Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW #177 and life issues

The calendar tells me it is Wednesday and another week has just flown past.  I had just about decided to not post on WOYWW this week because of life being in a turmoil around here but...I am so addicted I can't not do it!   What is WOYWW?  Check it out here!

I have been really busy all week but I don't have anything but a messy desk to show for it...well not quite true!  I made about 10 cards this week but only have one I can show you.   Well...actually four 3" x 3" gift cards and six- 5 1/4" x 4" cards.  Nothing special but made them up for a card fest on Saturday where people will come to the LSS where I am on the design team and have the opportunity to make the cards for $1.  Here is one card!
Easy peasy simple and quick.  Let the paper do the talking!

Not my desk yet but will be an integral part of the work space when I finally get into the bigger craft space are the two Expedit units from IKEA that have been sitting around waiting to be put together.  Here is a picture of the 2x4 unit and there is another 2x4 that I couldn't take a picture of.
The die cut machine on the top is my Big Shot Pro a new toy I bought off a friend that bought the wrong machine for her needs so she sold me this one for about half what she gave for it and several dies.  Oh my I am so excited to have a 12" x 12" cutting platform to play with!  I had been considering the Pro or the Grand Caliber and this just fell in my lap. 

Okay now that is about it for the WOYWW part (so Julia won't yell at me for it being a long post!) but if you want to continue it is about life issues from here on!

I started a proactive program for getting my health back to optimal for what it can be and went through a rigorous looking over my mental, physical and social wellness and decided to make some changes a couple weeks ago.  Many of you know my husband travels a lot and while he was gone this time I decided to try a different diet regime that consists of no or minimal dairy, no wheat, and very limited sugar and no sweeteners.  I have felt so darn bad the past 6 weeks something has to change and doctors only want to lay it off on the Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME but I feel it is more.  The gastrointerologist was sure I had ceilac disease but nothing showed up with scopes or lab but I thought that I would try to go gluten free for a while anyway just to see.  Well it has been 10 days since I quit eating all the above and I really think I am beginning to see a change.  I went and bought a bunch of gluten free products...some are yummy...some not!
There are a  lot of gluten free products on the market and these are a few I found till I can mail order more.  I thought (knowing me) that I would really start craving things that I couldn't have...bread, cookies, pancakes, and other wheat based items so I brought these in to prevent the cravings. 
 The only mix I have opened and baked off was the cinnamon raisin bread below.  I added nuts and raisins and it was absolutely yummy!  After the second day it became dry and I cut it up and froze it for making french toast out of at a later date. 
The only other baked thing was a pan of cornbread that I made to go with the Lima beans and ham I fixed the other night for my supper!  It was also good the first night but became a little dry the second night!

This week I received my 9 month chit...key chain from GA.  I am a compulsive gambler and decided about 9 months ago to not let it control me any longer and so far so good.  It is a struggle at times but I like being free of the compulsion to go and throw away my money better then tossing it away!  If you have any type of addictive personality disorder be aware that it is really hard to quit any thing alone.  If you think you do have problems find help and get free of it!  I did.

Okay that's well and truly all I am going to talk about today.  I have got to get a glass of iced tea and start my blog hopping.  Hope everyone has a great week and I will see you next Wednesday if not before. 


  1. I baked mini cinnamon danish rolls last week, had to make two lots as I ate the first lot.
    Lynn x

  2. I spotted the Big shot Pro in an instance, I'm saving up at th mo to get one. You are so lucky. Re the gluten free, you could try baking yourself wityh gluten free flour etc. I do know how it is in the US but here you can get it everywhere. Well done you on getting the 9mths keyring. Have a good week . Francesca #94

  3. I always wonder if Ikea know how many crafters love their stuff! Well done to you for taking control. I really need to take control and get exercising but - here I am still glued to my chair!! Thank you for popping by to visit. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 16

  4. Well done, Vickie, taking your life in hand, both physically and mentally. Sounds like a bit of autumn cleaning to me! I'm glad you are starting to see the benefits of gluten-free. Sorry to hear you've not been so good health-wise recently - I've been the same, but mine has been due to stress caused by family issues. Things are a bit more settled now but life continues to be a struggle with elderly parents, worry about the future etc. etc. and worry about my hubby overdoing things as he takes care of us all.

    Love the Ikea unit, and that's a great card! Our creativity does help, doesn't it! The bread looks amazing too!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, and I'm so glad you are enjoying my work!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #2

  5. I was gonna ask why you got the BSPro when you had the other machines but I now read that it was an opportunity not to be passed up, I'd say you're definitely LUCKY, love the expedit units too, I love my massive 5x5 cube. Have fun playing x and good luck with your plans to get your health back on track x Happy Wednesday
    Hugz Minxy #7

  6. Oh my, a BSPro!! What a great buy! And everything is going to fit in so well in your new storage too. Keep going with the diet hun. I have relatives/friends with Coeliac disease and the options for a gluten free diet have grown so wide that you shouldn't feel like you are missing out on anything. Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #6

  7. What a positive post, well done for taking action. I know just how you feel when you know there is more going on. It took years for my diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Benign Joint Hypermobility syndrome to happen, everything was put done to my back condition, Scoliosis. Like you, I've been tested for Coeliac but haven't got it, my dad has. I often think changing my diet would help too but haven't got the energy to try at the moment. Good luck with it all, hope it works out well for you. Take care Zo xx 71

  8. Thanks for sharing a peek into your world this week. I love the look of your new storage and the new toy, wow; what a blessing.
    Hope the GF helps and I hope you have a blessed week

  9. Good luck withbthe gluten free, hope itbhelps have a great week trace x 46

  10. Good lcuk with the new diet, Vickie. I hope it does the trick. Lucky you finding that BS in your lap. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @ 89)

  11. Love your new storage cabinets and that Big Shot wonderful is that! Good luck with your new diet. Hope it makes you feel better. Have a wonderful week girl, thinking of you!
    Glenda #100

  12. You seem to be making changes all over - wish you the best of luck and much perseverance. Your cutting station looks fab!! Happy WOYWW, Helen 19

  13. Well done Vickie - what a really positive post and I do hope your new diet works wonders. x Jo

  14. Nice score with the big shot pro!! Lucky you! Love the ikea shelf unit. Can't wait to see them in use. Nan 27...couldn't believe it myself I'm #27!

  15. Great paper on the card... and what a joy to have the BigShot Pro fall into your hands like that. It all looks super smart and sleek on that Ikea unit - looks a very useful storage space, but I'd have to see whether it comes in not-black for my space. Thanks for your visit and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  16. Lovely stuff this week. And the BS Pro - SCORE! My sister is gluten free and it seems a massive pain, but with your attitude I'm sure you will get to grips with it. I may have to send her a link - she may enjoy reading it, and the tip for freezing the bread when it dries out. Gotta love the info you stumble o while desk hopping LOL!

    Happy WOYWW.

    MA (15)

  17. Thanks for stopping by. A 12x12 cutting platform how wonderful! BJ#8

  18. Hope you get to feeling better! Sounds like you have a great start to getting everything under control. I love your card! And congrats on the B.S.P. I have a Wizard and love it! Thanks for visiting my space and Hayyp WOYWW!
    Carol N #31

  19. Hi Vickie, great card - simple but effective - and love your new craft room furniture - both smart and useful. I didn't know that you could get a 12 x 12 cutting platform so I think I will have to find our more about the Big Shot Pro.

    I hope your change of diet will help you feel better soon ... there's nothing much worse than feeling ropy all the time. Coincidentally, I've just had a couple of biopsies taken to exclude coeliac disease this last week, that and a couple of other tests which excluded anything more sinister. I won't get the results for a week or two but if they prove to be positive I'll be joining you on that gluten-free diet!

    Congratulations on your 9 month GA award - my father was a gambling man and I remember the fall-out only too well - it's so good to read that you've cracked it :)

    All-in-all a great post. Happy WOYWW, what's left of it, and have a great week. Elizabeth x #114

  20. ( So glad you noticed the ariel view of my desk, first time I did that, so you have a very good eye! ) I've not tried gluten free, wary of anything healthy! lol Good for you for stopping the gambling habit, use that money on scrapbook supplies instead!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  21. Love the look of your Raisin Bread, yummy. Hope you begin to feel better, it's a nightmare trying to cut out gluten, and find something tasty.

  22. Good for you Vickie--I know it is hard to go gluten and sugar free...but it is so wonderful to feel your body healing! Your card is so cute. Yes, you must try the gelatos--I used a coupon because I didn't want to pay full price for something I'd never tried before, but I love how they saturate the page in color and they are so creamy you can ink a stamp with them. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #13

  23. I love the card. My LSS had a sign up last time i was there for someone to teach. Don't know if it is still there, but if it is, i may do it.
    as for the gluten and dairy, I can say I have been g free for almost a year. I do feel better and it is better for my digestion for sure. I don't usually buy much g free stuff. I just don't eat any pasta, cake, or bread. I have had g free pasta and it is ok, and the bread must be refrigerated. if you are looking for bread, you will find it in the freezer section of the grocery store. it tastes stale the minute you eat it. so i always toast it. it really stinks, but it is not awful. i eat a lot of grilled chicken with salad. i hope you have great success going g free. for people like us with autoimmune diseases, g free is supposed to be the way to go. good luck!!!

  24. PS. I do cheat every once in a while. If it is a birthday, I will eat a piece of cake. My digestion suffers and I get bloated instantly, but it is worth it! And if it is a special occasion, I will eat pasta or bread. Again, not good, but so delicious!! I wanted you to know that, because I felt the comment I left made me act like I was a perfect g free person. I am not, I am human! And sometimes I can't help myself!! which is the truth! :)

  25. There are lots of gluten free things now, SO many more than just a couple years ago!

    Your shelf will fill up fast, and the card is very cute, Vickie--you're right, that paper just doesn't need any help!

    #137 this week

  26. That was post full of posative thoughts ....well done for your 9mth GA award ...i think you are brave to talk about it all and face your problem. My daughter is a compusive person ...thankfully she never gambled but she collected and spent her money as soon as she got it and then had to 'borrow' from me to get by. Since she met her soul mate she is 200% better but there is a glimmer of the problem now and then. As for your diet ...good luck ...I think sometimes working your own regeme is best ...wish i could be as good as you with my sugar.Be careful with the dairy ...lack of calcium and all that ...and then if you are reducing all fat one can develope gall stones over time.
    GF products do dry up quickly and much tastes yuk (we thought Vicki was GI but it was her tablets in the end)so being able to bake and be experimental may make things better. Good Luck .xx#79

  27. Our Granddaughter Merlin has Coeliac, and has to have a gluten free diet, so our DIL has pretty much switched them all to it- she said it was silly cooking different meals, and as merlin was only 9, its hard to get a child to accept they have to eat differently. Also, my son had Testicular Cancer a few (12 now) years ago, so she worries about his general health anyway, as Chemo does your immune system no favours.Well done getting the Pro, its fantastic. I love mine to bits,I got mine because I was fed up with dies etc getting bigger, and not being able to use them. I figured this was a once & for all upgrade. I'm a fellow Ikea fan, the Expedits are what are going into my new craft room too- I think they are so perfect. Congrats on your 9 month chit, but even bigger congrats on being able to face your reality- not many people can, and I hope you are proud of yourself for what you have achieved, because no matter how much help you get, ultimately it is YOU who succeed.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #107

  28. Good for you for being open and talking to us about your gambling problem...I think you are doing fabulously to accomplish 9 months gambling free.
    I am an overeater and it is an addiction too. i have lost some weight...44 pounds a few years ago,, and 27 pounds before my surgery. I am still a big lady so when the surgeon Ok's dieting again i think it will be back to weight watchers again.
    As you mentioned, with any addictive personality problems, getting help is the first and crucial step!

    You have been a busy little card maker...your cards for the LSS card make and take look great...that paper does speak for itself!!!

  29. You have been busy! Am very jealous of your BigShot Pro!

    Good luck with the gluten-free thing and congratulations on your chit! Good for you! :)

    Thanks for your comment on my last week's WOYWW (am still catching up with replying!). Hope you have fun trying out your new alcohol markers. :D


  30. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! Good job on being gambling free for 9 months! Thanks for visiting my blog. And I can't wait for kiddos either, but I'm the breadwinner in my family right now so I'll have to wait until husband graduates :)

    Katie 35

  31. Hi Vickie wow what a week you've had. Love the paper on your card. Good luck on the food front from someone who has successfully dieted and feels 100% better all round. Now the challenge is to get fit too.
    Happy crafting and have a great Wednesday, hugs Erika.
    Coming from room 101 this week.

  32. What a lucky lady you are to have that fall in your lap! Oh and I am with you on the addiction thing, mine is food....I just been to a specialist and got on a program and have lost 14kg, so I know what you mean about doing things on your is so much easer with help and support!

  33. Hiya Vickie! I have two of those expedit units in my living room (the other way up) but you've got me thinking.... Good on you for taking control and I wish you every success with the gluten free diet and the GA. Be strong!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #17

  34. Glad to hear that your gluten free trial is going well. My grandaughter is coeliac, and has to avoid all things with gluten. Her mother found that any bread or cake product was better cut into slices and frozen as fresh as possible. You also need to take care with cross contamination of your food by others in the family - a separate butter or margarine, separate cupboards for your food above those for other family members. Hurry up and fill those empty shelves, they look so lonely. Thank you for your visit today, and have a good week. xx Maggie #33

  35. A friend of mine in America did exactly the same with her diet and she reckons she is feeling much better. Keep at it and make sure it really is working, hope it is.
    I have no desk at all this week but still, like you, had to join in. Had a terrible time trying to do it but still kept trying.
    What are we like?
    Hus, Neet 55xx

  36. Congrats on your 9-month key! I never did see the attraction to gambling but definitely have the addictive gene in me so kudos to you for getting your life sorted out. Good luck with the gluten free diet. I think so much of our food is faked or preserved or unnatural that I'm surprised more people don't have issues. Love the simple card--that is good paper to let talk. I'm so jealous of your IKEA shelves. I want some like that with baskets in some of the cubby holes. After we build that 2nd floor though.... ha!

  37. Taking a much needed cleaning foggy here this afternoon, it is almost depressing. GOOD LUCK with the change of eating, by girl freind is GLUTEN free and has had great results with even her diabetes. I am trying to go without breads and potatos..and walk more and ALL things in moderation.
    Enjoy WOYWW and wishing you a happy week.

  38. Re your question ...Jay and Vicki both have symptoms that suggest GI but Jay never has pushed for tests. Vicki however had every test under the sun ...including ones to rule out cancer ...everything was negative ...then it arose that her tablets for DID had side effects, some that mirrored GI and other bowel problems. Even though the tablets have changed she still has some symptoms. Jay wont sort hers out (like mother like daughter) but I find that anything with yeast is worst for her, when it comes to bloating.She is fine if she eats wraps and soda bread but all other proper bread causes discomfort 4-24hrs after eating. Maybe we all just need to get away from processed food of the ladies I follow has been doing this and is feeling great and has lost weight.xx

  39. Love your units and your big shot pro - congratulations being gambling free for 9mths - hope you see some improvements in your health with your new eating - have a great week thanks for sharing and for visting me ~ Nicky ~53

  40. Oh Vickie, I'm really sorry you are facing this as well as all your other issues. Only last week my mum was really poorly and so much so that she had to have the emergency doctor out. She was in so much pain and had been to the toilet a lot. It happened twice in the last week. 1st time she'd had wholemeal bread and pork - at first I blamed the pork. She was ill the following day. A few days later, felt better so had a chinese. No problem. Next day had a sandwhich again - with salmon. It was wholemeal again. It set everything off and that's when she was really bad again. Anyway, now told her own doctor who is testing her too. She already has diabetes type II, controlled by diet so she already had to cut a lot of stuff out. Unlike you though, my mum wouldn't think of baking anything. You should be very proud of yourself for giving it a go because not many would.
    Well done also on bringing out a delicate subject to the fore. It can't have been easy to write that on here - but being free for 9 months is something to shout about and where better to shout and be heard?

    This blogging lark is much more than just showing our achievements. We all share ourselves in some way and for most (including me) it's our health issues. We share more when we have people acknowledge us (through comments) and when we realise that there is love and support there and people are willing to listen and not be judge and jury, we often take it to the next level and outpour something more personal. All I can say is "Good for you" and please know that if ever you want someone to listen or interact with - you have my email address and I welcome emails from you if you want to 'talk'. You don't need to go through this alone.

    My mum is now being tested for Coeliac Disease to see if she is gluton intollerant. She will be avoiding wholemeal bread at the very least!

    I'm sure you should be able to find some good recipes on line, but if not - there is a charity for people with CD. Good luck in finding out anything you can to help you move forward. We are all here for you!

    Paula x x x

    p.s. envious about the Big Shot Pro - they cost more than a Cameo over here! and much much more than they cost over there... and I have 2 cubes of expedit in my craft room... fabulous!

  41. Hiya, hearty congrats on whipping the gambling thingy, many cannot do that so you should be proud. The units look super and wow what a great deal with the Big Shot Pro.
    Look fwd to seeing something done with it.
    Thanks for your visit earlier.
    Cheers, Elaine #32

  42. OH my heart really goes out to you, wish you were here I could really sit down and talk with you for hours about FM and diets and special requirements, I to suffer from FM and struggle with it so much. Some days are so bad, I know you understand. But then on to the happier things, you kicked the G in the but hold your head high and keep it there what an amazing achievement wow I am so proud of you.

    Art room, whata score getting the machine, I want one LOL
    Vagabond, got scrapped for parts.

    Happy crafting this week
    Eliza 88

  43. You are making me drool, can you post the recipe for the bread of email it to me when you get a moment. I need to go on a health kick too and eat stuff but you dont know whats out there or where to find it. Love that cubicle shelf of yours, very sturdy looking
    Bridget #41

  44. You have quite a lot on your plate at the moment, don't you? But well done for facing up to are so right about addictive personalities needing to seek help. I overeat and so have joined a club with a very friendly leader..7lbs gone in two weeks..but it's going to be a long haul. Congrats on your 9 month stint, keep it going!
    Hugs, LLJ 66 xx

  45. What a bargain on your Bigshot. Love the unit it is sitting on.
    Hope your healthy eating plan works out, no reason not to. Himself has had to change his diet too and we have Soya Milk or Rice Milk. I too would love the recipe for the bread.
    I am addicted to buying craft stuff and clothes. No hope for me. Have a great weekend.


  46. Well done you for being so honest and positive about all you are going through. One day at a time is a good motto for life so make the best of every day and if tommorrow comes then work on that one in it's own time. You have a lot of support here from all us WOYWWers so I hope you can take strength from us.
    A x #68

  47. A big shot pro - wow! Glad to hear you are starting to feel a bit better too. Thanks for visiting me this week.

  48. Hi Vickie,

    I found it quite interesting about the gluten free diet. I think I've mentioned to you that I also have fibromylgia and SLE Lupus. A friend just mentioned that perhaps I should try a gluten free diet but I am resistant. And for a VERY stupid reason. You've given me food for thought (no pun intended). Maybe you can email me about your progress and I'll start looking into it also.

    Oh, love the Ikea storage bins. The closest Ikea store to me is up in Denver..... oh well.

    I didn't join in on WOYWW this week as I'm afraid I don't have time to visit many. I did want to come over and see what you're up to though.


  49. good luck withe the diet change and well done on reaching 9months with GA
    thanks for visiting me
    kay #57

  50. Hi Vicky
    Another busy post from you, those ikes storage units are sooo useful, especially to hold your bigshot pro. Gluten free diets are 'interesting. My handyman used to be on it for ceiliac disease a few years ago, we brought 'bread' in a tin which used to melt when we toasted it..... I think foods have improved a lot these days. HM is no longer on the diet thankfully but I know it can really help for conditions like yours .... so good luck and enjoy your crafty week
    janet #58

  51. What great storage - just what you need for that new great big machine! I just got my new Big Kick Vintaj up and running - of course I couldn't keep it 'til Christmas - DH knew better than to try!!
    Bernice #10

  52. Wow, a whole empty storage unit! How I would love that! Hope the new machine is great. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Happy late WOYWW.

  53. How lucky for you, Vickie, to have the opportunity to buy the Big Shot! Your new shelving units are going to be so wonderful for you!!

    Continued good luck with both the new diet and stopping the gambling. Good for you - both are hard, but you are going to be so much the better for it!!

    Thanks for coming by to visit me already! I hope you have a fantastic week! Darnell #59

  54. Congrats on getting a great deal on the new die cutting!

    Good luck with the food plan, the bread looks amazing and your post is very honest.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  55. Wow! Well done on your die machine...some peeps have all the luck at some things.
    Good luck with getting your health back on an even keel! It may be a bit rough but you have lots of friends who you can e-mail including me if you need to sound off!

  56. Hey there!
    My daughter Moriah and I really enjoyed making cards with you today at Scrap That! We had a great time and were happy to meet you and learn more about you.
    Thanks for the inspiration and techniques!


  57. My goodness...lots of great info in this post. My son and DIL recently changed their diet radically and feel SO MUCH BETTER. They got off all the processed foods and even went vegan for 40 days. After that, they decided to put fish and eggs back in their diet, but pretty much kept everything else the same as it had been. Tons of fruits and veggies and whole processed foods including sugar or stuff with flour. They did try some flatbread after two months with no wheat flour, and realized they have a bit of a gluten intolerance now!! And a nice side effect...they both lost 20 pounds each in the first 40 days!

    Amy E. #1

  58. Vicki, I'm kinda glad that I'm late to visit I could read the reactions to your honest and interesting post. There's a lot of support and love for you out there and I wanna add mine for sure. Big huge congrats to you for 9 months of resisting the compulsion. It's hard and you're doing so well. I'm at a slimming group with Jan, really benefit from the group support and I know it's a bit easier with help. Good for you. And for trying to face and adjust your life for's so easy to listen to the medics and just learn to tolerate. I cook from scratch all the time now and despite the effort, it really has paid off for me, gastric health is so improved! Energies restored. Meanwhile, great score on the big shot pro...I can't fathom for the life of me why the Grand Calibur is doings so well, it is by no means a multi die platform...wold drive me mad, and I'd have to have a GC AND something else for my collection.


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