a lot of lovely space you have. I am sure our bedroom would better serve as a craftroom but he will not hear of it - strange!
    Take care, enjoy tomorrow.
    Hugs, Neet 26 (and thanks for visiting me before I got to you) xx

  6. Thanks for the tour of your craft room Vicki. Its nice seeing how other crafters deal with storage . Happy woyww Jill #9

  7. It's funny, isn't it, that we all expand to fill the available space? And it is NEVER enough. I can see the pics so assuming that issue was sorted before I got here :) and it all looks proper creative and busy to me.

    I am ALWAYS finding stuff when I do a massive tidy that I forgot I had...then I stash it away and forget I have it till the next time. And so on and so on... DOH!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (3)

  8. Think crafters are like gold fish in a bowl...they grow to fit their spaces :-) Good luck with getting the new space organised.
    Annie # 28

  9. Well Vickie I thought I had lot of stuff but you beat me hands down!! :-) I am feeling bit overwhelmed by all mine. It will never all get used! I'm not going to live that long! :-) Happy WOYWW Anne x #37

  10. Lovely improved work space, although it will probably take longer than you think to get it all sorted :)
    Amazing how much stuff we all have!

  11. Your new space is looking great, Vickie. I think we are all guilty of having too much stuff and those naughty craft companies are always tempting us with new stuff that we just have to have, lol.
    Have fun with your friend.
    Hugs Lisax #39

  12. Love that metal button chest! I think many of us buy too much stuff, we can't help ourselves as it's in our creative nature. We see something, get inspired by it, take it home, then forget what inspired us to buy it. Perhaps we could have a destashing blog party of some sort.... Diane #40

  13. I love that little button chest and those ribbons. You certainly have plenty of stash to keep busy with!! x Jo

  14. Your new space looks like it's coming along great. I bet you're happy with having more room to craft. And the metal drawer unit is awesome! Love it. Brigita #60

  15. it's a good thing I can talk myself out of purchasing a lot of things...something has to go out before I bring in more...but it's not easy. So many cool crafty things to buy. I do enjoy rearranging and rediscovering things I've put away...good work. Be well Carole #65

  16. blogger ate my first comment! I am very jealous of those beautiful button drawers - what a great idea! If I'd known you were have a button bonanza, I'd have been on the next plane out!!
    Lotsa love,
    LLJ 29 xxxx

  17. Your button chest is awesome!! What a great idea. Of course, I'd have to start buying all those cute buttons I see now. You also have one of those organizers with the little hanging bags--I've actually thought about buying one of those. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #44

  18. Wow! You are quite organized! Love the button chest! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #59

  19. Love that button drawer chest - and your ribbons look great. Too much stuff?? My hubby reckons you need to buy it when you see it, as it may not be there next time, and it won't go off! Needless to say, I ALWAYS take him shopping with me for crafts or fabrics!
    Thanks for visiting.
    Have a great week
    Margaret #8

  20. LOVE your new desk space Vickie!! You're going to love having all that extra space to work in.

    I'm a little crazy about paper too!! I think I finally reached a place last year when my room was full and I was DONE buying. It was too hard finding a place for anything new. Don't get me wrong...I still buy craft stuff, but it's more just replacing cardstock or adhesive and things like that now. I have more paper than I could use in two lifetimes, and although I have to really reign myself in when I find a great paper sale, and do still buy when I see stacks for $5 or something crazy cheap like that, at least I'm happy knowing I'm not bringing TONS of it home every few weeks like I used to!!!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Amy E. #13

  21. Hi Vickie- I know exactly what you mean! Moving from one room to another takes so long, you might as well be moving house. And the stuff you find! Stuff that you 'had to have'- that hasn't seen the light of day since you got it, just appalled me. I ended up having a good sort out, and being ruthlessly honest- Will I really ever use it/make that project, or is it just going to sit there for another year or more? Feels much better not to be so overwhelmed with stuff that I couldn't actually find anything. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #30 xx

  22. Before I forget, Vickie, thank you for posting my NBUS button on your salad bar and making it all sexy and inviting talking about touching virgins and all. We will both have lots of traffic on our blogs now!! LOL!! I'm excited to see what you and DD come up with for the challenge!

    Now about your space. WOW. It certainly is a HUGE improvement, but my goodness you do still have a lot of work to do before your store opens for business! People need to be able to walk all the way around. Hahahaha. Aren't I mean?! What I would REALLY love to do is live close to you so I could come and help you. I have a sickness whereby I have the most fun EVER when I'm organizing things efficiently. (As you maybe couldn't tell from my Playhouse tab on my blog, ahem!) I love how you organized your buttons by color. It makes using them much easier - makes you even WANT to use them since you don't have to paw through them all looking for the color you want. Good job! Seriously, I tease, but good job on everything!!

    Thanks for coming to see me! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week! Hugs, Darnell #14

  23. Your reorganisation is coming along very nicely, Vickie! You will be so thrilled once you get everything just how you want it. I'm more or less there now with my new ARThaven although I still find it hard to find things!

    Thanks for your lovely comment - unfortunately I am not able to rest sufficiently to get over the overwhelming exhaustion I'm suffering atm. I need a week of doing nothing and then I might be able to enjoy the holiday fully! As it is, today I could hardly keep my eyes open. I am also sleeping badly and having to get up for 8 a.m. breakfasts which isn't helping any. It's frustrating, and for my hubby too.

    Looking forward to seeing your onion skin experiments! I can't wait to get stuck back in my ARTHaven and being creative again! Glad you like my creative efforts while away, anyway!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #36

  24. Wow, so many great supplies!

    But you're totally right, you did need more paper. Because really, is there ever enough??

    Happy woyww!
    #66 this week

  25. Hi Vickie..... I was getting really worried for a few moments.... no lovely ribbon storage pole thingy.... but hey there it is yah your desk would nt be the same without it AND now I have button chest envy.
    BTW I didn't know you were in the DLP or I may have and forgotten, I don't think I have seen you post anything but then it is a huge group and its easy to miss so much.
    Anyway have fun with the moving and shaping (to quote lord Tim)
    janet #17

  26. Wow your place us like a mini store I know my sister would go crazy for your g45 papers that is some collection you have and it's good on you to try and use what you have and I'm so loving your metal button storage it's a sweet unit
    Hugs Nikki 6

  27. I think we can all relate to having tooooo much stuff. But they keep making more wonderful stuff so what can we do. Love the pic of your kitty sleeping.
    Sandra de @84

  28. great new work space - very jealous ! Ali #20 xx

  29. This is a great area. I think cats must get together and tell each other where it's best to sit to get noticed Lol!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela #45

  30. This looks like such a fun playground! Yes, it would take a lot of organizing to be able to find what you want. I love, love, love that metal chest! Happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS@2

  31. Love your new desk. And what a sweet kitty. I continually rearrange my room - striving for the perfect arrangement. I was on a buying hiatus - until I wasn't anymore! HSN craft day did me in. My room needs a good overhaul right about now. Love the metal filing drawer with the buttons and your new ribbon storage is awesome!
    April #86

  32. Ok have you got 2 posts this week or am I in need of sleep or something stronger to drink? I am loving the setup in your space and never be embarrassed about the amount of stuff you have, it is all in the name of art, gosh you really should have a dig around in my department store. LOL If you have a problem trying to use it Dede and I can come and help you out of a tight bind. Hey I love those metal drawers you should of used them ages ago they are brilliant.

    Belated WOYWW greetings
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 85

    Oh P.S Dede and I always say we are not buying anything this month and we always manage to find something we must have right there and then, it's just the way it is and it's all in the name of art.........as I said before.

  33. What a great craft space you have and loads of crafty stuff to play with!!! Sorry for late return visit
    Jackie 16


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