Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WOYWW #135

Welcome to WOYWW #135 and my messy desk!!! OMG! I feel like such a pig but...that is my life. I can't seem to find anything anymore if I don't keep it out in front of me. I will eventually get tired of the mess and get it cleaned up but for now it is my life. To see other peoples messy desks (or neat desks) all of them very creative visit Julia Dunnits Stamping Ground blog! Join us it is fun but I have to put a disclaimer here and let you know it is very addictive.
I have a couple pictures of my desk to share today. The first one is what it looked like when I went into take a picture of it last night. It was definitely messy but I really got into 'straightening' it up and taking goodies out of bags and this second picture shows where I left it in the wee hours of the morning forgetting to post or anything else. Oh to have the memory I once had...sob...
It actually looks a lot worse but I cropped it out to show off all the stash there! Love new goodies! You know I really do use all this stash but here lately I haven't been remembering to take pictures and I have given away stuff that I will never get pics of now!

I posted this on my FaceBook page yesterday and today I am still as excited to be able to do this course with the other awesome women and Tam Laporte!! Yay!! If you are interested in growing and learning about yourself Life Book 2012 is worth consideration. It is 365 days of fun!
{{{Squeeelll!!!}}} I am so excited I just joined a special course online!!! I have been a member of Willowing and Artist Friends for a while now and when they announced they were going to have a special course called Life Book 2012 I didn't think I would be able to afford it but...I am going to take the course!!!! {{{insert happy dance here}}} The course is a celebration of me and life. I will be learning techniques to help me make an art journal and understand my life through art. Keep alert as I will post stuff here from time to time!!

Okay I have to get off here and get busy...too much to do right now but tomorrow morning I plan on getting up and getting around to some of the blogs I like visiting on WOYWW! Hope everyone is doing great and surviving the holidays. I guess Friday is Epiphany and things will truly wind to a close. Take care! {{{hugs}}}


  1. What an awesome workspace! And I'm curious about that looks like fun!

    Katie (138)

  2. I'm quite jealous of your ribbon rods! :) Thanks for the tip on the Lifebook--it looks awesome! :)

  3. Ohh yummy Goodies!!

    I did think at first that your work desk was covered in goodies of an edible nature lol, but then you went and spoilt it!!

    Mind you I cant talk, I had to eat 3 boxes of After Eights for one of my projects lol

    Happy Woyww hun,


    Lou P

  4. You have such an amazing stash and I can see it would be hard for anyone to remember exactly where things are kept. All it takes is a little tidy up and the poor brain has to start all over again. Will be lovely to see how your life class goes for the year. Hope to see lots of pics.

  5. Have great tyime on your course and will pop back regularly to see how things are going.Happy ,Healthy,Creative new year to you my friend
    hugs judex 10

  6. Oh to be brave enough to do a course like the one you are doing. Good Luck with it, am sure you will enjoy and do it justice.
    Brain - is that something I once had, if tidying one's craft room depends on it then mine will stay in the mess it is for a long time yet. Don't worry, creative minds are busy ones. Hugs, Neet #1

  7. Hi there I too have a brain like yours!! I tidied my desk a bit yesterday after taking the photo for WOYWW it is now a mess again as I started to make some thankyou cards. Your course sounds very interesting am off to have a look. Thanks for sharing and a Happy New Year. Anne x

  8. Ah your desk looks heavenly comforting and full of stuff I want to play with! I know what you mean about photographing before giving away, I do it so often its embarrassing! Am impressed that your committing to a 365 day thing...really look for ward to seeing your enthusiasms on the page.

  9. A good memory, sorry I've forgotten what that means, lol!! You and I are in good company there *sigh* it's always my keys that go AWOL. I don't know how I keep misplacing them but I do, regularly!! The course you've signed up to looks amazng, I really hope you get a lot out of it!
    Happy New Year,
    Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

  10. Memory ... sorry, what did you say?... The time to worry is when you get halfway up the stairs and cannot remember if you were going up or down.I forgot to take photos of most of the Christmas cards this year, but I did eventually get a show of the final, troublesome one when we visited on New Year. I am off now to tackle sorting out my selection of ribbons into better storage. Have a good 2012. Maggie #73

  11. A messy desk I think is a creative desk and I just love your desks as it looks like you have lots of creativity going on there! I hope you enjoy the new class, it sounds great fun and really interesting :)

    I hope you have a happy and healthy 2012, and although a little late this week I also hope you had a great WOYWW, Karen #108.

  12. All crafters have bad memories, we get too involved in what we are doing to remember anything important like what day it is or when we should be doing housework!!!!!
    I love your fabulous creative desk, I'd love to come and help you rummage through it, there are so many interesting things.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #112

  13. Wow, look at all those gorgeous goodies to play with and I just love all those ribbon reels. I would love to come and play! Happy New Year. Caro #70

  14. I love your desk ...before and during the sort out much to visually rummage through. Happy New Yearxx

  15. your desk looks wonderful! and that life book course sounds great, have fun doing it! happy new year! hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS

  16. wooowee! coll stuff! hey i was an rn in the er and icu (and infection control) for 18 years before i had to take a medical retirement! but u know, once a nurse always a nurse! glad to meet another crafty nurse.


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