Monday, November 5, 2012

Gift tags

Some really easy peasy gift tags.  I have some paper that has a repeat pattern of these 4 squares.  There are four of each on a 12"x12" piece of cardstock.  I cut them apart and glued them down on a 3"x6" piece card stock and embellished them with bling and glitter glue to dress them up a bit.  They could be used as gift cards or little 3"x3" cards.  
Glossy Accents and bling on the stocking card,  and glitter glue on the deer!
Glossy accents to accent the ribbon on the packages and glitter glue and bling on the trees.
It is amazing what a little accenting can do to enhance paper cut outs!


  1. These are perfect. You look as though your Xmas preparations are well under way.
    Thank you so much for the offer of the clock die cuts, that was really kind. I didn't realise that there was a die but have now tracked it down and added it to my Christmas list!!
    Hugs Lisax

  2. Hi Vickie,

    Love these little cards! I did o.k. at the Craft Fair Saturday. Actually sold a lot of my cards (both photo and stamped). A woman also talked to me about teaching classes at a shop (that she's opening in town). That might be fun!


  3. Hello!

    What great little tags! I clicked on the photos so I could see them enlarged and the detail is beautiful! We had SNOW today in this part of WI - Whoa, I am so NOT ready! Wishing you a great day!


    Barbara Diane

  4. Great tags! Love this paper, in fact, these were my Christmas in July card class! Great minds think alike. :)

  5. Oh, that tattered poinsettia.... I keep running across it and keep telling myself I don't need it. I rather don't listen to myself well but so far, so good. I hate it when crafty pieces vanish into the abyss. I usually accuse my husband of "gaslighting" me especially when the missing stuff shows back up right smack in the middle of things. Kitties sure can have their own personality (purrsonality) can't they? I once had a girl kitty that talked a lot too. I named her Denise after my brother's friend Denise who could never shut up either. She was flattered. BTW, about gluten free.... I've been allergic to wheat since time began but it is low key allergy. This time of year when my allergies are in full swing I try to avoid wheat and nowadays when I say "I'm allergic to wheat." People immediately jump in with, "Oh, you're celiac and need gluten free stuff!" Not at all the same. I hope your blog and others like it can help educate the masses. Now hand me that wheat toast and never mind the throat clearing, I'll live.

  6. Just a quick note to let you know the Angel Swaps info is on my blog... Thanks for joining in and don't forget to name them for fun!
    Love Jo x

  7. ooh these tags are so gorgeous! Love that paper xx

  8. Love your gift tags, I need to go make some now!!! Your desk looks very inviting and the cats look very content!! Home Sweet Home!! Have a great week!
    Ginny #12


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