Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life Book 2012

I promised to share the finished journal page that I was making for my online art journaling class called Life Book 2012! The class is a little more then just an art class it is a class to celebrate me and who I am and my journey in life through my artistic endeavors. There is so much more then just making an art journal and an art class and I love the positive aspects that Tam and the others have built into the course. I feel it is an art therapy course helping me get in touch with who I am through art. A healing course. If you would like to join the class or just check out what I am talking about go to Life Book 2012 and see what it has to offer! It is a year long course so it isn't too late to join!

This class I learned how to sketch a 3/4 face and paint and highlight it. The words are meant to represent the positive qualities I possess. Tam said that we are all goddesses and these are our superpowers. Hope you like my page. I do!


  1. The finished result is fabulous and you must now be so proud after your hesitant first steps. Well done....
    JoZarty x

  2. Love the Valentine's you made for the swap! How fun. Thanks for visiting my blog ♥

  3. Great page and great explanation about what lifebook is. I'm having so much fun with this class. I like how the class is build up with the movies and all. I learn best by copying :)
    And it's fun to meet al those people around the globe who are doing the same thing.

  4. You are apparently having a wonderful time and growing in the many gifts God has given you. I'm glad you're discovering what you can do- so exciting! Patsy from


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