Sunday, September 4, 2011

My new Grandaughter

We are currently at my son Chad's house in Virginia Beach, Virginia for the birthing of my granddaughter. We left Oklahoma on Thursday morning and traveled east stopping over night east of Memphis, Tennessee. When we got up on Friday our son called to let us know that our daughter-in-law, Candice, seemed to be in pre-labor and was dilated to 6-7 and was 90% effaced but wasn't having any real contractions at that point. We had updates phoned to us and finally was told that she was headed to the hospital when we were still about 250 miles away. My husband I were pretty much sure that we would be too late to actually be there for the birth. As luck would have it Candice held on and we arrived in Virginia Beach about two hours before the actual birth. When Candice didn't seem to be making much progress the doctor started her on a Pitocin drip that didn't do much good so they ruptured the water and it was less then twenty minutes later our granddaughter was born!

Here is the first picture take of Hannah Elizabeth Doswell! Hannah weighed 5lb. 13 oz, 19.5 inches long.

Hannah and Momma!

The Doswell Family!
Chad, Candice, big sister Teresa, and Hannah!

Hannah and Momma came home from the hospital late tonight and no one felt like taking pictures so will get some tomorrow and post them later. Hannah and Momma are doing well. Hannah has lost about 6oz weight but is learning to nurse and is winning hearts! Teresa loves her baby sister and couldn't keep her hands off her wanting to love on her!


  1. Ah Vickie, of such moments are precious memories, how marvellous that you made it there in time - what a trek! AM very happy to welcome Hannah, and I now that you're being around will really be a grand help - especially for Teresa! Enjoy your stay!

  2. Congrats Vicki, baby Hannah is adorable. Enjoy your time with your family. Carolxx

  3. Aww so sweet - congrats to you Vickie. Hugs, Claire x

  4. What great news - Hannah is just adorable! Enjoy your time together and safe trip home :) Di xx

  5. Congratulations to everyone. Hannah is beautiful. What a journey to get there. Puts our race up to Leeds - approx two and half hours away - to see our new born grandson - look like a stroll in the park. Anne

  6. Congratulations hunni!So pleased you made it in time...cutting it fine
    Im your partner for birdcage tag im sending to you hope you dont mind!?
    Can you email me at
    with your addy so i can get in post wednesday
    hugs judexx

  7. Wow Congratulations to you and your family.

    Linda xxx

  8. Isn't she the cutest!! Congratulations. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. How lovely! Many congratulations to you all!

  10. Congratulation to Mum, Dad and Teresa on the new arrival.

    And to Nan and Granddad too!



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