Monday, November 19, 2012

my canvas...

Thought I would go ahead and show my canvas before I have finished it cause it could be hung on the wall like this but I am making some little fobs to hang down from the screw eyes that are on the bottom of the canvas but life invades time and I don't have them done yet.  Well they are done they just aren't on the canvas yet!

I think that the whole thing has come together rather nicely.  I love the looks of the greens, reds, and blues together on the red background but it would work as well on a green background too!

Maybe today I can get the fobs fixed on the canvas and post a picture of the finished item tomorrow!  I am doing this for a class on Saturday so if you are interested call Scrap That 310-3400 and book your seat.

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  1. This is fabulous! Don't for get to show us the 'real' finished creation! and thank you for popping over and having a read at my 'story' Hopefully the next chapter will not be disappointing!


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