Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stampin' Up! News!

Couple pieces of news I thought I would share with those who care!!!  :-)

Did you know it is almost end of the catalog year for Stampin' Up!  The new 2014-2015 catalog comes out on June 2nd but you can order from the 2013-14 calendar until June 1st.   Stampin' Up! will put out a retired product list on April 21st and there will be free shipping on all orders from April 21st through April 24th....Hmmm sounding like a good time to buy?  Check out my online web shop to buy the things that you missed last year or have been wanting. 

Stampin' Up! and Becky Higgin's have partnered together to provide you with Project Life Stampin' Up! style.  These products will start rolling out on May 1st so get ready!

Here is a video from You Tube by Stampin' Up! and Becky Higgins!  If the link doesn't work go to the link under the picture.

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