Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WOYWW #455 is Wednesday and as such it is time to get on the ball and show off my desk and tell you what I have been up to this week!  I enjoyed  last week so much I decided to set my alarm to alert me in needed join in the fun going on at Julia's blog Stamping Ground and WOYWW!  Check it out and come join in the fun!

What a quick run through of a week...It seems that it was just yesterday that I posted!  WOW!  Time goes by fast considering I am retired and have very few an article on that...seems us old farts (SS or OAP depending on of where you are located) have already been so many places and done so many things that we have huge frames of references and don't learn as much...since we don't learn as much there isn't as much to slow us down!  Right!

My desk in all its glory...
I decided to get busy this week and work on organizing and may be a few cards...which I did! I had some questions about this little SideKick die cutter on my desk last week and thought I would answer them today.  I bought this machine from The Stamps of Life and it is a Sizzix machine like the Big Shot that handles small dies...up to 2 1/2 inches and small embossing folders.  Tim Holtz came out with a similar machine then a set of dies and folders called SideKick Side Orders! That I bought from Craft Direct.  It will handle any small thinlet and framelet dies though without a problem and I don't have to trot out the bigger machines.  I own the Vagabond and The Big Shot Pro also so from small to big I have it covered now.  I have been using this one all week for cards.

 The cards I made this week of course I could make just one of each so I did more then it looks like!  I had fun!  I also did some art journaling but not ready to share any of that!  Anyone a fan of Dylusions and Effy Wild?
A birthday card that I thought would be good for a boy! 
Left this one open...could be birthday, thank you, or whatever
A card for a swap...they give you a layout and you swap with another!
Weather here has been really on the horrible side the past couple days.  I have been in my craft room trying to keep warm cause it is the coldest room in the whole house I do believe!  My arthritis, fibro, and the damn back surgery pain has been giving me grief and I am trying to work through it with the art journaling etc.!  I hate the drugs cause the mess with my mind and not in a good way!  Started using the CBD Hemp Oil and it really seems to be helping me a lot! How about a few photos of isn't now it is ice and sleet!  Oklahoma doesn't get a lot of snow but frequently freezing rain and sleet in the winter...won't complain...I am hope warm and dry and we need the moisture!  They aren't very good photos cause I took them through the glass and screens cause there was no way I was going outside in 29°F (-4°C) weather to take a photo!
my pool covered over for the winter
looking north down the cul de sac...see the icicles?

my craft room window where the freezing rain had collected...guess I don't have a heat leak!
Well I guess that is it for me this week.  I made it around to almost everyones desk last week and had quite a few come and visit mine.   I am hoping to be able to do the same this week.  Hope everyone has a crafty week!  

btw...for those who were asking...
My brother in laws Mothers funeral went off really well!  I felt so sorry for Stan having to go through this whole thing twice in less then a month.  Can't say I every want to lose my spouse and another family member in a week.  I think he is doing really well coping with his wife (my sister) and his mothers passing.  I don't think I could do as well!  


  1. I have a friend who is taking the CBD oil too as she recovers from chemo ; it will be good to see how it works; she has researched it thoroughly!
    I am thankful that the service for your BiL's mother went well, as these things can do.. Take care of yourself. Helen #1 oh - great cards, btw!!

  2. Love those side order die sets and your cards are super. I have a Cuttlebug, so can't go super big but it is small enough to be on my desk and to hand all the time. Thanks for the visit BJ#4

  3. Love those Sidekick sets by Tim Holtz. I have been wondering about getting a smaller machine for smaller dies and folders. Great cards! Keep warm. Sarah #7

  4. Love your philosophy! I am an OAP and can relate!
    If you ever visit me on a Thursday you will see I am a fan of Dylusions - but then I don't live too far from Dyan - about 1 hour 40 mins drive.
    My heart goes out to your bil.
    Lovely cards, keep crafting in the cold weather.
    Hugs, Neet 9 xx

  5. I agree, don't know where the weeks are going to but they sure move fast. Looks like there's plenty of crafty stuff on the go here. Nice card collection. Have a lovely crafty woyww, Angela x16x

  6. Happy Belated WOYWW. I love the cards. I bought the TH Sidekick and am amazed how much I use it, but not the side orders yet; I'm sure it's only a matter of time! LOL!. I'll take my snow over your freezing rain any day; the damp cold seems so much more soul-sucking than an honest cold (although it was 73 yesterday in Albany!)
    Have a great week.
    -K #34

  7. Well, Vickie, your desk certainly is glorious this week! So colourful and so busy. I love your little die cutting machine. I have a cuttlebug. One day I may get myself a Big Shot if I find I need to cut bigger things. Sorry to hear your health has made you suffer lately. Do you find the cold weather makes it worse? Lovely snow pics though!

    Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment. So nice to hear about your kitties! Kitties and their funny foibles lol!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #33

  8. Hi Vickie, I lovd the little die cutting machine. I have a Big Shot, no plans to get anything else, we are emotionally attached! Sorry to hear your health issues are still troubling you. No doubt the cold weather doesn't help. Your cards look ace ... I love the Wonder sentiment! Have a lovely week, Heather x #28

  9. I don't know where the time goes either! I'm fortunate in that I don't need to work so it's only regular commitments like band that keep me on track....and we are both old farts too, lll! I'm sorry your health is still giving you grief but am impressed that you're crafting so much, I'm sure it helps.
    I'm glad the funeral went ok but sincerely hope that that's it for now.
    Hugs LLJ 11 xxx
    Oh, and thank you for the offer of some stash but I'm ok for the moment, save the postage money!

  10. Happy Belated WOYWW. I managed to visit a few blogs yesterday, but then I got busy in my craft room (a bit of digital scrapbooking and lots of tidying up). Sitting down again in front of the tv with my laptop and catching up with more 'Deskers'. Sorry to hear that you have cold/wet weather. I suffer in the winter too, but at least we are having some dry/bright weather for a change. I am ok with the cold as long as I keep warm (wearing my thermals today) and busy. Been watching some tv programmes about living in Spain, and just want to get back out to that sunshine. My little diecutting machine (a Spellbinders one) seems to be misbehaving. It doesn't always want a sandwich to go through. I need to get more used to my new Brother Scan n Cut. Ali x #13

  11. Vickie it is always fun to read your post and I have to agree with your take of retirees. I just love messing in my room and playing with art journals. My problem is I forget what I learned in each class I take, and keep making the same errors and MESS. Not that there is anyone but me to see it So who cares just have fun. Hubby had catheter removed and is back to being his happy self. My left eye gets fixed next Tuesday so that day will be one of gorgeous hallucinations then hope to be on the mend. Hope by then the leg will be Ok, ligament strain and the weather warms up and I can get out. That cold spell was a shock went from 78 to 34 in 12 hours!
    Have a good week

  12. -4C! A T-shirt day for us (not for me, mind you, but I do see them!)! LOL! Funnily, my stamping room is also (I'm sure) the coldest room in the house. It faces east, so I'm not sure if that has any effect on the heat, or lack of. Your cards are lovely, and your BIL's mother sounds like she was a well loved woman, and what more can we ask for in life? Have a great week, keep warm, Lindart #29

  13. Hi Vickie. At last I am onto my computer. Love the icicles - but yes, I wouldn't go outside in that temperature either. You have certainly been really productive this week - I've been doing lots of different things, but not a lot of creativity. Yes, Mrs D and hubby were indeed at their daughter's last week - they have been there for some months since that horrid accident back in August when Mrs D fell near the canal boat. She is much recovered, but not completely well yet, but they needed to start moving the boat across country. I had a good day with them delivering their mail!!
    Ah... bags! Well, you see, our church supports two schools in Uganda, and the UK leaders of the charity, (personal local friends) some years ago now, thought how wonderful it would be if the children could each receive a school bag and their very own Bible when they reached Primary 4 level They may be of any age, as the Ugandan school system means you move up when you have reached the next stage, not the next age. Anyway... they got me to design a simple bag - outer, lining and strap, in which they could fit a lovely Bible. So, each year at this time I get out my cutting scissors, clear the dining table, visit Abakhan for their special cheap rolls of fabric, and cut out! 100 outers, 100 linings, 100 straps - give or take a few. Until much nearer the time we are not sure of the exact numbers we will need. Then I package them in packs of ten and distribute to the folk who will sew for us. It's much easier to get people willing to knit than to sew, folk say things like "Oh dear, my sewing skills aren't up to anything complicated"... However, by the middle of June, somehow, we have as many as we need . The team goes out to the schools in July, and have the joy of giving them out to the children. The photos come back of smiling, grinning faces holding up their bag and Bible. I certainly couldn't make them all!!! Only a few.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  14. Brrrrrr it looks chilly there!! We're heading for a very cold snap here next week. Crafting is great therapy isn't it? Your cards look lovely and your desk looks so busy and stuffed full of lovely stuff to play with, it's making my crafty fingers twitch :o) Annie C #10

  15. Ooh your desk looks full of lovely stuff and I adore your cards! Sorry you are not doing too well at the mo, I hope you feel better soon. Poor Stan, he is coping well - bless him. I can really feel the cold from your photos - I thought it was cold here but it's no where near as cold as there! Take care! xxx

  16. Yep gotta love winter we get up to minus 30 here and that just cuts to the bone I find. You might be right about last year's atc I sent out a few but forgot to write them down and figured it went MIA in the post like they do every once in a while. No worries about it glad your better instead hugs Nikki 6


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