Monday, January 20, 2014

Life Book 2014

Just finished week one's lessons on Life Book 2014.  Click the link on the right if you would like more information on Life Book and what it is all about! It was a long and pretty intensive weeks worth of learning...guess that's why I am 2 weeks behind...nah I am behind cause I am a lazy butt and haven't been applying myself to the lessons.

In the first week Tam Laporte had an introduction video, 2 warm up videos, 2 lesson videos, a meditation video and some PDF's and I am NOT complaining here just saying that you get your monies worth when you take any classes from her!  I loved the meditation video and have listened to it several times just getting prepared to do the lessons.  The warm up lesson had a lot of stuff about multimedia work and color theory...LOVED it!  I needed it to get me started...the main lesson had to do with developing an artist guardian angel.  I think I showed my warm up piece last week but I am showing it again here so I can keep week one all in one spot.

The warm up piece was done by starting out by writing a lot of nonsense words or concerns on the blank canvas then going back and covering them up.  Sort of gets you out of the mind state of not wanting to mess up an already perfect canvas.  I love the colors of purples and turquoises so that's what I used here along with some stencils, some collage papers, bubble wrap and a lot of fun went into making this page.
 I am really concerned about this curling on my warm up piece but one of the girls on Life Book 2014 gave me some advice on how to minimize that so I will try it after they pieces dry a little longer.

This is the main lesson of week one.  This is my "inner artist guardian angel" that will help protect me from the bitchy side of me that is my worse critic and will help keep me inspired creatively!!!  The "inner artist guardian angel" also helped us pick a 'word of the year' and connected me to my color purple!  Everyone knows I love purple so that can't come as a surprise!  My word that came to me was acceptance...acceptance of who I am, what my art is, how I express my self, and how others see me.  If I like my work then it doesn't matter what others think about it.  It does but it won't be the drive behind what I do.

I am journeying on to week two today and I will be posting the finished project here later this week.  I love the Life Book classes and always learn a lot from them.  I just finished week one and week four posted but from what I am hearing everyone is taking their own sweet time and playing with it and not stressing to keep up week by week.  If you care to join up click on the link like I said and come play!


  1. While I wouldn't do a course like that (Cos I know I'd never stick to it!) it does raise some interesting points about not being of self critical. I'm my own worst critic at times, which is daft. I like what you've done so far, especially the guardian angel....
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx
    Ps I can comment this week, hooray!

  2. Love seeing another WOYWW'er doing Lifebook. I did it last year, and didn't complete a lot of the lessons, but loved what I did. When I considered the lessons, what I learned and the cost to sign up again, I finally signed up for 2014 this past weekend. And I'm so glad I did!! Your face is amazing...great job - hard to believe it's only your third face! Zeffy, who is #66 on this weeks WOYWW list is also participating in Lifebook this year. What fun. It's almost like having friends who are doing the same thing as you are - something I sorely miss here in Alaska. I look forward to seeing your projects throughout the year!
    Saraj #45


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