Monday, April 14, 2014

Steampunk Sunday

Went to the Medieval Fair last weekend...WOW talk about a lot of fun things to see and do!  I enjoyed visiting with a lot of my friends that are in the SCA and one of the main supporters of the fair each year.  They have an encampment at the fair that is intended to help educate people on what the Society for Creative Anachronism  is and how it fits into everyday life.  I am not a member but just hang around the fringes thanks to Heather and Michael but I am a firm believer in what they are about.  At the fair there were a lot of booths with a lot of fun things to see and purchase.  I really limited what I bought for various reasons but this was something I just couldn't pass up!!
Right!  I know a real shock for most of you who know me!  I am going to do some alteration on this beauty and possibly wear it to the Steampunk Convention here in Oklahoma next year!!

Speaking of top hats...  I was teaching a tags class this past Saturday and while the class was working on a tag I made up this sinister gent wearing a hat similar to mine!  :-)  I think the big difference is a 7-7 1/2" crown where mine is only about 5". 

A couple weeks ago I showed my desk with a picture of a canvas I was starting to work on.  Here is the canvas mostly finished.  I am not for sure I like the canvas or not but it is as done as it is going to get right now.  I am tired of fiddling around with it!
There isn't any one thing wrong with the canvas really it just doesn't seem to say much more then bland!  I wanted purples, creams, and black and that is what I got but it is blah somehow!  Any thoughts on what I could do differently?  

Hope you have a great week and lots of time to get in the room of stash and create a lot of fun stuff to share! 

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  1. Love your hat! Cannot wait to see what you do with it!


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