Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WOYWW #112

It has been a very busy and eventful week for me so much so that I almost missed out posting on WOYWW! I have been finishing up making 12 of the journal pages I posted a picture of last week and got them mailed off to Mississippi where the swap hostess lives. I have been making 7 ATC's for a swap on OWSE that I participate in each week. I also made a couple cards but I can't show them till I give them to the people I made them for. If you would like to participate in WOYWW visit Julias blog to get the deets. Be warned it is very addictive.

Okay here is what it is all is a picture of my desk that I took today after I finished making the ATC's and had lined them up to dry before I put the info sticker on the back. I have made them all alike again this month because I get really anxious when I think I have to come up with 6 or 12 different things so I tend to do the same thing and not worry.

The theme for this month was green and yellow so I used a yellowish based card stock and embossed it with a Tim Holtz ATC folder. I think they are called texture trades. I then distressed around the edges and on the embossed image I then added some Liquid Pearls, a sentiment, and ribbon. I like the simpler look to ATC's.

The baby birds are gone so I don't have a picture this week. I have to confess that I am the cause they are gone...and I am hoping I am not the cause of their demise. I went to take one last picture on Friday cause I knew it wouldn't be long till they flew the nest and I almost fell. Unfortunately my balance really sucks due to my disorder and when I went to fall I grabbed for the wind chime to the right of the hanging basket to keep from falling and I startled them all. All four flew out of the basket and over the fence and yard. I tried to catch them but when I would get close they would fly off. I am hoping they are okay. I learned a valuable lesson. I told my daughter I loved to watch them grown and now I feel like a baby bird killer. I cried for hours after the incident.

I didn't make it around to everyone's blog last week so I am going to persevere this week and visit everyone. Hope everyone has a great week and I will try to get posted earlier next week.


  1. Hope your ok, Nature will look after them. Great ATC's love the colour of them, Thanks for sharing x

  2. Hi Vickie - really beautiful ATCs. Don't fret over the baby birds honey, if they hadn't been ready to fly they would have just jumped out of the nest rather than flown - as Tammy says, nature will look after them. I know how you feel about being so upset, I wept buckets over Harriet the hedgehog. For a little cheer up - hop over to my blog and look at the Pro Marker nibs draw results (posted it on Sunday 24th July). Hugs, Di xxx

  3. The little birds sound as if they'd fledged, so they will have been fine. If they can fly, they can stay out of harm's way. But I'd have worried and cried as well.... Love your beautiful nature card by the way, gorgeous colours xxxx

  4. Ahhh poor you. I'm sure the birds are fine. You just helped them on their merry way

  5. Hi there, Thanks for sharing your desk this week! I'm dashing around this week like the white rabbit; places to go and things to see! Hope you have a lovely week. That's one way to get the young uns out, wonder if it will work with kids...

  6. Beautiful ATC's and love the Sentiment too :)

  7. I bet those little birds are laughing about it all now and flying around happily. One thing is for sure is that your trip was an accident and I hope you are OK too!
    Beautiful ATCs with lovely message.
    Love JoZarty x

  8. Love your ATCs, gorgeous colours and design. Carolxx

  9. Oh dear, can understand how you felt but you must not blame yourself. If they had not been ready to fledge they would have stayed put I am sure. Thanks for keeping us up to date with them over the past few weeks.
    Hope you are careful when out as that fall could have been nasty. Lovely artwork. Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet x #11

  10. Hi Vickie, thanks for pooping by my blog. Hope you are feeling a bit better by now.
    Thinknig of you,
    love JoZarty x

  11. Hi Vickie - hope you are feeling a bit better. Hey - don't worry about the birds - Nature is amazing and no doubt they will be fine. Wipso and I are keen birdwatchers and love to compare notes on which ones visit our garden. x Jo

  12. Hello Vickie,

    How are you after your fall? I imagine the little birds are fine and you're as stiff as a board! I do hope not.

    What beautiful atc's youve made, the soft colour choice is perfect and I love the gentle touch of the perfect pearls too.

    Keryn x

  13. These are absolutely gorgeous. Love the colours and great design.
    Hugs Sally xx

  14. Hi Vickie,
    The ATCs are really pretty! And I commiserate with you about the baby birds! I'm sure they're all right, probably having an adventure of a lifetime! Patsy from

  15. Awe, I'm sorry to hear about your baby birds! You are so sweet to worry - like a mama bird yourself ;) BEAUTIFUL projects here - your pieces are so pretty. xo

  16. Hoping you are OK now? Sorry about the little birds - but they are probably fine. :) You've been really creatively busy - I couldn't fit in half of what you do!

  17. Hi there Vickie running late too thanks for popping over.. and wow you have been creative, love the ATC's - I am sure the LORD looked after the birds it says he watches over even a little sparrow in nest so would not stress, and your concern was genuine, trust you are ok, and no jarring, etc.
    love and God bless,

  18. I got this comment in my email from Lavinia but it wouldn't let me publish it that it but WTH!!! it is here. Thanks

    Aw I would worry about the birds too, its just me to fret!! I am sure they are ok though!! ;)If they flew from you when you were trying to help them then they can fly & have probably fleged! I hope you are feeling better this week too, life can be awkward when an illness strikes, my hands have been bad all week, hence my lateness to type on here! Very stiff & sore! Your ATC's are very pretty & Antiquey looking I really like them! Take care Vickie & keep well & the Birds are fine!!! :)
    Big Hug ;))

  19. AAAwww Vicky- thats really terrible that you lost your balance - I did the other week but fortunately I was in the house - I only just managed to avoid having the dogs water bowl all over though! You mustn't think that you are the cause of the birds flying the nest as it is very likely they were ready for going anyway - plus imagine how much noise they must endure on a daily basis and how many birds must nest near bustling areas but we don't know about. Its just that you knew they were there - thats the only difference so don't be hard on yourself. Its not like you meant to fall anyway...

    Just be careful and take care of yourself - but don't be hard on yourself either.

    Big hugs

    Paula x x x


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