Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 4 Stormchase 2010 Monday May 31, 2010

Today we sat around in Goodland, KS waiting for the weather to develop but Mother just wasn't ready to play with us. The dynamics just weren't there in the beginning of the day and the guys were forcasting a laaaate show for were we were in NW KS. Around 3pm we began hearing stories about SW KS and SE CO and we decided to head south and see what we could find since nothing was going up where we were. We drove a couple hours south to Syracuse, KS and decided that it was hopeless at that point in time for us to be able to catch up with the storms before dark and to be able to see anything worth seeing. Even if we did catch up with them it would be almost dark and the storm appeared to be shrinking before our eyes on radar and that is not a good sign! Anyway looking at about a 2-3 hour drive back to our night time destination we decided to turn north and head back up to Hayes, KS where we are staying the night at a Sleep Inn on the north side of town. According to several accounts there were multiple tornadoes out of the storm that were long lived and photogenic...oh well!!!

We received some sad news from friends in Germany today. A good friend of ours, Nicolai Dotsek died in Munich, Germany. Nicolai leaves behind a wife and two awesome boys. Nicolai is going to be missed by everyone he touched in his short life.

I was a bum day. Hopefully tomorrow will allow us to see some kind of weather...other than sunshine...and I will be able to show some pictures of the fantastic storms we saw. IF it turns out to be a crap day I will try and do a couple scrapbook pages and put them up instead...what a deal.


  1. This chase isn't hitting the ground running is it? :( Poor parents! I wish you stormy skies and safe travels today though... keep up the blog posts, they're great, mom.

  2. It's very hard to catch a storm that plays hide-n-seek so well!

  3. Vickie,
    Just read this post about Nicolai. I remember him from a few years back in Oklahoma at NSSL. What happened? He can't be more than 45 years old, right?


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