Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WOYWW and warm up project for Life Book 2014

Welcome to Wednesday!  I am just not going to say I almost missed it again cause I am here on Wednesday this week!   WOYWW is a fun time to be had by all and if you are wondering why a bunch of men and women are showing off their crafting/art desk click on the link and you will know! Julia at Stamping Ground is the brain behind all the fun and puts it together each week!

Okay what we are all here for today...a view of my horrible messed up desk!  I joined the online class Life Book 2014 and the project you see on my desk is what was due for the first week...tsk, tsk, tsk...not to say that it is already the 3rd week and I am behind already.  There was a lot of videos and reading to be done in the first week and since I didn't start that till last week...well you see where I am going! 
A tour around my desk...the white 3 drawer box in the left corner holds top drawer a bunch of ribbons, bling etc still on cards or in packaging.  Drawer 2 is all Tim Holtz style ephemera ie muse tokens, tags, keys, pen nibs, etc.  Drawer 3 is Stickles glues and ink refills for the Distress Ink pads.   In front of it is my water color crayons, a jar that did hold my brushes until I tipped it upside down...On top is a spice rack that holds adhesives, jars of buttons etc....this could go on forever so just have a look see and if you have a question leave a comment!

Here is a better picture of the finished  warm up piece for the class.  Thank God Tam isn't grading on how fast we are getting lessons in as is just taking it on faith we are doing as we should!

fun play with Textures and Colors!
 I just want to remind folks of two classes this week...

The first is tomorrow and is a requested repeat of the class that was last Thursday for those who couldn't be there.  It is Graphic 45 Place in Time all occasion cards for the month of January.   There are 3 cards to be made and class will be from 6-8pm at Scrap That.

The second class is Saturday 10am-2pm where we will be making an oldie but goodie squash book.

Have a great week and I will try to make it around to every one's blog...giggle probably won't happen knowing my memory but if you leave me a comment I will guarantee I will come to visit you unless something horrible happens!  Have fun crafting this week!


  1. Oh! Your desk looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I could just dive in there and play, and play! Looking forward to seeing your Life Book creations! *smiles* Jen C (woyww #100)

  2. Yay my only comment on Gilwell, not sure my son would go again in the Winter, he was jolly cold despite the thermals! He has meetings some Summer 24 hour thing though.
    Had a big nosy round your desk here on my new tablet, I could zoom in really well. Love the spice rack for your adhesives and the whirlygig of course. Your page is gorgeous, love how you have written round the heart. BJ#2

  3. Aw your course sounds fab, hope you get on okay with it. Here's to a healthier 2014 for us both. Take care Zo xx 56

  4. That is one busy desk! WOW! Your page is just gorgeous! And your cards are pretty cool too! Thanks for popping by and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #4

  5. Gosh you are busy! I know how easy it is to get behind on these online classes but the point is you can do it at your own pace so don't fret. I have a class starts tomorrow - looking forward to it too.
    Hugs and Happy New Year.

  6. Here I am late in getting around, too much on my plate yesterday...LIFE!
    I am right there with you on being behind on journaling of any kind. LOL
    You "warm up" piece is just gorgeous, love the colors and textures.
    Wish I had more time to take these classes, they look divine, but as I said I'm already behind in what I am doing.
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Krisha #26

  7. Hi Vickie,
    You've been busy, haven't you! I think taking classes at your own pace is perfect. Don't pressure yourself to try to keep up. Just let it flow at your own speed! The classes look very fun.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (3)

  8. A messy desk is an indication of lots of crafty goodness going on. :-) Have a great week. April #84

  9. A lovely busy desk, love the texture piece, great colours. what a contrast the other pieces are, like you I lave all the different styles keeps art interesting
    have a crafty week
    janet #18

  10. Lovely Mess! great texture and lettering on your page.
    Thanks fosr visiting and the snoop around
    Robyn 5

  11. Hi Vickie, WOW, there's a lot going on there! But, as usual, I can't take my eyes off all your lovely colouring things! Love the background on the heart page. And I've seen those squash books only once before. I friend has one and I copied the template but, alas, that's as far as I have got with it. Oh, and I must get hold of some of that winter themed paper. I really need it :)
    Thanks for dropping by, and have a good week.
    RosA # 1

  12. It looks to me like you are REALLY ready for that new desk. I like the warmup exercise, though. It looks like you had fun making it.

    Sounds like these classes are fantastic, and just what people might want, especially that smash book. It looks fun, although there might be lots of measuring involved.

    Sorry to get here so late. But maybe it's a good thing since my number has changed from 16 to 13.

  13. Hi Vickie, Thanks for calling by at mine and for the get well wishes....I will get there but this head cold really has taken it out of me :-( I could do without it just now too.
    I love the projects you've got on show today. The colours you're using in the Life book are just perfect [and my favourites :-) ].
    Annie x # 44

  14. Thanks for popping by my blog this week Vickie ... had a moment of puzzlement as I tried to find you on the list at the Stamping Ground as you are #99 not #104!!! LOL ... I do that all the time - head off to comment on a blog and forget my number ... duh! I LoVe all your craftyness all around you and what a brilliant idea to use a spice rack like you have! Happy crafting to you, love from Debbie (tatteredrocks) xXx

  15. Hi Vickie and thanks for popping by. Love the textured page . I started Documented Life Project and am way behind. I'm ok with that and happy to go at my pace!!! Slowly :-) Anne x @ 45 I think it's changed twice :-)

  16. Such lovely projects Vickie - the textured page is fab and your well packed work space is perfect for all your crafty activities. x Jo

  17. Oh Vickie it beats me how you manage to get half the stuff done you always seems so full of living and teaching classes too. Love the cards, oh is this spider spools on top of your clip it up?

    Have a great week and happy crafting, thanks for visiting

    Hugs Yoda & Eliza

  18. Bloody iPad auto corrected is it spindle spools ?


  19. belated Wednesday wishes playing catch up as always thankfully bug is now well gone and fit and well I love your craft space and wish I wasn't so ocd it looks well loved ,functional ,colourful and well used ..mine's looks neglected most of the time...and is ! your page looks great love the colour and texture if that's just the warm up exercise wow ,,,it has its something i would love to try maybe one day when I find my imagination the other projects are stunning to have never heard of a squash book but looks good... I assume it all folds into each other and those graphic 45 papers are so lush you have been busy ..I hope you continue to have a great time and I hope eventually you catch up although as long as your enjoying it I assume that's what counts happy crafty hugs Andrea #17

  20. Oh my goodness! That desk of yours has almost taken on a life of its own. I giggle at the description of the jar that used to hold brushes until you tipped it upside down. Funny how that is. You have so much on your desk I'll bet it is fun to root around in there and see what's what--like Christmas. The journal page is quite nifty but the vintage Winter Cards are great! That will be a fun class as will the squash book. I haven't seen those around for awhile. An oldie but goodie!

  21. Your desk looks very creative! I love the cards you have created!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some much appreciated comment! I will have to keep an eye out for you creative fun!

  22. Your desk is looking fabulously busy and creative! is there room for rooms totally toooo messy!!
    Happy very late woyww
    ((Lyn)) #39

  23. Stunning projects and yes I do like my OTT light. I bought the basic model and still very happy with the light. Love the Graphic 45 papers.


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