Saturday, July 16, 2011

OMC contest!

UPDATE: I {{{{love}}}} my Skiddy Kitty and I guess the folks at OMC did to cause we were chosen as one of the winners in the contest! Yay! Skiddy you rock!!

I love Oh My Crafts!! OMC carries a lot of great things at reasonable prices and they are having a contest this week to win a gift card and a prize. It is called Love Notes and you or someone is suppose to hold a note and send them a picture. Here is my Love Note to OMC! What do you think?
This is Miss Skiddy Kitty my oldest fur baby and she loves to get into my craft closets to see and smell all the things that she can reach. I think she especially loves anything with adhesives cause I catch her sniffing at the glues a lot! Skiddy has also been known to steal my tape runner! You can just about catch a glimpse of what we think looks like the great state of Texas she has growing on her left flank in that black hair patch.
If you love OMC you should enter the contest before it ends on Sunday!


  1. Oh look at that gorgeous little girl!!! she looks like my little calico cat Simone. Her and her Brother Bert also love getting up to mischief in the craft room lol!. Lets hope Miss Skiddy helps you to win this prize!!!. Hugs Clare xxx

  2. Well, to start you've got a good looking cat. I don't know much about art and since we're from the same part of the world now, wanted to say hi.

  3. I have to say at first I thought you'd catnapped Clare's Simone!! Im not very up with kitties so when I see a cat with a few bits of fur that l look similar colours to another I am easily confused! BUT, I am impressed that even Clare can see the similarities as it makes me feel much better!!

    Great photo and other than her name, I did have to giggle at her penchant for glue sniffing!!

    Keryn x


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